Jean Grey is useless

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Pantera Negra : 3:23 LMFAO!!!!!!

simpleplanfan011 : Jean is such a stunt queen 1:12

Jonathan Cineus : I was SO MAD throughout this video but I laughed the whole time lol 😆 😂

Unique08 : When she tried to take the guns and the guy got em back 😂😂😂😂😂

Unique08 : "I am the guardian, teach me to...ahhhnooo" 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭

MITCHELL WIGGS : "Jean!" - "Scott!" - "JEAN!" - "SCOTT!" - *"JEAN!"* "PHEONIX!" *"PHEONIX!" "SCOTT!"*

Major Grin : she's the Deana Troi of the x-men

César Córdova : Good luck Rogue is here to save the day.

The Mexican Bear : This video on a nutshell: Jean tries to do something Jeans fails Scott screams "JEAN!!!!1!" Rouge or someone else saves Jean

DoctorPorkenfries : It seems like Jean's mutant ability is to hold things up just long enough for Rogue to show up and take over.

MEXTEKA : Damn jean those thick thighs tho 😉😂 not useless

carlos glvn : You know she gonna faint every time she moans

Yahli Haham : 3:29 i could read his mind.... screams in pain

Rowland Hudson : Rogue the real MVP

D.L.W. 1 : Every time she uses her powers she orgasms.

Tha Gay Gaymer : I was so done when she tripped over the extension cord SMH 🤦🏾‍♀️

Statutory Grape : Jean is like that dumb NPC you have to protect.

jimmy o : even jubilee has more balls than jean

EmptyMan000 : People like Jean for the most generic of reasons. Ooh she's so powerful. So what? So are a lot of Marvel Heroes. Her personality is a whiny sad sack and her presence is basically a danger magnet. By what sane reason, is there for her to be around other than as some bleeding heart damsel for macho meatheads to drool over or as a world-ending lunatic?


That damn Gucci : How dare you talk about Jean Grey???!!! (faints)

raymund usi : Jean Grey always moaning and having an orgasm throughout the series

Adriano C. Hartmann : Now you see the american Sakura

anonim mus : I AM PHOENIX ahhh help me

Poes Reflection. : Am i the only one in tears? lmao

Kaz Kobb : She just had a bad period lol

Justin Stephens : Why does she always sound like she is in the throws of passion(kept it clean for the kiddies,lol) whenever her powers backfire. Then faints like and is wore out, you know passionately. Lol.

Marcus Scott : I mean, yeah, let's face it, Jean in the Animated Series had her weaker-than-ice-in-early-spring moments, but she more than made up for it when the big plays counted by: 1) pretty much saving Gambit, his clan, and the entire Assassin's Creed from being annihilated by Candra (the External); 2) saving the entire multiverse by sensing what the nigh-almighty Phoenix was unable, thus healing the matrix of the M'Krann Crystal before it destroyed all creation; 3) Saving the professor from being bested by the Shadow King and having his mind lost in limbo for eternity, thus saving the world from potentially being ravaged by the unfettered psychic powers of a possessed Xavier; 4) sensed Xavier's dark side and defeated it when others could not, plus locating and thus saving him...again; 5) pretty much helped a group of psychics restore time itself and destroy Apocalypse. That's just five important things. And I don't mean monster-of-the-day-cowering-in-defeat important; I mean save-creation-level importance. So as faint-tastic and Jeangasm-prone as she was, girl came through big time a lot of times!

Bijinius Cross : What about the teenage girl who steals people's powers, but only when she's _touching them?_ You know, Anna Paquin. And I guess she also happens to _kill_ anyone whom she touches with her skin . . . which doesn't make a great deal of sense, considering the human body sheds enough skill cells in a day as to make that entire school dead. Anna Paquin's character would be useful as an unassuming Weapon of Mass Destruction, I guess. She existed in that first movie to give the audience someone relatable who's also seeing the mutant world for the first time, and that's obviously important. But they COULD have made her more useful than a broken can opener.

Taka Konobe : Damn all she did was faint lol

HulkSmaSh3dd : This Jean Grey video is equivalent to those "Poor Michelle" videos. Just imagine Jean is Michelle, Kelly is Rogue and Beyonce is Storm lmao.. So glad they fixed Jean in X-men Evolution

Evgenia : rogue was perfect in that show, i hope we will see her again like this,,

Xavier Triggs : She always made orgasm noises 😂

kingnuking : Okay. 5:40 was the nail to my coffin. This Jean was a million percent useless.

張鵬程 : "i am the Guardian... teach me to... aaaaaaaagghhh!!!" lol

SailorOllieKat : She couldn't even get herself a damn glass of water smh 5:41

laura plume : " Just bruised thank's to you " she falls and blames rouge lmao


JesseLCH : The cartoon really tried it with making Jean into a damsel in distress when her power surpasses God-like.

pyr : Jean Grey in this show was useless, powerless, and damsel in distress. She's one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel universe, however, they ruined her in this Show.

Sinworth SFX : storm would demolish this so called "Phoenix"

Frank Matthews : She was a waste at least Jubillee held her own.

LENtertainment : I'm dying laughing 😂 😂

Jigle23s Gaming : *jean moves spoon* Me: girl don't do it Jean: aggggghhhh Scott *faints* Rouge saves her while Jean whimpers

Melhor TCC : scott

Bingo Bango : I guess her superpower is to have orgasms and faint...

Darius Shaw : man Jean is my favorite x man but part 57 were she face plants was like tf haha your telekinetic powers secretly hates you sorry Jean 😭truly

Ya Boyee : Jean was falling and rouge caught her.but why in the hell did she not save herself!? She clearly displayed quite a few times of herself using her telekinesis to make herself airborne.She even did it when she jumped off of the building to stop the black bird from falling

hmrhuang : So much for being an Omega-level mutant! Constantly depicting her as a telekinetic with potential and as a damsel-in-distress churned my stomach whenever I watched her, smh...

Hernan Rico : all this bish does is faint and die but i still like her lol