Old Greg makeup tutorial after Edibles

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Grapes LeafASMR : The tree branches really sold me on this look 😂😂

Shataiya Hunt : The kitchen sponge 😂

welcome to the ricefields : Do a Coraline makeup tutorial after edibles! 😂

Jordy Jade : Somebody should make a compilation of Dan entering bc he literally leans on the doorway the exact same everytime and i NEED a compilation

Lithunium Snow : Wait, who the hell is greg, wHO IS OLD GREG?!

layne elle : I literally cannot wait until you're famous! You are so sosoooo hilarious and the whole world needs to see this shit

Katie Cavezza : I literally blaze while watching you and just die laughing 🤣❤️ the stoner Jenna marbles

Anne-Kate Goodman : Fantastic. I am so jealous that you get to get super super high and be goofy and people love it. ROLE. MODEL.

Lindsay Burt : You're making yourself camouflage and then ask "Did you guys hear that?" The epitome of paranoia- lmao!!!

Cloudy Chances : I had no idea Americans even knew what the mighty boosh was

Alona Sanchez : Split ends 😂😂😭😭💀💀💀

jodyjoe28 : "Awwww darn it, split ends" lol perfect 😂😂 👌 love ya.

Angie Garcia : You look like Uma Thurman 😮

Mikayla Cavill : Finally old Greg gets the spotlight he deserves.

Amber Oh : Never seen anyone who knows the mighty boosh and I’m obsessed with this 😍

MakeItTogether : You should of drank baileys out of a shoe!

Keishley Cartagena : Idk where you get your edibles at but put me on 😭

Charley Rose : “Easy now fuzzy man peach” 😂😂

Sarah O : Oh my God I lost my shit when you brought out the branches 😂😂😂😂😂 you are amazing

VaMPy : I've dropped acid that looked exactly like those watermelon gummies for a second there i was like WOAH she goin hard.

Tanya Zumstein : Is that uh... is that a kitchen sponge?

S A M A N T H A. P H A N T O M : Boomer be thicc as helllllll

Crystal Pistol : "I'm a magician except it was a terrible trick." Bahaha

Ashley Moreland : When you're home alone...


Jeremiah Bigboy : Looks like if postmalone and shrek had a baby

Shelby U Matthews : You should do the no mirror make up challenge again while on edables I feel like that would be epic! I love these make up videos 😂😂 We love you Brandi thank you for brightening up our days! 💞

Paulann Egelhoff : No clue who you are or what brought me here, but I agree! Watermelon itself is fine, but watermelon 'flavored' anything, is terrible! Especially candy. Blegh! Great video tho. Love Old Gregg and you're hilarious!

Heidi Hoglund : You're honestly the best. Whenever you upload it makes my day 😄😄

874822 : lol, the camera doesn't understand why main subject is green, keeps trying to adjust the colors but fails miserably. Poor camera computer.


Khala Horror : Lol when I got the notification and it said Old Greg I was amazed. I always loved The Mighty Boosh hahahaha...youre great <3

Lindsay Burt : I was waiting for you to paint your whole face black in an attempt to fix the eyebrows, lol!

Ky Lee : I legit had to pop some popcorn before I played the video.

avocado melt : You’re so endearing hahahah I adore you

Alyssa Destefano : The Boosh would be proud. I loved this lmao

jess m : i cant tell if i want to marry you or be adopted by you

Kat Love : Could you love? That's not really how it works, Greg. Haha

Stephanie Chambers : Ever drank baylies from a shoe?

angel : I love old greg😂😂😂

Emily Gilbey : I'm ole Gregg! Look at my mangina!

Mo cho cho : is the cats name boomer?? if so is it because he's so big and chunky like a boomer from left 4 dead also i can't imagine having to wash all the makeup off my body high as hell id for sure chill like that for a minute ahahahahaha

amy lee : Noel fielding needs to see this

CristyTango : Watermelon flavored candy needs to STOP.

Bee Hive : “Do ya like Baileys?”

Casey Cameron : Omg I’m in love with you


Crank That Dank : "Easy now fuzzy man peach"

Spìrít gïrl : 100% high JENNA MARBLES. lmao I wonder if Jenna & Julien have ever watched Brandi? If not, we need to make it happen now. 👌