John Vincent B.A.S.E. jumps from the World Trade Center in 1991

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-white.vicodin : Who would know that 10 years later people would be jumping to their deaths. Horrifying..

Finger Licking Goodness : If only they had parachutes on Sep 11th 2001

Kimeg : He's the only person who survived from jumping out of wtc.

モレノザカライヤ : This did not age well.

FortNikitaBullion : Parachutes should be required for each person in a high rise, almost like fire extinguishers.

Mike Wible : I'm absolutely terrified of heights and I can't fathom what was going through those poor souls heads when they jumped to their deaths on 9/11 ☹️

GamerComedies : Reporter: Did you get away? *Video Ends*

digdugbingo : people on the 107 floor must have been freaked...

Shadow Zaron : Know the freakish part? Some of the people who died there were growing up and likely watched this live. Some were 8-9 at the youngest and watched this in amazement with zero sense that a hundred floors below them would be their end. Guess it's true that the majority things or places a person dies by/at they have seen before. If you die in the city you live in right now you will likely have seen or heard of where you die. That's just a trippy concept

Lieutenant Prick : So parachuting off the towers WAS possible. If only the people working high up in the WTC had known.

val macclinchy : This is so sad to watch post-9/11. The excitement in the announcer's voice, the celebration of the "success". God it's just haunting.


Richard Branson : where we droppin boys?

Rollin'J' Orlando : This must be hard for nine eleven people to watch

ColtTheWolf : Its such a shame what happened to these magnificent buildings... I was planning to do a base jump off of one, sadly, now i cant.

Hells Bells : So ummm........did he get away? Lol

M J C : Parachutes, & obviously some basic training, should be available to the people who work in all skyscrapers today.

David Gilmour : 0:10 look at this duuuuude

Thuy An Nguyen : Now imagine doing that _without_ parachute.

AstroTech : Him jumping is a foreshadowing of the jumpers that fell on 9/11

L T HORNING : If only the people on the top did this on September 11. :(

Matt Plyley : Back when Marlboro advertised everywhere and even sold cigs outta a vending machine. This guys hat

Wolf Kotto : 3:14 Jesus those sirens torment my soul because of 9/11. It just brings a flashback to my heart mentally. Now I can see why people say it's erie. Judging from the footages taken before. I just wished the terrorists haven't seen those videos, otherwise this would of never happen.

jayy quan : so, did he get away?

Andrew 07 : Now imagine doing that... Without a parachute.. 😨

Ahmad Raad : Saying if only they had parachutes on 9/11 is nonsense, this act needs a lot of work and training..

Architectural Works : He was the pioneer wtc jumper....

Christopher Cory : One minute he looks like Timmy mallet the next he looks like he’s on blind date good old 90s

Sinan Cicek : Jet fuel cant melt steal beems

Themos Hatz : He is like John Travolta :DDD

Mike M : He probably wished he could have helped others on 9/11 although highly unlikely

Rosalina Galaxy : I only remember the walk between the 2 trade centre

Christine Newhouse : Where is this guy now??

Michael Cooper : In 1995? Biggest structure? Donahue Mr. Commie never heard of the Sears Tower in Chicago.

ShaneC27 : Anyone else get seriously sweaty palms watching this...? 🙈🙈

smck 2016 : I can't believe he did that with a parachute let alone without. I'd need someone to push me off I'd never be able to force myself to jump.

II-BadSport Vulture-II : Just imagine how many lives could’ve been saved if everybody in the world trade center had parachute on September 11, 2001 the numbers of death would’ve been greatly reduced talk about corporations not giving a damn about their employees

szsmix : Practicing before 9/11 Kappa

Bertrice : didn't say how he got over the fence

AnixCo1990 : That guy was wrong about the twin towers being the tallest structures in the world

Narcissistectomy : ah wtf...DID HE GET AWAY??!!

AHealthyHorseWithExplosiveDiarrhea : To think years later people would have to choose between jumping and turning into tomato soup, or being burnt to a crisp. Thank goodness for those hijackers eliminating these eyesores, despite the collateral damage.

Luis Valadares : 1991 or 1995?

Jacob Conell : watching this video in 1991 would be pretty spectacular lol this sort of thing is all over youtube nowadays

عمر السيد : Thats very high what about the victims in septemper eleven they are jumping to the ground very fast 😢😢😢😢

Twiglet : 9/11 people enjoyed this video

ThatOneKid 37 : My squad when we are in soaring 50’s in tilted...

Jae KiDd : I wonder if he had aniexty when jumping from the building... Did he ever get away the video just ended I'm curious 🤔🙄

AnearPlayz : Comment's 90% Mentioning 9/11 10% Did the guy got away

Cam : Well... this is eerie.