The Gods of Pogs

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(From 10/04/06) Come relive the inspiring story of the two Herculean athletes who have inspired dozens across the globe.

Comments from Youtube

ryan ashley : hey they use metal Pogs!!!!!

Steve mine : Holy shoot, this the second oldest video I've ever seen

T S : Good job! You guys should become politicians.

noestoyfacil : so thats how they call them in english... over where i am from we call them tazos

Karl Jason : ang daya bakal pala kaya bargo aged!

TrixterGaming : i used to have a big book full of Simpson's pogs

Howie Hannigan : "WNBA really took alot of lime light away from pogs" lmfao I don't know how I landed here but not disappointed😅

Malak Sbai Chkirid : i love POG

John B : I won the OJ pog and slammer set in a tournament in 1995. I played for keeps son.

gabriel fernandez : they play it wrong but nice video

Taking Back 30 : Please remake this video lol!!!

Jason : great work guys! keep making shorts you guys are hilarious

Criskath Santos : I have pogs I am filipino

Gabriel Gonzalez : I can't tell if this is a skit

Max G-C : fantastic.

Gordon Shumway : googled Pogs, found this. NICE.

VariousTimeConsumers : hey Shayne. you must not be from early 90's or late 80's.Therefore,your opinion matters not on this matter.Which made more money than your parents will in their lifetime.

Brandon Lee : bra. this video is sick.

bhavvv : Why did I have hundreds to thousands of these useless things when I was a kid????

Frank Mckenzie : I used to collect Pogs as a Child, I had no idea how to play though but I liked collecting. I had about 300 Pogs, hell...this makes me wanna find them and look at them again. :P

MiclaveesEl7 : Fuck yeah dude!!! Pogs ruled in my era 90s baby

Jason Steinberg : As much fun as pogs were, these two people have no life at all. It's really sad.

mark castillo : Is this some type of joke ? I'm serious not sure if their being sarcastic or playing some type of skit

Casey Rodman : I've got a large lot of 400+ pogs and 2 slammers for sale, message me if you are interested or see video response!!!

86frankenstein : Hilarious!!! I loved pogs! Sadly I gave all mine away :'( now I wish I hadn't.

sweetcherryit : I'm so proud of these men for chasing their dreams. And then using a small plastic disc to flip over some dreams. it's poetry in motion.

tooearlyforbreakfast : I don't understand...

MarbRed Fred : Lmao ProStetson you must have been born mid 90's or 2000's haha look them up!!! I still have my tubes and so sick slammers

MarbRed Fred : Hahah leave it to us Minnesotans to make this video

ProStetson : Wtf is a pog? Like packing peanuts? I did t know people could have so much fun ha

SpurnOfHumanity : who knew Borat played pogs

Mike's Pets : This is great lol

Javier Jimenez : smosh :)

thesvc2006 : lmao

Fershizzal : its kinda awesome that i still have pogs, next to my pokemon cards, i keep my best slammers next to my 1st epidition holograph charizard..ya i'm prett baddass..

Fershizzal : no one can hand my 3 inch slammer!

petr nerad : good memory when i was little

Chrishaad Gibson : Me f*cking too mang. LOL

tom howett : haha yeah

Castor vlogs : Who got brought here from smosh reacts to kids react to smosh?

Bobby Milles : We are making a major POGS movie check us out!!!

cmpunk2002 : Smosh brought me here

BethAnn Acrie : Smosh brought me here!:)

Achievementsish : Smosh

b4d69 : good old days...

David Martins : Smosh bring me here...

Jerry Tsu : I remember being so happy when I won the fake Pogs with bumps in the center, I never lost a game after that.

creeper Sushi : The fucking worst game i have ever heard of. This is even worse then the people ho live on wow

kevin Guzman : Me to