Childish Gambino Performs 'This is America' @OpenMikeChicago | (CLIP)
Childish Gambino performs for an auditorium of high school students in Chicago

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Taken place during Chance The Rapper's open mic gig in Chicago, Donald/Childish Gambino takes the stage to perform 'This Is America' for the youth Date recorded: 6/11/2018 Credit: Instagram // childishpharos Twitter // @childishocean Email: Society6//


ShadowWhelp : Sucks to be that stoner kid who skipped the assembly because it would be lame, lol.

Mocha Tae : he’s the only one who can dance like that without lookin dumb

Ez Tv : Imagine being there and he shoots the crowd... mind blowing

DansTube.TV : Now...this is a lit crowd πŸ”₯


pizzaguy : Holy shit imagine being there

Abdul Hakeem : I havent seen a crowd this hype since I seen Michael Jackson do the Moon Walk for the first time

Pramienjager : Man, these guys really love Lando huh?

jerry lee : Worst camera man in history.

BloodyMoon : Now this is the kind of crowd we needed for E3...

bentep0511 : Everyone lost it

Rick James : Vertical filming needs to die

Lennon : Anyone see the irony?

noisyturtle : 00:39 That smile right there says it all. What a Renaissance man.

Joseph Paulino : Why did it seem like chance really wasn’t looking forward to hyping childish up

Zeek Street : He's got a video for net neutrality next

Noble Henry : I was there omg I heard the music and I thought NOO HE AINT HERE THERES NO WAY then it became lord of the flies

Anthony Coleman : Who was the person behind the camera, Michael J. Fox ?

Joe King : Fire your cameraman

johnbazy : This man dances like how Drake thinks he looks when he dances.

Muyego Dennis : I just now realised that people in audience are more famous than gambino because the camera guy is forcusing only on them.

Marsia Rochelin : Dope how they were all in the moment

ShadowWhelp : Chance has this thing called Open Mike where highschool students can attend as long as they have a school id.

el scientifico : Those kids feeling that song in their bones. A memory they'll keep for a lifetime and hopefully one that'll inspire them to see the gun life as no life.

nilomyki : Too bad the message of the song is more about entertainment to them.

ilikzim : Expert levels of camera work, 10/10 would recommend for weddings, school functions, etc.

Evan Shearin : Jesus Christ, is the camera man having seizure?

Martha J. Jackson : What a nice surprise! Such a sweetheart!!😘

GREATESTEDITS : Chance and gambino need to make a album together

kbplus1 : That was freaking awesome the crowd was so hype!

Tromeo Bot : The crowd he deserves

Jonathan Brand : I get a mixed feeling when people are chanting and cheering this song. Like celebrating the song is just reaffirming the message that the song was trying to convey. Don't get me wrong, I feel hyped by the positive reception to the artist's work.

AbbyKayPlays : ...rhe audience reaction to just the first three notes <3 <3 <3

Cali Plays : The speakers aren’t even as loud as the crowd. I can barely hear the song.

Jay Winslett : Camera person needs 2b skull punched!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

Joshua Howard : The Best Thing I've Ever Seen πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

josh : Clark County and Ern back again. Yoohoo!!

Greg LaCoste : Man no one wants to see the crowd lol

RuVik TwoFace : He wasn't Donald Glover at that moment, he was CHILDISH GAMBINO!!

202Pasha : Chance a positive dude

Zeek Street : Just a G walking out

The War for Peace : Wow! That has to feel awesome πŸ‘πŸΎ

RICO EAB 2 Gaming : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ I love it

BlockChainDP : Make school massacre with this song for viral video lol

RandomlySet : Vertical filming and terrible audio... No wonder my horizontal, perfectly audible videos aren't getting any views... I'm doing it all wrong

kaozbender : Vertical video in 2018.

Takesha Anderson : Yes go to every school, college etc. The youth needs to understand.

Erik : If I was one of those kids, I would’ve hopped on the stage and stage dove the minute the beat dropped.

i like hotdogs : rip x