From Scratch: A Tay-K Song In 5 Minutes - The Race Type Beat FL Studio Trap Music Tutorial 2018

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Sick Duck : Next time you commit a crime just excuse yourself by saying - ''this phenomenon is nothing new'' yea sure.. Respect for a bad guy? Envies someone who can commit extremely violent crimes? And what is up with that nonsense quote? I would suggest to stop following 13 year old girls facebook feeds. In what universe are you getting your ethics from? Your philosophy made no sense WHAT SO EVER. But that is what you get when you try to justify evil with 'logic' you FAIL. Stick to music making cause you are good at it and I truly enjoy that, but other than that, please, stop.

Stephen Rasle : interesting perspective on tay-k, nice tutorial

Dilly : school is very HARD

bi tch : You lowkey sound like tay-k XD

ImHalfrican : How to Tay-K step 1: rot in a prison cell for life

Keylan Bankston : 131M views. Damn. Im doing it all wrong 😂😂😂. Dope video bro. Flow was on point

10 Bands : You need to start making music on some really shitttt

Balake Schmokes : Bro why did those lyrics sound like it came straight from tay 😂 straight fire g

TayRocket : Do lil Uzi vert next please my guy

The_last_44 : No matter how far I go I jus realize how good u r as a producer 🤧if u don't sell beat u should start

TRAV : I fucks with this, good work on the flow and perspective, great beat, i feel like that type of flow is inspired mostly by bay area type music, youll hear a lot of similarities in the beats and the flow

SWEATT : "I'm not doing an impression of tay k I'm copying his flow and subject matter"......... that is doing an impression of him......

steven : Hey, got a question. How did you make that repeating sound in your lyrics (from the mix and master) for example : Ro-Ro-Rolling or Go-Go-Got

Dustin Cornell : Oof he be speaking facts in this video

Solo Central Beats : Gosh you have an incredible perspective on the crime stuff. I really enjoy your videos btw.

Can I Get 1000 Subs With No Videos : dat way dat way dat way

ッBaked : Bro, you forgot the part about eating good noodles everyday 😂

Ice Wolf : You are too good at becoming another artist holy shit

Robby Boyd : Would there be any way that i could use some your beats for my Videography?

Drizzi G : better then busyworksbeats tutts. Awesome

Reanimated DemiGod : Ughhhh Flow is the same lmaooo

Itz Dylan : He enjoys what tay k says because he really does it😂

Ruben Wardlaw : ur wierd as hell

Athome -WILD SPARKZ- : Impressive! im curious as to whether or not you get embarrassed when writing, or rapping the lyrics


swirf ! : Bro you got really good quality videos, I can tell youre gonna blow up. Keep grindin

Junak : >Tay k under 5 minutes >talks about him for 2 minutes

HXD : You gotta put them video game sounds up in there

Pate52 : deez videos is amazing. You should have more subs because when i watch your video i see how much time you have been used to search and edit. KEEP IT UP MAN!

Jerry : Ooooh you said thot COPYSTRIKED! lol jk love the song!

Rogue Cynical : “Get a nut then she peeling like a band aid”🔥

Evan Pc : The tune and flow is too similar to the race. Not to hate, it’s a good video.

ParoXysmaL : This flow kinda like Lil Tracy and Lil Uzi Vert country song

Doktor Slump : Short answer: go to jail

Friction 32 : This was so accurate and satisfying I laughed for some reason.

cheech & chong : Bro you goin‘ hard on those Videos, keep up the good work and please do Full Version Songs, like i Said they goin‘ hard

MrGhostFedora : Now this sounds like something that Tay-K would make

Joseph Russom : Bruh, keep dropping this heat dude🔥🤫

a white man once said : This actually sounds like Tayk lmaoo

lajiao : TayK very hard

pleckocat : bro your videos deserve WAAAAAYYY more recognition ive watched like everyone and its mad quality.

TrellGotBeatz : Run up on me and you'll leave as a fossil🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥MMMMMM

ArizonaMojo : EL OH EL

lil Jakie : Lit af

YF Solly : Hard

Tafxri : This is fkn hard

Gonzalo Garcia : I've heard better

brennx1 : That way

Riseaken : Fire

w i t t y : Pump, 6ix9ine, X, YBN Nahmir, Lil Skies next!!!