Jean Grey is useless

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MITCHELL WIGGS : "Jean!" - "Scott!" - "JEAN!" - "SCOTT!" - *"JEAN!"* "PHEONIX!" *"PHEONIX!" "SCOTT!"*

César Córdova : Good luck Rogue is here to save the day.

EmptyMan000 : People like Jean for the most generic of reasons. Ooh she's so powerful. So what? So are a lot of Marvel Heroes. Her personality is a whiny sad sack and her presence is basically a danger magnet. By what sane reason, is there for her to be around other than as some bleeding heart damsel for macho meatheads to drool over or as a world-ending lunatic?

The Mexican Bear : This video on a nutshell: Jean tries to do something Jeans fails Scott screams "JEAN!!!!1!" Rouge or someone else saves Jean

Tha Gay Gaymer : I was so done when she tripped over the extension cord SMH 🤦🏾‍♀️

Unique08 : When she tried to take the guns and the guy got em back 😂😂😂😂😂

Jonathan Cineus : I was SO MAD throughout this video but I laughed the whole time lol 😆 😂

simpleplanfan011 : Jean is such a stunt queen 1:12

DoctorPorkenfries : It seems like Jean's mutant ability is to hold things up just long enough for Rogue to show up and take over.

Statutory Grape : Jean is like that dumb NPC you have to protect.

anonim mus : I AM PHOENIX ahhh help me

Snowblood Apple : Drink every time Jean moans, Jean faints, and Scott's screams Jean.

Unique08 : "I am the guardian, teach me to...ahhhnooo" 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭

raymund usi : Jean Grey always moaning and having an orgasm throughout the series

SailorOllieKat : She couldn't even get herself a damn glass of water smh 5:41

One4allable : @ 3:23 Damn Jean Grey got defeated by a power cord LMMFAO!!!

Bingo Bango : I guess her superpower is to have orgasms and faint...

Evgenia : rogue was perfect in that show, i hope we will see her again like this,,

Justin Stephens : Why does she always sound like she is in the throws of passion(kept it clean for the kiddies,lol) whenever her powers backfire. Then faints like and is wore out, you know passionately. Lol.

pyr : Jean Grey in this show was useless, powerless, and damsel in distress. She's one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel universe, however, they ruined her in this Show.

Xavier Triggs : She always made orgasm noises 😂

Pantera Negra : 3:23 LMFAO!!!!!!

Major Grin : she's the Deana Troi of the x-men

laura plume : " Just bruised thank's to you " she falls and blames rouge lmao

Adriano C. Hartmann : Now you see the american Sakura

Solud Snaik : Rouge carries the show.

Roland G : At 1:00 she face plants for no reason hahahha

MEXTEKA : Damn jean those thick thighs tho 😉😂 not useless

JesseLCH : The cartoon really tried it with making Jean into a damsel in distress when her power surpasses God-like.

Frank Matthews : She was a waste at least Jubillee held her own.

Jas2 Perreras : And the award goes to Jean Grey for best in Fainting...

Cameron Charles : that clip when she falls on her face is classic and priceless

thesleepingsoter : Even Phoenix couldn't make her useful.

rexrabbiteer : I AM PHOENIX!!!!!!!! (faints) Help.... me...

Neck Pepe : When you put all your skill points in attack but no defence

Jasper Auld : Damn, Jean needs to sort out her blood-pressure issues lol.

hmrhuang : So much for being an Omega-level mutant! Constantly depicting her as a telekinetic with potential and as a damsel-in-distress churned my stomach whenever I watched her, smh...

Mick116 : @01:06 Psychic, telekinetic, and the power to make Wolverine fight a little harder when she's hurt.

Kaz Kobb : She just had a bad period lol

CM EDIR 1212 : This video should be called "Rogue is basically Superman".

EIectronic Arts : 4:25 AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

LizardClone2 : 1:58 You had one job, Jean. ONE JOB!

Suiter : "Help me." Jean's battle cry.

jermed2001 : Poor Rogue has to do all the work!

Professor Oak : it's like the black mage who can't figure out how to cast spells


Sincro Melon : 5:40 Even a glass of water?

jebes909090 : I......AM........THE PHEONIX!!!!!! (falls into water and drowns))

Hernan Rico : all this bish does is faint and die but i still like her lol

Santi B : Can we talk about the fact that at 2:41 Cable takes a shot at his own father?