Thompson on Conan

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MetrazolElectricity : You can tell he does a lot of transcendental meditation 

Reggie Noble : Looks like Jim Lahey lol

John Zoidberg : i would give my left ball to be in Conans place

Ballpark Finger : Where will you be when the acid kicks in? Lol

Chris Vaughan : 2:45 that's my exact reaction as well, when I can't find my cigarette lighter ! Nothing unusual!

puckindaface313 : That was fuckin awesome! Thank you for uploading this?

beniboy : As soon you see Hunter.S.Thompson you know that Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was a true story...

Jordan Daniels : holy shit, Johnny Depp nailed his voice!

johnwayne87 : I don't particularly believe in heaven, but if it does exist, I sincerely hope this man greets me at the gates, when it's all said and done. What a national treasure he was. He was one of us. He embodied everything right and pure about American society. We love him endlessly, and we miss him dearly. Rest easy, doc.

nworbrelytthefirst : "fuck you, bear!"

cynthia caldwell : a jewel in the sespool of life

CoryHatfield : I love when they give him the umbrella at the end. "Oh. Thank you."

Fifty 1 Fifty : Hunter Thompson was AWESOME! R.I.P.

Antonivs A : "As your attorney" I advise you to take a hit of whiskey and shoot that god damn bear-ape!!!!!!!!!

Jake Matthews : That'll teach that fucking bear

MrWizard0022 : A bar full of liquor and guns... There is not a thing more American than this...

Brendon Young : 3:12 "YOU'RE A DIRTY ANIMAL." I miss Hunter, but this clip always makes me laugh when life's fucking me. 

Mike Loessner : Hunter Lahey We were on the way to vegas when the liquor began to take hold

Max Stolnik : 3:12 "YOU DIRTY ANIMAL!"

xtop23 : I hope somewhere in the afterlife that awesome crazy fucker is having a cool drink of Bushmills and popping off rounds from a 50 cal. RIP HST

liljgoneman : A  true American. Hunter died as he lived, on his own terms.  Admirable, especially in this day and age.

LOKITUPISBACK : 3:34 is the funniest shit I've ever seen

tony stanza : only conan. only hunter. god damn i miss these days.

Chris King : Thanks for this Blooze

onebullet ap : grabs umbrella like a boss...

Mark Carter : FUCK YOU BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

andres65080 : "YOU DIRTY ANIMAL" I think it is safe to say that Hunter S Thompson would be the coolest grandfather. Ever.

Oliver Weber : Nice, controlled shooting here by Mr. Thompson with the M60. He clearly knew what he was doing. Too bad there weren't any Propane tanks around.

Robert Wilson : Anybody that says there's more to life than this(with the exception of love, sex and music) is FUCKING BUGNUTS.

John Cunningham : GOD BLESS THE USA

Outdoor Mirrorist : 3:01 Did they pay you to screw that bear?

TipolJ RnEasy : The Sound of One Hand Clapping

VonDelacroix : Conan needed to ask the hard hitting questions in this interview, he should have got hunter to TELL US ABOUT THE FUCKING GOLF SHOES!!

Uncle Duke : That'll teach that fucking bear!!

iNarbage : errrrybody loves Hunter S Thompson

macarthur19 : It's a moral sin that this segment is only three minutes. What the hell, Conan. You show a 15- minutes segment with you playing 1860's baseball but this only gets three minutes. Thompson was too awesome for this world.

strangersound : I really wish this had been a 2 hour special. #conan   #conanobrien     #teamcoco   #huntersthompson   #hst  :)

Grendel53 : classic madness frm the good doctor. "Super shot...with a big fuckin thing like that...that was a bastard of a shot."

Sky Hunter : Love Hunter S. Thompson,he makes blowin some shit up an Art and Fun!!!

Nick : Chivas and shotguns, what more does a man need?

Evan S : fuck, I'm gonna mis him...

Scott Garcia : That man was holding a machine gun about 15 minutes ago

nicholas hall : hunter just requested a propane canister lmao he was truly the fucking man

megawutt : Plenty of guns and liquor. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Oh, wait, in the end he blew his brains off.

Bryan Dennis : That was one of the only segments of Conan I've ever enjoyed. Seriously.. Hunter took the metro right out of him; palatable..

Navin Navout : Where was the interview?

MDSsystems : epic gun butler

colly beans : thats right! "fuck you bear!"

420protoman : i like how he shoots his own stuff hahah