Jean Grey is useless

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César Córdova : Good luck Rogue is here to save the day.

GeorgeN0nu : *Jean breathes* Jean: " I can't go on any longer. I am dying"

lurkzie : So she is basically the magicarp of the xmen

DrakeVagabond : How are those sandwiches coming along Jean?

UpturnTheUncool : 2:13 “I can’t stop you from hating each other but I can slow you down” 2:14 *Powers stopped by singular blast* 2:15: *Weapons fall* “PLEASE!!!”

MITCHELL WIGGS : "Jean!" - "Scott!" - "JEAN!" - "SCOTT!" - *"JEAN!"* "PHOENIX!" *"PHOENIX!" "SCOTT!"*

Brandon Johnson : 2:10 is the best part to me. She's talking shit like she's about to put an end to the fight but as soon as that guy broke her hold she screams out "please!!"

harwin monzon : *I am pheonix!!* falls *Help me!* *I am the guardian! Teach me to..* Gets sucked in *Ahhhhhhhh!*

WooWee : How to defeat the all powerful Phoenix ..... extension cord

PrettyH8Mach1n3 : Even as a child, I was frustrated that all she seemed to do was moan sexually, scream, and get ko'd.

EmptyMan000 : People like Jean for the most generic of reasons. Ooh she's so powerful. So what? So are a lot of Marvel Heroes. Her personality is a whiny sad sack and her presence is basically a danger magnet. By what sane reason, is there for her to be around other than as some bleeding heart damsel for macho meatheads to drool over or as a world-ending lunatic?

Mileo iS kInG : Omg rogue literally does everything

Tortugostalker : This video should have been named: Fifty shades of Jean Grey

Renato Odar : 2:11 "I can slow you down" - shot - "PLEASE!!!!"

jafs65 : 0:57 The way she lands on her face is majestically dumb.

simpleplanfan011 : Jean is such a stunt queen 1:12

MoonflowerX3 : I swear, the way Jean is written, she's like a D&D character where the player is playing an underpowered class and just keeps getting awful rolls. So, to make up for that, the DM gives them a power boost to at least be on par, then they are rolling a bunch of natural 1s. Dm: "Make a dexterity saving throw" Player: *rolls dice* natural 1 Dm: oh wow. go to avoid it, but you trip over a random power cord. You land on your head and take 1 point of bludgeoning damage. Player: I'm unconscious. Seriously! How is she so bad in this cartoon? 😂

CyberWarezz05 : I think they made Jean Grey that way so the writers can have an excuse to hear her voice actress moan like that

Quadro Warstar : The writers of this show hate Jean as much as Studio Pierrot hates Sakura. Smh......

Lynn Matthews : Phoenix "I am the Guardian... Teach me to Aaaaaaaaaah" Rotflmaooo 5:33-5:40

Bingo Bango : I guess her superpower is to have orgasms and faint...

AceofHearts15 : If I were Cyclops I would stay as far from her as possible. He's constantly getting shot, knocked into things, blown up, or nearly killed just for standing near her. 😂

DivinePhoenix901 : "Teach me to-" *make noises* Sorry Jean you already know how to org*sm.

Nivesh Ramlochun : Villain: •exists• Jean: •moans and faints• Scott: Jean!

Shendue : Good and accurate portrayal of the character. XD Seriously, I think the problem is that she's so intrinsecally powerful that they decided to tone down her skills to avoid unbalancing problems. She's kinda similar to her early comic book incarnation, here, when she got easily tired and had only limited control over her power. By Grant Morrison's run on the comic book, she could effortlessy rearrange matter on a subatomic level and overpower Emma Frost and Professor X on psychic power like it was nothing.

DoctorPorkenfries : It seems like Jean's mutant ability is to hold things up just long enough for Rogue to show up and take over.

Hydro Cannons : I....AM....PHOENIX! help meeeee *falls into the water like an idiot*

Brian G : Can't use her powers without fainting, but can permanently alter Ice Man's sexual orientation without a problem.

Tucent : I kind of understand that since she's technically one of the most powerful characters on the show they have to make her really ineffective but when it gets to the point where even the Phoenix Force can't increase your usefulness then yeah, take your hand off the Nerf button

Mgtow Boo Boo : She is a strong independent modern woman

Corrupted Archangel : I know Phoenix is a part of her but I feel like Phoenix should just break off cause Jean is just holding her back.

yoshi : 04:40 this is the most intense orgasm i ever seen

zach korinis : Objectively worse than I

Bwa Ha : I. AM. PHOENI- heeelp meee....

Jonathan Cineus : I was SO MAD throughout this video but I laughed the whole time lol 😆 😂

RipsharkTV : Nobody really likes Jean unless she's in her Phoenix form lol

yoshi : The name of the video should be "Jean tries to save the Day but in the end rogue has to do it"

Classic Customs : 2:37 Did Jean just say the F-word?

Big Boss : Jean suffers from DIDS... (Damsel In Distress Syndrome)

Unique08 : When she tried to take the guns and the guy got em back 😂😂😂😂😂

Hoody Jada : She was potrayed so weak. Always a liability

Eterna Pesadilla : Shes a lover not a fighter

Ceveo Acrentos : The strongest mutant/deity defeated by a *Power Cord* I'm done. 👏🖐👣

JUNGLE SOL : Jean sneezes. “I’m dying. I can’t handle it”

Juanman : If she is one of the most powerful telekinetics of the world... How bad is the weakest telekinetic?

Andi Cahyo W : Jean, you had one job. ONE JOB!

D. Oak : 0:58 she smashes her skull against a boulder! What was that? The whole thing is hilarious, first she is running, then she jumps over Wolverine aiming the boulder and dies i suppose. Makes no sense but im lol lol lol

mychael stewart : Storm would be great in Naturo because she always call out her attacks 😃😃

Adam G : I swear you'd think the writers hated her guts. 5:46 That ending "POP" hahaha....

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