The Gods of Pogs

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noestoyfacil : so thats how they call them in english... over where i am from we call them tazos

Gordon Shumway : googled Pogs, found this. NICE.

John B : I won the OJ pog and slammer set in a tournament in 1995. I played for keeps son.

Brandon Lee : bra. this video is sick.

Onans Hands : Its 2018, I'd love an update on how the 2017 championship went.

mark castillo : Is this some type of joke ? I'm serious not sure if their being sarcastic or playing some type of skit

Criskath Santos : I have pogs I am filipino

sweetcherryit : I'm so proud of these men for chasing their dreams. And then using a small plastic disc to flip over some dreams. it's poetry in motion.

ricardo maldonado : Lol

TrixterGaming : i used to have a big book full of Simpson's pogs

Chair OnlyFor399 : Filipino pogs are made out of carton and american pogs are metal LOL

MJ Buehrer : I love pogs

Karl Jason : ang daya bakal pala kaya bargo aged!

Jason : great work guys! keep making shorts you guys are hilarious

hoshnasi : Pogs would of lasted longer had all the school NOT banned them.

razorknight92 : Those were the longest six minutes of my life...

Cynthia Essiambre : lol they're joking

RossHamMil : me five

WAVEDUP : Pogs brings back great memories of elementary school. I was about 6 or 7 when they really took off in like 93-94 :)

Bryan Swagerty : God damn this is genius!

Thomas Bolinger : I know.. I got mine kinda here and there. Most got lost moving around... Katrina didn't help either lol. But Pokemon unfortunatly killed Pogs.. wish it'd come back.

Thomas Bolinger : I'm angry at Pokemon because as soon as they came out.. I swear that Pogs completly disappeared..

kingcamilo : @Phatassify because your a kid that doesnt know a pog was huh?

LGaming238 : Actually our slammers are the normal pogs

Frank Mckenzie : I used to collect Pogs as a Child, I had no idea how to play though but I liked collecting. I had about 300 Pogs, hell...this makes me wanna find them and look at them again. :P

Medium Funny Online : Sweet. Still have my pogs and slammers. I even have a slammer pad that looks like a frisbee with like a mousepad in the middle. Classic.

randumizerplus : I came here for a match of pogs dammit!

slavesacrifice666 : my dad brought home some pogs he got in a yard sale today... I FREAKED THE HELL OUT, THREW THEM OUT OF THE BAG, AND WENT THROUGH THEM. SO. HAPPY. <3

TheGingerBrettMan : this is brilliant

ekse876 : Rock and roll minneapolis!

HueHueHue : Bad Education brought me...

b4d69 : good old days...

Hopper830 : I haven't played since like 3rd grade. Pogs brings back a lot of memories though.

kennerguy66 : Thank god Brendan Leonard and friends could remember the old pog craze and make yet another awesome video!

John B : Epic victory dance @ 5:17

heypeople123 : lmao is this a joke? or for real?

streetough : This is so tragically funny. WNBA took the limelight out of pogs. Genius!

MarbRed Fred : Lmao ProStetson you must have been born mid 90's or 2000's haha look them up!!! I still have my tubes and so sick slammers

MarbRed Fred : Hahah leave it to us Minnesotans to make this video

Unicorn puffs : Ako Pinoy Pero in my life I've never ever hold pogs I am 41yrs old na

soletta : @Phatassify food battle 2011, right? or the ian is bored reaction of kid's reaction of food battle 2011

HoracePL : i thought they were called caps`?

Stephanie Nicole : "and I play for keeps" hahahahha omg the pog lingo, you GOTTA love it, I miss pogs! I still have mine, but no one will play meee!

Stephanie Nicole : fuckin playin for keeps hey? hahaha

Stephanie Nicole : fucking liar!

Stephanie Nicole : I remember this!! ughhh stupid pokemon cards! they didn't even make sense! pokemon is for losers! pogs are amazzinggg, I still have my collection!

Billy Boy : oh really wait till he sees me

Matthew Johnson : So well done! True 90's men!

Aepotheosis : @scarefacroffarrock1 yes, so serious you don't even know man

octemberfury : so damn good