From Scratch: A Tay-K Song In 5 Minutes - The Race Type Beat FL Studio Trap Music Tutorial 2018

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bi tch : You lowkey sound like tay-k XD

Stephen Rasle : interesting perspective on tay-k, nice tutorial

Keylan Bankston TM : 131M views. Damn. Im doing it all wrong 😂😂😂. Dope video bro. Flow was on point

Drizzi G : better then busyworksbeats tutts. Awesome

Jerry : Ooooh you said thot COPYSTRIKED! lol jk love the song!

Active : Damn 😂you did it again, props

PandaMan111 : Do lil Uzi vert next please my guy

Marek Forgáč : This beat is hard bro. I wanted to ask how to contact you to show you some of my music and to recive som advice from you, if it wouldn´t molest you of course.

Tony HxC : Another great video man. Really enjoyed the history on him with the voice overs. That beat hits hard! keep it up :)

Salmighty.Steven : Hey, got a question. How did you make that repeating sound in your lyrics (from the mix and master) for example : Ro-Ro-Rolling or Go-Go-Got


Rxzr : Great vid <3

adsadwas awsd : Bro you got really good quality videos, I can tell youre gonna blow up. Keep grindin

w i t t y : Pump, 6ix9ine, X, YBN Nahmir, Lil Skies next!!!

CHIMÄRA RECORDS : U have a nice Rap voice!👍🔥

VT Tokyo Official : loving the versatility

svakeykuc : Kinda late on this bud