Jean Grey is useless

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tehmaimed : I love how they intentionally make her trip over nothing in so many episodes lmao they sure wrote Jean to be a damsel in distress or something

張鵬程 : "i am the Guardian... teach me to... aaaaaaaagghhh!!!" lol

Aquaticus12 : Jeangasms 😂

JBaby Lucus : I am phoenix. then she faints and falls into the water. then calls for help. that's kinda sad

DarkStark : Jean Grey is the most powerful telepaty of all the planet and the universes! This Show was stupid with her!

ibrahim barry : Can't she at least suffer without whinning😂

EmmanuelPierrePortraits : this video is too funny yet it pisses me off despite me having tears in my eyes from laughing X-men Animated Series made Jean a weak damsel in distress while the other women were powerhouses. X-men evolution & Wolverine and The X-men restored so much honor to on her character

Jigle23s Gaming : *jean moves spoon* Me: girl don't do it Jean: aggggghhhh Scott *faints* Rouge saves her while Jean whimpers

Pantera Negra : 3:23 LMFAO!!!!!!

Sandshrew Sorcerer : " I am the Guardian, teach me how... Ahhhhhhhhhh "

toygurl : You're wrong everybody. Jean's...orgasm gets stronger and stronger every episode... Oooohh Scott.

Gabriel Aaron : Thank you for making this video.Through out the whole series she has ever been in she is practically usless. or at least the screen writers make her that way. It's upseting but hilarious lmao

debussy843 : This is the funniest compilation I've ever seen.

Yu'En Gu : I am Phoenix! Next moments falls in the water....

wimbletone : Do the creators of this show hate her that much?

carlos glvn : You know she gonna faint every time she moans

Tvarski1 : Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I have always thought this and it has annoyed me for years!! She's one of the most powerful mutants in the world but they always portray her as some sort of damsel in distress!!!!

dallycraze : I was done when she was trying to read the things thoughts and she started screaming 😂😂😂😂 at 3:30 hahaha

Galactus : Jean is my favorite X-Men character, but I cannot stop laughing at this lmao I never realized how nerfed she was in this show. The way she's always stumbling in random things, making a speech and fainting out of nowhere lol Good job on this video

Shiva Charles : OMG 0:53 is hilarious how she trips over Wolverine and lands head first into a rock LMAO ^_^

Husky Wolf : @2:35 "Scott! Fuck!"

Yahli Haham : 3:29 i could read his mind.... screams in pain

lydelle02 : They should've just left her on the damn X-Jet

simpleplanfan011 : Jean is such a stunt queen 1:12

PecoraSpec : I cant' stop laughing!

mpa1234 : youll receive many thumbs down for this video but no lies have been told. watching this video reminds me of when I used to watch xmen every Saturday morning and laugh my ass off at Jean fainting and falling all over the place having...and Storms speeches. good times. lol

D.L.W. 1 : Every time she uses her powers she orgasms.

jebes909090 : I......AM........THE PHEONIX!!!!!! (falls into water and drowns))

Bea Arguelles : Okay, I love Jean so much! I just cant understand her when it comes to her powers including in the movies. I cant understand that as if she has limits with her powers. It feels like if she uses it too much, she's gonna faint or her powers will run out. But there are times where if she's really forcing herself to use her powers, Phoenix comes in! where her eyes will have this fire-aura thing and her powers will have no limits and then later on, she cant control her powers because Phoenix is taking over her. Based on my observation in the movies, that's all I can tell but I was shock about the X-Apocalypse where Jean was a teenager tho. You can tell that she's very strong and she's using her powers fine. She doesnt faint or anything. She just seems like a normal mutant where if she wanna use her powers, then she can. NO LIMITS ALL. No limits because she even unleashed Phoenix with her might and stops the Phoenix from being unleashed after killing the villain in the movie. She really looks fine during her teenager days ( x- men apocalypse ). I just dont understand why in X Men - X Men 2, she started having complication with her powers specially with that Phoenix of hers that ruined her in X-Men 3 :((( I really cant understand her powers :( Im trying to understand by watching the x-men movies over and over again and some of the tv series of x- men but I just cant really :((( Somebody PLEASE explain it to me :(((

The Mexican Bear : This video on a nutshell: Jean tries to do something Jeans fails Scott screams "JEAN!!!!1!" Rouge or someone else saves Jean

UneedaMedicalSupply : 3:31 Professor Xavier: "GODDAMNIT JEAN, WE'RE ALL GETTING REAL SICK OF YOUR BULLSHIT."

Taka Konobe : Damn all she did was faint lol

SanctityHaven 2 : She is just soooo weak, but one of the most powerful yet soooo weak. UGH!

Marcus Scott : I mean, yeah, let's face it, Jean in the Animated Series had her weaker-than-ice-in-early-spring moments, but she more than made up for it when the big plays counted by: 1) pretty much saving Gambit, his clan, and the entire Assassin's Creed from being annihilated by Candra (the External); 2) saving the entire multiverse by sensing what the nigh-almighty Phoenix was unable, thus healing the matrix of the M'Krann Crystal before it destroyed all creation; 3) Saving the professor from being bested by the Shadow King and having his mind lost in limbo for eternity, thus saving the world from potentially being ravaged by the unfettered psychic powers of a possessed Xavier; 4) sensed Xavier's dark side and defeated it when others could not, plus locating and thus saving him...again; 5) pretty much helped a group of psychics restore time itself and destroy Apocalypse. That's just five important things. And I don't mean monster-of-the-day-cowering-in-defeat important; I mean save-creation-level importance. So as faint-tastic and Jeangasm-prone as she was, girl came through big time a lot of times!

Vin 1000 : basic bitch, Jean needs more help than humans!

Darrien Harris : She's always calling on Scott but Rogue is the one that keeps saving her LOL

Jallenpoe : Am i the only one in tears? lmao

PickleJarr : I remember feeling when I was watching this as a kid that whenever they have Jean as part of a small team that I knew they would lose because she is such a fucking liability. The only time I remember her being really useful was during Mojoverse when she was the last team standing with Logan. And even before that feat, I was think 'oh great, her? Hopeless!'

aggibaggi dani : I will never understand why she drops Kelly


jimmy o : even jubilee has more balls than jean

Mat Kadiri : "Slave" I mean Storm could you get me a glass of water 😂😂😂

Rowland Hudson : Rogue the real MVP

Melhor TCC : scott

art Hawkeye : jubilee could take down sentinels at 13 years old jean never could. while powerful jean played more support over a more active role which is probably down to her training . jean was more held back because shes always been afraid of her powers while jubilee wasn't scared of her powers.

Adam Steed : Just remember this is an alternate universe, things are different, even from one toon to the next. This show is a big WHAT IF? Comic.

Greenlight 88 : who's her voice actor?

Darius Shaw : man Jean is my favorite x man but part 57 were she face plants was like tf haha your telekinetic powers secretly hates you sorry Jean 😭truly

kingnuking : Okay. 5:40 was the nail to my coffin. This Jean was a million percent useless.

Adriano C. Hartmann : Now you see the american Sakura