Black Sphere Black Orb UFO Sighting WTF? - Toronto Ontario June 13 2016

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Accidental Black Sphere UFO pictures. Or strange object in the sky if you prefer. Click the gear icon and watch in HD. This is not a really cool video of a Black Sphere UFO, it's me talking for 15 minutes and zooming in on a couple of pictures that it accidentally ended up in. Watch it when you have nothing better to do. The money shot section starts at 5:30. Or watch the whole thing and be blown away. This morning I was at the beach with my neighbor's dog and snapped a bunch of pics with my phone. The pics are from a 16MB smartphone so they are much more clear than the video can show. When I got back home and looked at them on the computer, I saw a weird thing off in the distance in a couple of shots. What looked like a black sphere. It was there in one pic, then it was gone in the next, then it was back a few minutes later, then it was gone. Windless day, Lake Ontario smooth like glass. I am NOT saying it's a ship from outer space, I AM saying I've never seen anything like this and have no idea what i'm looking at. I will leave the comments open on this so you can tell me what you think you see. Spread this around please, let's see what people think it is. PS I own the copyright to all the pics and this vid. PPS wow, i just searched for 'black sphere UFO' on youtube and there's a ton of videos of them. Very cool... Someone is working on something cool they don't want us to know about, I think that's a lot more likely than alien spaceships who somehow can't avoid photobombing our selfies. ******I"m adding this many months later. In response to the comments asking if it's the ball i'm throwing for the dog, great idea, but it's not. Once maybe, not twice. Besides, The ball is bright orange, not black. If you look at the video at 3:44, you will see the ball hit the water, creating ripples. This is 40 seconds after I shot the first pic of the sphere. The distance the kayak covers confirms that. If the dog was going in for the second time in the shot where the ball hits the water at 3:44, the water wouldn't have been glass smooth in that second shot, it would have still been disturbed by his first trek in. Also, if you look at how close to the shore i'm throwing the ball for him, you'll realize how difficult it would be to get the ball that high... Also, here's the kicker. A few months after i shot this, a Porter plane on the same path in towards the airport, Billy Bishop airport, almost crashed into something that sounds like this object. They had to zig zag and dive, injuring people on the plane. At first the pilots thought it was a balloon but when they got closer, they had to pull this dangerous move to avoid hitting it. This article gives a good overview of what they say happened, but other articles give more details about the description of the object, which the pilots say was about 3m or 9feet in diameter, and was flying at an altitude of 8300 feet, 10 miles from shore over Lake Ontario. They even have a map of the flight path of the plane, and that's pretty much right where i saw it. Not 55km from the airport, more like 5, but it looked to me like it was very close to the flight path a lot of the planes coming into that airport take. And here's an article about how they dropped the investigation after a few days...the takeaway is: "What we do know, is that the description and size of the object does not match any known commercial or consumer unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV. The occurrence location, which is 10 miles from the shore at 8,300 feet is beyond the range capabilities of most commercial and consumer level UAVs."

Comments from Youtube

LOVE DNGN : I saw the same thing today over at man made lake. It was around 1030 am. I thought why would someone have a black balloon over here. then I looked closer as it is moving faster and saw it was gray or silver at the top. I was like LORD this is moving to fast and much faster then the wind. It keep going up in the sky past the cloud the I knew for sure it couldn't be a balloon because it was going in a diagonal line until it disapeared into space. Weird i know but I'm glad I'm not the only one who has seen this thing.

Cook Frank : I also saw this shit around the same time of year Was also flying over a watery area.. wtf is this

Benni33 Kvalheim : I have seen this Black orb close up, I was taking a leak next to friends warehouse when I looked up , 150 meters above me was a perfect black orb , it was sniping in a clock wise rotation , it also shape shifted , had kinda long skinny spikes coming out like antenna's or something as it shape shifted it appeared to have a hollow centre as it spun around , I kinda hid as it hovered above silently before moving off in a westerly direction under the clouds before disappearing to bad I didn't have my mobile phone with me or I would have recorded the best ufo evidence , something globally is happening an there not telling us , My 1st thought was , WTF seriously ...fuck me , the whole thing is true ...

icarus6424 : This is an Orb. The orb are an intelligient collective probe network. The orb can operate individually or as a collective. Their purpose is to scan and measure our planet and our civilisations development both social and technological. They have been doing this for sometime. In 1976 during a commercial filming of the concorde an orb similar to the one in your photograph scanned the concorde. The scan itself was an automated inspection instruction. These probes are highly technologically advanced and we as a civilisation cannot acheive the tecnologies applied here including the propulsion system. There is footage on YouTube that show how these orbs are delivered in large numbers. They are delivered through interdimensional portals. The orb are in fact the most common ufo because they are required in large numbers to probe the planet just as nasa is probing the solar system. What you have captured here is a highly advanced civilisation actively probing our planet. We are of interest. They are the Watchers.

Trish Rainone : Around 13:52- that's a good shot of it. So weird but I've seen about three really odd "UFOs"- I'm talking one swooping at me and my aunt so I believe it.

מאיר אלישר : Every scientist knows that there is not 100 percent From photographs of one million and one, one film must be true. Why governments planting soothing messages? People are not stupid any mor

Bud Webster : In 2015 I saw a black sphere larger than a house outside of Three Hills Alberta. I was in my car and this sphere was about 500 feet from the ground moving east to west at a high rate of speed. I made a report to MUFON. It was huge maybe larger than a large house. Definitely not a balloon. The sun was west of the event and I could see it reflecting of the side of the sphere.

SD Uis : I'm trying to find more about this type of UFO sphere. I went to an event at the Forum in los Angeles. I looked up and I see this sphere just floating steady in the same spot. It had a semi translucent film around it, like a force field. I looked away for a moment then come back to it and it's gone!

Porfle Popnecker : I've seen one of these.

Jimmy McKay : Ancient pictures of that in Egypt

Thomas Jager : Saw around juli 2011 one of these just few meters away. It was the first year the ufo's show them to me big time in many forms. Was siting at me roofterras watching if i could spot them by daylight. Than a black sphere as big as a soccer ball silent rise above the fence. It had a black piece of 'glass' in the middle wich was starring at me. I go out of chair and did a few steps toward it till it was 2 meters away. When start thinking what to do run or grab it flew away after first fly a full cirkel around me house. Seen also a bigger version that was about 1.5 / 2 meters in diameter wich flew bouncy on straight course jus over the rooftops.

L Radiant : I never believed we were alone in the universe... but i never believed in UFO sightings until i saw for myself... My daughter and i watch two of these spheres pass very slowly across the sky (pacoima, California) and then went straight up until we could no longer see them... talk about mind blowing... the ones we saw were silver in color... I don't know if we (USA) have anything capable of leaving earths atmosphere without using a rocket... but who knows maybe there testing new technology without telling us... certainly seems feasible to me to be able to use a strong enough electromagnetic force to push against the earth's magnetic field and achieve flight... this can also be achieved biologically... magnetizing the carbon found in dark melaninated people... without going into detail about how... and all the other dormant capabilities... go fruititarian and sun bathe as much as possible for about 7 years...

Jimmy McKay : Sumerian Texts Tells all

STARDUST- ONE : they been seen in Australia too

Anonymous ¿? : He visto una de esas bolas, me quedé totalmente perplejo, dudando de lo que en realidad estaba viendo... Que puede ser?

PaganShredhead : I could swear I've seen the same thing! My encounter was on June 28th 2017 in Leipzig, Germany at around 21:15 in the evening. I live in the western part of the city, and the object was moving further out west-southwest in a straight line west to east. The object was very bright at first because it was most likely illuminated by the setting sun, but further on it moved into the shadow of the setting sun to reveal its form and color. It was a perfectly round orb, and the hull looked kind of like brushed aluminium. Here comes the kicker though: after about 10-15 seconds the UFO started vanishing into thin air, as if cloaking or dematerializing! What's a weird coincidence also is that it was flying close to the flight lane of the Halle/Leipzig airport! Sadly, as the encounter was only about ten to fifteen seconds long I was not able to take pictures. I did report the incident to German UFO groups though.

dreamz303 : Saw one today in Edmonton .

Mikel Newcombe : I saw one of these out a plane window once just below/behind the wing. Was super trippy. Snap chatted it, saved it but the video disappeared from my saves snaps.

ReverendMav : I saw 2 black spheres in the UK back in 2012, 1 had a red beam of light coming out of it and the other had a yellow beam coming out of it, they seemed to be investigating the flight path taken by planes on their return to London Gatwick airport not far from where I live, there was also another(or the same) sphere seen in Birmingham a few weeks later, really weird! Thanks for sharing!

rez man : I have captured the same kind. these move faster than the eye can see. catching them is accidental. I have filmed them at least 8 times.

BIG CAMOTE : I've seen them twice....more metallic then sound no motion just floating.

Ronaldo Ramirez : i just saw one here less than an hour ago and black...oblong shaped and here in michigan close to the lakes...i could be lights just all black saucer shaped..unfortunatly my camera has no night vision ...moonlight clear sky...

Randy aka xXClusterOneXx : I saw one of these yesterday in Alabama. I didn't know what it was. It was above the tree line about the size of a yoga ball. A powerful thunderstorm occurred right afterwards. I thought it was a drone flying around. I've never seen a spherical drone before though.

133faceman : Wonder how far away it was? Its size? Looks like the los Angeles sphere from 28/8/2017

Jay S : Send this to SECURETEAM10 channel.

Ricky Taylor Jr : that's amazing!!

jujubee 63 : Too Cool !  Thanks for sharing.  peace to you... : ))

PlanetofMarz : I believe in orbs and stuff too. But Im glad that I know exactly what this is. A BLIMP. It's just a blimp. This time...

Nadia E : These are the Angels of god at work

Just Me : It does not seem looks white but because of the shadow it darkens ..? A few years back I saw 5 spheres, they seemed white, 2 looked as if they were exploring the sky while 3 remained together..

First Contact : nice one mate, I shared the link on my ufo group!!

Winston Dawe : demens trying to decieve us

Les Rosin : A.B.E. Advanced Biological Entity- Extraterrestrial

Tite Psy : Excellent ufo footage! Theres no doubt that its clearly a metallic sphere. Crazy stuff.

henry albagli : On Friday July 29th 2016 between 1900 and 1915 hours I witnessed a black floating dot or a perfect sphere high in the sky above israel. It floated around slowly, I watched it for an entire 15 minutes until it went behind a cloud!

Fred Barrera : I just witnessed the black sphere in puerto Vallarta beach

Absolute Monarch : Electro Gravitic.

Mr Scary : I did an analysis on it using photoshop and I can tell you, that it is definitely a solid metallic round ball, and the strange thing is that the light reflection "square" on top is not just a light reflection but a solid square shaped device or attachment on the upper corner of it. plus it radiates an energy from all sides.

Ryan the Rogue : I've seen one outside my house it was flying very fast and it was a black.

Ray Estrada : Spring of 1974. Just got home from school and stopped at the front door to look down the street for my sister. Looked up and saw a sphere like this one. It was a dull gray color and appeared to be about 500 ft above the treeline. I kept staring at it for awhile. My sister arrived and we both kept looking for awhile. I thought it was strange for it to sit motionless since there was a good breeze. We went inside and changed. I went out about 15 minutes later and it was gone. My sister was outside and I asked her what happened. She said nothing to me and walked away. 45 years later she walks away and will not talk about it when I bring up the subject. Not the same sister since that day. Know it might sound weird but it's true and has bothered me all these years.

Tim Wood : just glad I am not the only one who has seen the big black orb.

Lynn : I saw three of these in Scranton pa on July 30 of this year they were moving east to west. I was able to capture a photo of 2. I took video but when I went to upload it from my phone there was no video there.

Ray Gamma : Me and my family seen these. Would like to no who pilots them.

Charles Lamoureux : Did you rule out ball that was thrown at in the water for the dog..THe dog went after something in the water after the snapshot of the happens just want you to rule this out or was the dog after a stick?..thanks

other side 5th dimension : got one two

frazetta22 : Saw one in Keene NH at 7am March 7th just floating around not a balloon or chopper no sound at all wish we would have taken a picture of it but weren't really thinking straight at the time at least 5 witnesses

Ray Estrada : Just want to add that I posted just a short time after starting to watch your video....watched the rest of ot and at 7:28 is a much clearer picture of it.....that is exactly what we saw that afternoon back in 1974....want to add that this was in San Antonio, Texas. Thank's for your post. Have only mentioned it a couple of times due to the skeptical reaction I always get..

other side 5th dimension : got one too

Barry Taylor : It's the ball your throwing, the dog is giving it away. He's running towards the ball