Childish Gambino Performs 'This is America' @OpenMikeChicago | (CLIP)

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Pharos : We just wanna party

pizzaguy : Holy shit imagine being there

DansTube.TV : Now...this is a lit crowd 🔥

Steven Cox : Man, these guys really love Lando huh?

ShadowWhelp : Sucks to be that stoner kid who skipped the assembly because it would be lame, lol.

noisyturtle : 00:39 That smile right there says it all. What a Renaissance man.

Exbruhsion 22 : This small get together crowd is more hype than Coachella’s wack ass crowds. Unbelievable 😂👌🏻

bentep0511 : Everyone lost it

Abdul Hakeem : I havent seen a crowd this hype since I seen Michael Jackson do the Moon Walk for the first time

Ezra Ponce : Imagine being there and he shoots the crowd... mind blowing

Mocha Tae : he’s the only one who can dance like that without lookin dumb

Joseph Paulino : Why did it seem like chance really wasn’t looking forward to hyping childish up

Zeek Street : He's got a video for net neutrality next

ShadowWhelp : Chance has this thing called Open Mike where highschool students can attend as long as they have a school id.

Rick James : Vertical filming needs to die

Lennon : Anyone see the irony?

Anthony Coleman : Who was the person behind the camera, Michael J. Fox ?

Muyego Dennis : I just now realised that people in audience are more famous than gambino because the camera guy is forcusing only on them.

Mars Roc : Dope how they were all in the moment

Daisy Duck : What a nice surprise! Such a sweetheart!!😘

Greg LaCoste : Man no one wants to see the crowd lol

Joe King : Fire your cameraman

Noble Henry : I was there omg I heard the music and I thought NOO HE AINT HERE THERES NO WAY then it became lord of the flies

Evan Shearin : Jesus Christ, is the camera man having seizure?


Brian On Lean : Who is screaming *THIS IS AMERICA!!!!* while watching? Lol me

Jonathan Brand : I get a mixed feeling when people are chanting and cheering this song. Like celebrating the song is just reaffirming the message that the song was trying to convey. Don't get me wrong, I feel hyped by the positive reception to the artist's work.

johnbazy : This man dances like how Drake thinks he looks when he dances.

josh : Clark County and Ern back again. Yoohoo!!

Erik : If I was one of those kids, I would’ve hopped on the stage and stage dove the minute the beat dropped.

GREATESTEDITS : Chance and gambino need to make a album together

nilomyki : Too bad the message of the song is more about entertainment to them.

Joshua Howard : The Best Thing I've Ever Seen 😃👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Alyssa Beth : I love C.G. and I love This is America. However as amp'd as I was when the beat first started, getting excited if Mr. Glover was going to be doing some dancing (heeeey 😊) it suddenly hit me, BAM, this the very definition of irony. And I mean that with the most kind intent. Non-judgmental , I mean that because I AM also guilty; we all are to be really honest. Not to be a " Debbie downer" and all that BUT you guys realize at this VERY moment Kim J Un & Donald Trump are in negotiations, that Dennis Rodman helped to make happen. Not arguable either. Our world is arguable mess up place, maybe that's why we all keep dancin'? Ya dig?

SuperJeffyAlex : Rip x😭😭

el scientifico : Those kids feeling that song in their bones. A memory they'll keep for a lifetime and hopefully one that'll inspire them to see the gun life as no life.

TripleThugs : Dis look lit...

i like hotdogs : rip x

Carolina Galv : I love you

MrRiggyRiggs : Later that night they looted a Nike store and shot 20 people..

Zeek Street : Just a G walking out

jerry lee : Worst camera man in history.

Claire Wardrep : legend

Holly Wilkins : He can’t sing😂

Cristian Taylor : The crowd he deserves

CherryportKing : Song is overrated

Johnny Lee : they both come so far

Traci Mc : this is beautiful. the kids are alright.

Nathamel Camel : Crowd reminds me of one from a tween girl concert, just chill honestly

Lion Colbert : Just amazing! Is he working on another album? If so,this song,and "Saturday" should definitely be on it