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Matthew Smith : a "fitness junky" wouldnt step foot in this place

james4v : The weights are even lighter at Equinox

JDiculous : What makes it $26,000 though?

Chase Dixon : As a man, if you think Equinox is a good gym to make gains and get in shape, somewhere along the way, a parental figure failed you.

God :-O : It's a spa with weights???

Lucas Delgado : Oxygen gym in Kuwait blows that one away sorry bro

spencer whitmire : Everyone is small. This is not a gym rat fantasy, west side barbell is.

Alex l : planet fitrness is a waaay better deal than this overpriced gym

TechXSoftware : $170 LMAO I pay like $16

Jennifer O'Brien : Your editing is on point! Love it!

Idaly Aleman : If I’m paying for this gym you bet I’m gonna be there when they open till they close. But other than that I love my gym in shape fitness. I only pay 20 dlls a month!

Terry Etter : Oh, so you’re Casey Neistat..

creeper plays :D : Bro you probably go just to dance and go to the spa and sauna and yoga thats not the point of a gym i pay 20 dolar a month

creeper plays :D : I pay 20 dollars a month and its just waits what else do you want you dont go to the gym to dance and swim in a pool you go to get the gains

Inf7cted : want to get in shape? buy a squat rack with bench press. Now do cleans - squats - deadlifts - bench press - shoulder press. There you saved yourself thousands.

Joe Bob : Lol did u actually do that dance or a different one?!

luis uribe : This guy pays 170 for yoga classes lmao

Scott Clarke : Kid needs to lift weights doesnt look like hes ever been to the gym

Jordan O : I can tell you go to equinox by how small you are.

gotmykl : I did not see one single physically fit person in all that footage ... maybe the dance instructor, but even she was not "OMG that chick is ripped" quality. And the guys were point and laugh out of shape ...

CC : People pretending to work out in expensive gym gear and baby weights, what a great "gym"

Bort : This looks like a place rich people go to for 2 hours so they can tell themselves they're fit when they really aren't.

Aidan Gutierrez : Dom was perfect

I Do Coke : Gym rat fantasy? No. That would be Barbell Brigade out west. This is basically a spa that happens to have weights.

m : Even the weights are lighter at Equinox because rich people should not have to deal with 3rd world problems like struggle.

tubeERguy : learn to do math lol

Rob Mendez : id suck a clean p**** for that cold towel/essential oil mix

Light : everybody who reviews equinox mad skinny

john smith : could this be??? never in my life would i have thought of saying this but planet fitness is heaven compared to this gainsless overpriced gym

siegfriedandroy23 : This is even dumber than the sheep that line up to buy every new Apple product….

barcelones exiliado : This gym sucks. The Oxygen in Kuwait is far superior

JuWo Gaming : not working out? sounds like a overpriced planet fitness how you said it

Art P : she's like but it has a swimming pool LOL

Dawg Net : Didn't really explore the gym that much, which was definitely more important than your weaksauce dance class

Dec/0NE G : this is where white people go to work out

zLAMEYz : Why does it look like a gym for skinny guys and girls? This gym doesn't seem masculine at all...

Iamhappythingy : The dislikes are lifting me down

Bung The Booce : Looks like no gains lmao