The New Internet Shouldn't Be Blockchain-Based

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IntroToCryptos : One of my largest crypto holdings. Looking forward to watch this unfold over the next few years.

Nickolai Kautezki : Great project! The diamond in the rough of crypto projects imo. Can’t wait to see this go live.

David MacGregor : When I first read about MaidSafe and their SAFE Network project, I had the same sense of awe and excitement as I did when I first came across Bitcoin. In my opinion this is a "sleeper" project, still largely unknown but hugely significant - especially in this security and privacy starved world.

Hélio Dias : wonderful explanation !!> I am going to translate it to Portuguese .! hmm is there a scrypt.. ? some words are a bit difficult to grasp.. " internet is tinting ? tainting? tempting.. ?:: what is the word?

Traktion1 : Great video for a great project! It is much more advanced technology than blockchain.

Kurt Jackson : I’ve long been a long time bitcoin follower and am happy to see it having the impact it has. The road has been cleared and paved for the arrival of the Safe Network.The vision of the founder David Irvine is simply stunning, the way the internet was truly supposed to be, by the people, for the people.Mark my words this project is as if not more significant than all the Apples, Googles and Amazons of the world combined. The worlds jaw will collectively drop once this network is live.

grim789 : Been a fan of MaidSafe for 5 years now! Keep up the great work guys and gals!

ManjMau : Love the project. Waiting for the day it finally releases. I have been sharing this on my FB feed for a while and I highly recommend others do so as well.

Hélio Dias : The internet is changing and there is a wave of new technologies entering the market but most fail to provide de levels of privacy and security we should expect. The current internet relies on centralized servers owned by a few large and powerful organizations to host your data. These central points act as honey pots for hackers and advertisers trying to monetize your data. Decentralization offers a solution to this problem . Data is split up and hosted on unused capacity of users´devices . A network is created as these devices are linked together without central servers, however many decentralized services are built on blockchains, which are an amazing design for public ledgers but terrible mass storage containers. Storing data directly on the blockchain is prohibitively expensive and provides poor __?__ performance. Subsequently blockchain based storage solutions store data identifier such as hash in a blockchain but store the data somewhere else and this somewhere else still needs to be secured. We should be trying to secure the data not the pointer to it ! it is the time for a solution that secures both the data and the ledger. This is the Safenetwork. The world´s first and only autonomous data network. An autonomous network is not a set of servers or owned stored locations or identifiable nodes. It is a self healing, self configuring and self managing system similar to a colony of ants, there is no centralized authority and yet it is hightly optimized and effective. Comparative to blockchain mining which uses proof of work algorithms the Safenetwork operates on a proof of resource farming system. Users are paid for the quantity and quality of storage capacity they provide to the network. Time for a truly decentralized autonomous internet dedicated to the security of your data. Join the Safe Forum Community to find out more.

nevel _ : Huge potential because you and me actually are going to use it daily to browse the 'internet' or backup your phones data. That's a big difference with networks like Ethereum. Besides that it can also do all the smart contract stuff that's hot right now. Still cheap when you compare market cap

ashay balgobind : the future looks safe.

quelorepario : Well, no wonder why the HBO's Silicon Valley TV series hired these guys as technical advisors for the Pied Piper internet. Pied Piper is word for word identical to the SafeNetwork

xor760921 : Music should be even more epic

dazhibernian : MON THE ANTS!

Alexandru Popescu : She has a lovely accent. What accent is it?

SpongeBobSquarepants : Wow. If you guys could only create what you talk about, this would be awesome.

SotRos25 : When you take a close look, the SAFEnetwork that Maidsafe is building is the only solution that can truly decentralize the internet. Add to that a farmable, trade-able cryptocurrency, no transaction fees, a platform for developing powerful apps, plus so much more, and you have the highest potential project out there right now :)