4-2: The History of Super Mario Bros.' Most Infamous Level

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The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs : 420 Blaze It died for our sins

i-win : Speedrunners: exists Level 4-2:

Scott Karrasch : Isn't it Ironic that so many people have spent so much time and effort trying to find a shortcut..... to save time?

Can we get to 10k Subs? : Did I just watch a YouTube video or a Documentary?

N3KLAZ : video didn't feel like 20 minutes

GTS13 : Remember guys, sometimes you just need to blaze it in order to find the best strats

Jesse Cole : This is the one winning scenario Dr Strange was talking about

dojiijii : Completely irrelevant to 99.99999% of humanity but entertaining nonetheless.

JDRamm MX : I'm here to remind you that 2004 was almost 15 years ago.

PikUpYourPantsPatrol : I love how this shit is being explained like this is a hard science and these are the greatest scientists in the world making breakthroughs that will change life as we know it xD

Shesez : legendary video man. Good to see you take a chance with a more focused subject video and have it pay off

krebward : Level 4-2 420 blazeit 42 the answer to life, the universe and everything. 4.2 million views as I watch it right now. Sometimes the synchronicity is too hard to ignore.

Demetrios Levi : I'm not even into this at all, but I couldn't stop watching...I'm blown away...and that's after watching vids on quantum physics

José Daniel : xx_420_blazit_xx, I haven't heard that name in years

Andrew_Owens : If the player is submerged in liquid nitrogen and then flung from a railgun at near the speed of light, several pixels can be saved. Death is assured, but well worth it.

Ben Matern : Who decides what is or isn't a glitch? I feel like walking through a brick wall is a glitch.

adam : This is pretty dam interesting.. i'm not a speed runner or even retro gamer but the depth and complexity derived out of something like this is pretty crazy.

Patrick Flanagan : It just goes to show that with proper timing, technique, precision, careful study of predecessors, a spark of actual talent and buckets of wherewithal, a video can be, written, cut and soundtracked to make any topic interesting - any at all. Making this an interesting video is just as obscurely brilliant as the ultimate 4-2 speed run. (which ought to be be christened the "420 Run", by the way)

Swordsmage : How is wrong warping not considered a glitch?

Mintatheena : xx_420_blazzit_xx = TheLegend27

TheCubingFox : Keep in mind that.. *the princess is still in another castle*

Steve DeJohn : Men in the 1940's: went to war and died fighting to free the world from Nazi tyranny. Men in the 2010's: figure out how to get Mario to the right xpos to get down the pipe faster.

Scoryth - The Crimson Renegade : I'll be honest. I don't fully understand the interest in speedrunning a game but I must say this video was very fascinating. How people would pick apart a game in such detail is amazing.

Scott Morel : Lol Twingalaxy doesn't allow glitches. Only flat out cheating.

ArtifiShuL Instinct : "The voices of a hundred Andrews that were active just a minute before...now didn't say a word" I love that writing haha

Maor -NYC : A 4-2 video with 4.2 million views. Man, what a world.

Boneyard : Back in the late 80s my buddy and I would clip that first wall just to run under the Goombas. Never thought of timed speed runs specifically though. My favorite glitch was being small and having flower power!

xXjiangamerXx : Who is 420 blaze????

Kennoth : I'm not sure if it's amazing or stupid that so many people spent so much time making a science down to pixel perfection on a first 15 seconds of one Super Mario level.

An1ma : bless lord and saviour 420 blaze it

Chara Dreemur : Man Just like anti vaxx parents getting their children to speedrun life

Steve Martino : Thanks xx_420_blazzit_xx

M.K.D. : *If only all subjects were taught like this in school and college!*

MaxedZerkerBlondy : never played this game. Watched whole 21 minutes. ffs I have work in the morning.

Hector Aguilar : #22 on Trending

Chavador : 00:47 sounds like he's busting a nut

MindbendaAMV : This had to be some of the best writing...

HardRock 444 : I don’t know what everybody’s talking about, I just want this out of my recommendations

iiKaito : Who else just watched a 20 minute video on a guy talking about a game made 20 years ago?

GimR's Lab : Video games are so beautiful. They're new worlds with new rules and we act as scientists as we try to break them and learn new things about them

Kenneth Cabauatan : been doing that in the early 90's. hehehehe

Shark171 : All I learned from this is that early 2000 people had no life

superiores : The 4-2 secret was found by (4-2)0 Blaze it. Coincidence, I don't think so 😎.

Yvonne Rogers : Wow! That was fascinating! I hadn't realized how speed runners break down the game to gain advantages! That was really cool, and you obviously put a lot of work into this video! Thank you!

victikirby15 : Only SummoningSalt could make a 20 minute video on a single level from Super Mario Bros

six3sin : It should be said as "brothers" not "bros"

Justin Y. : 3:20 That music in the background is so familiar...

Harry Best : Someone Should Epeedrun The Game With No Secret Exits/Warp Zones

Kazuma : So I just watched a documentary of a game I've never played, talking about speed running which I've never done, for a trick I could not have ever imagined. To summoning salt: you have some insane speaking skills to hold my attention for this long about something this irrelevant to me

TetraBitGaming : This was such a cool video!