Creeping neighbor - busted & confronted bad neighbor Magnolia Texas Lakes of Magnolia
Man accused of filmed over a fence by man who is filming over a fence

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Neighbor creeping again...I "discussed" the matter in a very calm, mature, and intellectual manner appropriate for bully confrontation. btw.. excuse my fat belly, I'm not pregnant, just have a temporary cookie addiction. And yes, my entire properly is under video surveillance now due to this creep's past actions. This is not the first time he was caught videoing over/thru the fence including by my wife and daughter, even at night (see other videos). He has been asked to stop by others as well, even as far as a no trespass warning filed by the Sheriff depart. The entire neighborhood had to get upset before he stopped flying his spy drone in people's backyards. If not confronted when caught, his actions have proven to get much much worse.


N T : "i dont want you filming over my fence" literally has a camera filming over his fence lol

Wolf Man : That fence is a disgrace who did that install

cushseth : Weirdly large amount of people defending creepy behavior here...

Larry Jones : what do you mean wife and daughter i think he like

Eightosaurus Spelunk : Does your lawnmower have a blade? I can't even tell where you've mowed.

charlie mai : My neighbor is only creepin' like that when he smells the ganja burning

Javi : I've got old creepy neighbors who are like this. They think they own the neighborhood just because they've been living in the same place for centuries 🤣😂😂

Craig : "I don't want you filming over my fence" as you are taping 24/7 into his yard...?

Joseph Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili : He's just salty because the other guy has a nice garden whereas he has a shit garden and a lawnmower that doesn't work.

Johnny Rad : Stop filming over my fence says the guy with a camera pointed into his neighbours garden.

TrickTroy McGuinness : This is an invasion of privacy issue: the fence is a private property barrier in which whatever is inside the fence area is considered private property and cannot be filmed without consent unless it is visible from public property. With that being said, your camera is also in violation of his privacy, you may & can film your own backyard up to your fence line but not over your fence line peering into his private property. I hope this helps.

Kimberly Michelle : Did he pat his head when he reached over the fence.

J. Newham : You camera is pointing your neighbours garden!!! The police will can on you!!!!!

Tommynator666xxx : Isnt his video cam pointed at the neighbors back yard? Just sayin. Takes two to tango.

chico : I don't want you taking pictures over my fence says the guy who videos his neighbors back yard 24 7.

wobbly nostrils : "I don't want you filming over the fence" he says while filming over his fence. LOL

Tony Garcia : Lol this guy hardly has any grass to cut, this whole thing looks like it might be staged. 😂

EzeakioDarmey : "You need to stop taking video over the fence" As we watch this on a camera that sees over the fence.

Sam m : Hypocrisy that his security camera with audio recording over the neighbors wall.

ProfessionalDoughnut : "i dont need a camera over my fence" .....aaaaaaand wth is this video from then?

Hugh Jassol : Two neighbors filming each other. Seems the perfect match.

Mystical Glow TV : If there is one thing that I am sure of after watching this video, you need to invest in a better lawnmower mate

Dank Swayy IOS : He is taking a video over the fence to We can see the neighbors yard

vvxvv : Why are you filming into your neighbours yard ? You both are creepy to me.

It's Private : Bro he likes you. Make a glory hole and you can satisfy each other...problem solved 👍

Cheyne Best : I'm filming you filming me filming you over the fence... give me a break

Tyclone : "I dont want you filming over my fence" he says, as he films over his fence.

IMaximusDMI : He says don't video tape him meanwhile he has a camera pointed showing both him and his neighbors yard. Must be mentally handicapped.

Richard Castillo : I didn't see him doing anything but standing on his side of the yard how do you know he wasn't pulling weeds and you're the one filming over his fence

Jaybee : meanwhile his security cam gets half of his neighbors backyard

Abditive Arrogance : YOOOO build a second higher fence thats closer to your property line. Electric fence my dude

Yours Truly : He's a Russian spy collecting lawnmowing Intel for Vlad.

OscarAHG : Why are you recording his backyard 24/7 PERVERT

Benji Edwards : this is funny! The dudes camera is looking into the neighbors yard.

JohnyCumLate : You're filming over his fence though.

Southsideman : "Im going to call the police on you for taking video!" (says that while recording neighbor)

Be Creative : I'm confused as to why your yard looks the same as the section you haven't mowed.

phapnui : Do you have a sling blade? I reckon you been eating too many of them french fried pataters, mmmhmm

Nefarious Cookie : The old man had a hard on for this man.

roseof_alltrades 3 : "I don't want you FILMING over my FENCE!" *irony intensifies*

Jaime Perez : "I discussed the matter in a very calm, mature, and intellectual manner appropriate for a bully confronta." Lol ok guy. I wonder what is agressive and immature for you.

Joe Villareal : Fence looks Stupid

marshalllucky : Please tidy your garden.... and finish painting that post . Thankyou

Ty Johnson : creeping dude with is own cam looking over fence he sounds very logical

-- : Plus his backyard is in better shape than your and much bigger, to me you're jealous

amanda nichols : YOur glasses are cool. "YOU'RE A WEIRD OLD MAN"

Futt Bucker : Yall are morons..... Security camera to keep family safe vs pervert personally videotaping irrelevant activity. They aren't comparable. All you water heads need to go back and collect your helmets and caprisuns

Soup Uhrr Heyumps : The lawnmower sped up sounds like an 80's thriller theme

kickinvideo333 : How petty for both of them. It's ironic that the dude whining about video & photos being taken over his fence is actually filming over the fence into his "perv" neighbor's yard during the entire rant 🤣