From Scratch: A Tay-K Song In 5 Minutes - The Race Type Beat FL Studio Trap Music Tutorial 2018
A local rapper has been making a From Scratch series Ive been really enjoying This is his latest

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Watch me break down Tay-K47's sound and make a Tay K type beat from scratch in under 5 minutes. In this video I show you how to rap like Tay-K and how to make a beat in his style. Tay-K the race type beat. -----------------------------------------------


Hubos God : school is very HARD

Stephen Rasle : interesting perspective on tay-k, nice tutorial

bi tch : You lowkey sound like tay-k XD

Balake Schmokes : Bro why did those lyrics sound like it came straight from tay 😂 straight fire g

Keylan Bankston : 131M views. Damn. Im doing it all wrong 😂😂😂. Dope video bro. Flow was on point

10 Bands : You need to start making music on some really shitttt

Doktor Slump : Short answer: go to jail

Stark Lone : He’s not bad he’s just so aggressive

Can I Get 1K Subs With No Videos - iicyyx : dat way dat way dat way

bimmerfuckingboy : Do lil Uzi vert next please my guy

ParoXysmaL : This flow kinda like Lil Tracy and Lil Uzi Vert country song

torixCS : How to KB (the one from reach records, and albums Today we Rebel, Tomorrow we Live, and Weight and Glory (

HXD : You gotta put them video game sounds up in there

The_last_44 : No matter how far I go I jus realize how good u r as a producer 🤧if u don't sell beat u should start

steven : Hey, got a question. How did you make that repeating sound in your lyrics (from the mix and master) for example : Ro-Ro-Rolling or Go-Go-Got

TRAV : I fucks with this, good work on the flow and perspective, great beat, i feel like that type of flow is inspired mostly by bay area type music, youll hear a lot of similarities in the beats and the flow

Dustin Cornell : Oof he be speaking facts in this video

Cooper Tries : That first part was *deep*

Reanimated DemiGod : Ughhhh Flow is the same lmaooo

MrGhostFedora : Now this sounds like something that Tay-K would make

Im RIVUS : He enjoys what tay k says because he really does it😂


Marco : Tay Rent-K

Tafxri : This is fkn hard

TrellGotBeatz : Run up on me and you'll leave as a fossil🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥MMMMMM

Ice Wolf : You are too good at becoming another artist holy shit

w i t t y : Pump, 6ix9ine, X, YBN Nahmir, Lil Skies next!!!

Jerry : Ooooh you said thot COPYSTRIKED! lol jk love the song!

Pate52 : deez videos is amazing. You should have more subs because when i watch your video i see how much time you have been used to search and edit. KEEP IT UP MAN!

Friction 32 : This was so accurate and satisfying I laughed for some reason.

Junak : >Tay k under 5 minutes >talks about him for 2 minutes

ッBaked : Bro, you forgot the part about eating good noodles everyday 😂

Dave Sapien : i love how you outline the content of the artists its funny as hell to me i don't know why.

Athome : Impressive! im curious as to whether or not you get embarrassed when writing, or rapping the lyrics

cheech & chong : Bro you goin‘ hard on those Videos, keep up the good work and please do Full Version Songs, like i Said they goin‘ hard

Ruben Wardlaw : ur wierd as hell

Joseph Russom : Bruh, keep dropping this heat dude🔥🤫

Tucunny Sunny : Lit af

Lord Swerve : EL OH EL


Evan Pc : The tune and flow is too similar to the race. Not to hate, it’s a good video.

SWEATT : "I'm not doing an impression of tay k I'm copying his flow and subject matter"......... that is doing an impression of him......

OBUCHO : This the first video of yours i’ve been watching Gave a like after the intro cuz i agree 100%. subscribed when u got done with the beat chz it was hella 🔥 ❤️

swirf ! : Bro you got really good quality videos, I can tell youre gonna blow up. Keep grindin

Weaponized KALE : Producer:how much flute do you want Tay k:YES

Clip Central : How to Tay-K step 1: rot in a prison cell for life

Franco Wilson : those lyrics were so good

a white man once said : This actually sounds like Tayk lmaoo

Gica Aloevera : 🔥