How To Say Fruits In Vietnamese

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Mèo Đại Ca : *Điệu nhảy bón phân là đây*

The Pretzel : What did I wake up to? 😂❤

Kidokun Nero : This isn't healthy I'm listening to this over and over again that I can remember the lyrics

SWannouncer : From someone trying to learn some Vietnamese I just want to say THANK YOU. This video, the numbers video and the animals video are not only perfect for beginners but entertaining as well. MORE PLEASE. Cảm ơn

Gấu Duy : _bài hát giới thiệu trái cây Việt Nam_ 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳 😂😂😂

Anh Duong Nguyenová : 0:46 weightlifting fairy Kim Bok joo preference :Dddd

Ngoc Son : Má ơi tôi đang xem cái gì thế này, không nhịn cười được🤣🤣🤣

Vivian Le : This is the land of fruit my son, everything that the light touches is fruit. What’s that dark spot over there? Those are vegetables, you must never go there!

Parcus : 0:45 Is that a Weightlifting Fairy reference?

Linda Le : Yay! My son loves these. Good for learning

Mandy Holmes : You are super amazing and I hope you become a famous director, the world needs more strong hilarious woman running things. <3

Bruce Lee : *Why is this is in my reccomendation?* lol

chasunying : I would 120% buy a cow ao dai pls release one soon Kayla 😩

annahannabanana : genius. i'll recommend this to anyone learning viet.

Quoc Le : This is so funny, I couldn't stop laughing over how you said all the fruits in English and then Vietnamese. 😂😂 Great job.

Rirei G Maki : This....actually helped 😂

Giang Tran : Kèm kèm đát kem bạch

Thỏ Ú Kookie : *Cười bể ruột :vv*

Trisha Hoang : Chị Kayla is my spirit animal (bcs LOOK at that COW ÁO DÀI) and I'm here to fight any haters in both English and Vietnamese. (courtesy of Chị Kayla Vietnamese Lessons™)

M i s t- : My mom said I can watch one last video before I can sleep...

Thuha Nguyen : Now Im Hungry :)

đại tỷ : comeback :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

gooberweevil : This is wonderful and genius. Mixing humor and charm into solidly effective and memorable lessons! instant subscribe... I didn't even know i wanted to learn Vietnamese until I saw this :D

Dumpling StudiosTM : Baby shark doo do doo do all over again

Godot : Now I’m fluent in Vietnamese, thanks to this video!

GalaxyKitty Plays : i just know how to spell mom and hello in vietnamese..cuz i’m american my family trained me to speak vietnamese

Ariel THE HUMAN : I learned nothing

John Tran : I call mangos soy

Matilda Huynh : Vietnamese people would relate and laugh 😂

HaiTK : Người xem thứ 99

Yang Elisha : Trái Bó

Mr. Blue : Chi oi lam bai thunderscloud di

Emily K. : This is what I call music.

AsteroidBlink : mangos like swag sWAg

Mít Con : Chị kayla đã comeback

Angela : An absolute banger

trrripe Macon : Why do I love this so much?

namjajin : *0:51** wig snatched*

Angela Dao : Uhm I already know Vietnamese but why am I even watching this 😂

Cheese the cow fish b : Thanks Kayla

Johnny 22 : **ahem** BooooooOOOOOOO

cuong buiduc : What the 😂😂😂😂😂

Aaron Landry : Why was this in my recommended?

Lộc Lê : Lầy vãi

CarbonBoy26 // 炭素少年26 : oh goodness, my over 60% khmer DNA is tingling

Lincoln Tong : Hhshaahhahahahahahahgdgdjdbd im dead

Kookiesolar : I know how to speak Vietnamese already because that is my background but this sounded great. Very helpful to those who want to learn.

Jay Alia : How about strawberry, passion and Dragon Fruit? ☺

Ernest's School IPad : Wtf does trai mean?

Glass Heart : U are my spirit animal