Creeping neighbor - busted & confronted bad neighbor Magnolia Texas Lakes of Magnolia

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jssangel416 : I don't think he's interested in your wife & daughter...I think he's interested in YOU 🤔😕😱

GayForReckful : "i dont want you filming over my fence" literally has a camera filming over his fence lol

cushseth : Weirdly large amount of people defending creepy behavior here...

Bronco Billy : That fence is a disgrace who did that install

Javi : I've got old creepy neighbors who are like this. They think they own the neighborhood just because they've been living in the same place for centuries 🤣😂😂

Craig : "I don't want you filming over my fence" as you are taping 24/7 into his yard...?

Johnny Rad : Stop filming over my fence says the guy with a camera pointed into his neighbours garden.

Jimbo : Why are you filming into your neighbours yard ? You both are creepy to me.

charlie mai : My neighbor is only creepin' like that when he smells the ganja burning

Be Creative : I'm confused as to why your yard looks the same as the section you haven't mowed.

Matt M : If a beer can’t solve the issue then kick his ass.

Larry Jones : what do you mean wife and daughter i think he like

Joseph Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili : He's just salty because the other guy has a nice garden whereas he has a shit garden and a lawnmower that doesn't work.

TrickTroy McGuinness : This is an invasion of privacy issue: the fence is a private property barrier in which whatever is inside the fence area is considered private property and cannot be filmed without consent unless it is visible from public property. With that being said, your camera is also in violation of his privacy, you may & can film your own backyard up to your fence line but not over your fence line peering into his private property. I hope this helps.

Mystical Glow TV : If there is one thing that I am sure of after watching this video, you need to invest in a better lawnmower mate

Tony Garcia : Lol this guy hardly has any grass to cut, this whole thing looks like it might be staged. 😂

ACE Internet Fighter Pilot : "you need to quit taking video over the fence" as your camera is taking video over the fence lololol . he should just mount a security camera on his house looking at your yard just like you did. then he wouldnt have to creep around lol.

phapnui : Do you have a sling blade? I reckon you been eating too many of them french fried pataters, mmmhmm

Kimberly Michelle : Did he pat his head when he reached over the fence.

Arizona Sky : Lol you're filming over his fence too.. 😁😁😁

AllSystemsGoSound : bro just jump the fence and beat tf outta your creep neighbor! 👊🏾💥

colin958 : Meanwhile you film his backyard, case closed.

The Bunny Man : Ok. At this point I'm very interested in seeing a photo of this guy's daughter. Because she must be really, really smokin' hot for this perv to be so attached to their property. This would be purely scientific.

bocobob : Your filming over his fence too. It also looks like you put your hand over his fence and you’re being verbally aggressive.

Ben Vasilinda : He doesn’t care about ur wife and daughter, he wants pics of ur sexy ass out doing lawn work.

drotheill : That guy is very weird.

John G : Has this beta male ever mowed a fcking lawn before?!

J CaaM : Your neighbor is an ass but aren't you filming his entire yard as well? , just saying.

☠MrHairyNutz☠ : But you have a camera set up too and it shows his yard as well so if you can't take the heat don't dish it out.

Trevor Holland : But you have a camera pointed over there fence filming lol but that is weird

michaelsmiley15 : Just kind of going back and forth and he's mowing his lawn and all of a sudden the next door neighbor's starts filmmaking with a video camera and a good part is that he is security camera is actually capturing the neighbor doing the wrong thing I'm going this is the stupidest thing Russian cases go to small claims court on these Court TV shows were people sued each other over stupid nonsense like this

Chaoswolve66 : Good.job confronting him, now he will buy surveillance camera like.yours and watch you 24/7 like your doing to him :(

LUK ELECTRIC : When I see this I am so happy that I do not live in USA. I would never move there!!!!!!!!!

LJR Limited : Yea, I'm sorry. The neighbor's yard looks much nicer than your sanford and son yard. No wonder you're embarrassed by people filming your yard, redneck. Also, you are filming his whole back yard with your security camera. Airhead.

Eightosaurus Spelunk : Does your lawnmower have a blade? I can't even tell where you've mowed.

Nefarious Cookie : The old man had a hard on for this man.

Matt M : I had a neighbor like that...... they don’t last long.

mc 74 Two : Your "security" cameras are videoing your neighbours garden permanently. If I was him I'd be pissed off with you.

RedneckFlorida : Damn that guy must have serious mental issues if he wants video of you! 😂🤣

Tyclone : "I dont want you filming over my fence" he says, as he films over his fence.

Murmad Man : As long as that camera isn't looking in your domecile, he got no complaint in court

Davis White : You're filming his well cut lawn all the time but you can't handle the same treatment? Weedwack your fence line before you use your mower and maybe lower the blade so it actually cuts the grass okay? Okay.

moapictures : Do not you have a gun? Can not you build a wall made of galvanized sheet steel or brick? Move away from this pervert.

Shane Temple : Get this resolved quickly and thoroughly. I know someone who was nearly raped at knifepoint in her own bed by the "harmless" neighborhood Peeping Tom.

AJP83 : So I have 10 security cameras around my house. Each one looks directly into my neighbours bedrooms and bathrooms. They are for security purposes....honest 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Me Self : Loser

mon do : Is anyone else wondering why the lawn mower isn't doing anything?

k g : He probably swings THAT way..

cesar p : I would have popped his jaw wide open

Joe Villareal : Fence looks Stupid