4-2: The History of Super Mario Bros.' Most Infamous Level

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The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs : 420 Blaze It died for our sins

Mintatheena : xx_420_blazzit_xx = TheLegend27

Scott Karrasch : Isn't it Ironic that so many people have spent so much time and effort trying to find a shortcut..... to save time?

Dem : they should rename the level 4-2-0 to honour our lord and savior xxblazeitxx

fierifipor : I expected this to end with the narrator as an old man explaining “And how do I know all this? Because I AM 420 blazeit”

Shesez : legendary video man. Good to see you take a chance with a more focused subject video and have it pay off

The Tricky Itch : This video and topic should be meaningless and boring, but I swear this is one of the most fascinating videos I've seen on YT. Thank you for sharing all of this 4-2 history.

Can we get to 10k Subs? : Did I just watch a YouTube video or a Documentary?

Samurai Jack : 4-2, the answer to life, the universe and everything.

Praveen Rajendran : I see some comments saying how this is useless and how this amount of time and effort could've been better spent in doing something useful to humankind. You fail to understand that the intellectual curiosity, problem solving capability and yearning for optimization displayed in this are the basic building blocks behind every substantial achievement in the history of mankind. This is how the human collective hones it's skills of survival and flourishes. The fruits of it may not be blatantly apparent, but they will manifest themselves somewhere sometime. If someone wasn't forgoing Hunting and gathering to fiddle with some rocks, there would be neither a wheel nor a world as we know it. Facts aside, don't dis 4-2 coz THGTTG has always taught us that "The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything" is 42.

GTS13 : Remember guys, sometimes you just need to blaze it in order to find the best strats

Thuthumerdinha : That SNES's Waterworld soundtrack is beautiful

Josh Headrick : Look - I doubt you will read this but, man...Summoning Salt, you are getting very good at making these videos. This has such a high production quality. It’s so interesting! The comment section is a pretty nasty place, but please know that I really appreciate these videos. I hope you keep making them!

JDRamm MX : I'm here to remind you that 2004 was almost 15 years ago.

Doublewrong : Whoa. 420, and 4-2. You guys, this was destined to be...

Irving Chies : WTF!!!! i remember seeing mario going further from the center of the screen when I was like 5 years old and i used to get angry because I had less time to react when running and now you are telling me this can be used to speed run it!? I feel like I wasted my entire life now

PikUpYourPantsPatrol : I love how this shit is being explained like this is a hard science and these are the greatest scientists in the world making breakthroughs that will change life as we know it xD

rfvtgbzhn : About all the comments on how pointless this is: it's a hobby and many hobbies are pointless. It is also pointless to build models or to watch sports. The only reason why people do this is for fun and many things that are fun for some people are boring for most others...

Gewel ✔ : I didn't want to watch this video. I watched the entirety of it....

ArtifiShuL Instinct : "The voices of a hundred Andrews that were active just a minute before...now didn't say a word" I love that writing haha

MrMuschiato : These guys have a lot of free time

Wolpertinger : xx_420_blazit_xx will be remembered by future generations as the hero that he was. Not even the victory of Napoleon at Friedland had such a big effect on the history of humanity as speed running level 4-2.

Patrick Flanagan : It just goes to show that with proper timing, technique, precision, careful study of predecessors, a spark of actual talent and buckets of wherewithal, a video can be, written, cut and soundtracked to make any topic interesting - any at all. Making this an interesting video is just as obscurely brilliant as the ultimate 4-2 speed run. (which ought to be be christened the "420 Run", by the way)

adam : This is pretty dam interesting.. i'm not a speed runner or even retro gamer but the depth and complexity derived out of something like this is pretty crazy.

An1ma : bless lord and saviour 420 blaze it

ThomasJoe40 : My mom completed Super Mario under 5 minutes in early 1990s. It is her favourite game and she used to runs through this game more than once a day. I have watched her complete Super Mario under 5 minutes countless times. This all happened in an apartment in Beijing back to early 1990s.

Oughriend : I can't believe I watched the whole thing.

meerkat1954 : Any time I'm doing something that seems like a waste of time, I'll just remember the people throwing their lives away in this video jumping into blocks and I'll feel better.

Scoryth - The Crimson Renegade : I'll be honest. I don't fully understand the interest in speedrunning a game but I must say this video was very fascinating. How people would pick apart a game in such detail is amazing.

Hector Aguilar : #22 on Trending

Maor -NYC : A 4-2 video with 4.2 million views. Man, what a world.

Sohail Starpower : When xx_420_blazit_xx is the greatest speederrunner for the level 4.20 (and yes for levels writing 4.2 and 4.20 is the same thing since there is no level with a decimal and zero adds no difference)

Kennoth : I'm not sure if it's amazing or stupid that so many people spent so much time making a science down to pixel perfection on a first 15 seconds of one Super Mario level.

Scott Morel : Lol Twingalaxy doesn't allow glitches. Only flat out cheating.

GimR's Lab : Video games are so beautiful. They're new worlds with new rules and we act as scientists as we try to break them and learn new things about them

AlJalandhari : I started this video thinking it would be about the experiences of ordinary video game players then was disappointed when I realised it was about speed runs, then was enthralled at the human drama of the story. Whoa

Kenneth Bernier : Funny I've accidentally done that wall glitch a few times as a kid in the 80s/90s with my friends. Laughing when hearing it was impossible for a human.

Shark171 : All I learned from this is that early 2000 people had no life

Andrew_Owens : If the player is submerged in liquid nitrogen and then flung from a railgun at near the speed of light, several pixels can be saved. Death is assured, but well worth it.

Generic Name : What? A quality video on trending? Impossible!

Leonardo Rivera : Thank you for creating and uploading this documentary. I had no idea how complex these levels are! It seems as though these 8-bit games were more complex than our modern games 30 years later.

Miraqen : Is this the plan to invade north Korea?

Mohamed Ibrahim : Developers designed this level over 30 years ago and couldn't imagined how many people are desperate enough to spend all this time on a game

El arizona : How can you kill which has no life? 🤷🏻‍♂️

TetraBitGaming : This was such a cool video!

ThEDaQo : Has Kosmic just set a new WR today?

Tren979797 : Cant believe I almost watched this entire ridiculous video

Rot Bake : I can't stop watching this pointless crap! I am a puppet slave to our nerd overlords. Help me... pleeeeaaassse!

Mr fintums : Try bashing more blocks on the way through the first tunnel.

herrreinsch : *that editing gave me goosebumps, because it's that good.👍*