Black Sphere Black Orb UFO Sighting WTF? - Toronto Ontario June 13 2016

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Benni33 Kvalheim : I have seen this Black orb close up, I was taking a leak next to friends warehouse when I looked up , 150 meters above me was a perfect black orb , it was sniping in a clock wise rotation , it also shape shifted , had kinda long skinny spikes coming out like antenna's or something as it shape shifted it appeared to have a hollow centre as it spun around , I kinda hid as it hovered above silently before moving off in a westerly direction under the clouds before disappearing to bad I didn't have my mobile phone with me or I would have recorded the best ufo evidence , something globally is happening an there not telling us , My 1st thought was , WTF seriously ...fuck me , the whole thing is true ...

Shawn Dussiaume : I just saw this ufo in Ottawa September 4th. I work at the Ottawa airport and it was right next to it. a perfect black sphere

LOVE DNGN : I saw the same thing today over at man made lake. It was around 1030 am. I thought why would someone have a black balloon over here. then I looked closer as it is moving faster and saw it was gray or silver at the top. I was like LORD this is moving to fast and much faster then the wind. It keep going up in the sky past the cloud the I knew for sure it couldn't be a balloon because it was going in a diagonal line until it disapeared into space. Weird i know but I'm glad I'm not the only one who has seen this thing.

icarus6424 : This is an Orb. The orb are an intelligient collective probe network. The orb can operate individually or as a collective. Their purpose is to scan and measure our planet and our civilisations development both social and technological. They have been doing this for sometime. In 1976 during a commercial filming of the concorde an orb similar to the one in your photograph scanned the concorde. The scan itself was an automated inspection instruction. These probes are highly technologically advanced and we as a civilisation cannot acheive the tecnologies applied here including the propulsion system. There is footage on YouTube that show how these orbs are delivered in large numbers. They are delivered through interdimensional portals. The orb are in fact the most common ufo because they are required in large numbers to probe the planet just as nasa is probing the solar system. What you have captured here is a highly advanced civilisation actively probing our planet. We are of interest. They are the Watchers.

SD Uis : I'm trying to find more about this type of UFO sphere. I went to an event at the Forum in los Angeles. I looked up and I see this sphere just floating steady in the same spot. It had a semi translucent film around it, like a force field. I looked away for a moment then come back to it and it's gone!

Trish Rainone : Around 13:52- that's a good shot of it. So weird but I've seen about three really odd "UFOs"- I'm talking one swooping at me and my aunt so I believe it.

ReverendMav : I saw 2 black spheres in the UK back in 2012, 1 had a red beam of light coming out of it and the other had a yellow beam coming out of it, they seemed to be investigating the flight path taken by planes on their return to London Gatwick airport not far from where I live, there was also another(or the same) sphere seen in Birmingham a few weeks later, really weird! Thanks for sharing!

L Radiant : I never believed we were alone in the universe... but i never believed in UFO sightings until i saw for myself... My daughter and i watch two of these spheres pass very slowly across the sky (pacoima, California) and then went straight up until we could no longer see them... talk about mind blowing... the ones we saw were silver in color... I don't know if we (USA) have anything capable of leaving earths atmosphere without using a rocket... but who knows maybe there testing new technology without telling us... certainly seems feasible to me to be able to use a strong enough electromagnetic force to push against the earth's magnetic field and achieve flight... this can also be achieved biologically... magnetizing the carbon found in dark melaninated people... without going into detail about how... and all the other dormant capabilities... go fruititarian and sun bathe as much as possible for about 7 years...

Bud Webster : In 2015 I saw a black sphere larger than a house outside of Three Hills Alberta. I was in my car and this sphere was about 500 feet from the ground moving east to west at a high rate of speed. I made a report to MUFON. It was huge maybe larger than a large house. Definitely not a balloon. The sun was west of the event and I could see it reflecting of the side of the sphere.

Cook Frank : I also saw this shit around the same time of year Was also flying over a watery area.. wtf is this

Barry Taylor : It's the ball your throwing, the dog is giving it away. He's running towards the ball

מאיר אלישר : Every scientist knows that there is not 100 percent From photographs of one million and one, one film must be true. Why governments planting soothing messages? People are not stupid any mor

PaganShredhead : I could swear I've seen the same thing! My encounter was on June 28th 2017 in Leipzig, Germany at around 21:15 in the evening. I live in the western part of the city, and the object was moving further out west-southwest in a straight line west to east. The object was very bright at first because it was most likely illuminated by the setting sun, but further on it moved into the shadow of the setting sun to reveal its form and color. It was a perfectly round orb, and the hull looked kind of like brushed aluminium. Here comes the kicker though: after about 10-15 seconds the UFO started vanishing into thin air, as if cloaking or dematerializing! What's a weird coincidence also is that it was flying close to the flight lane of the Halle/Leipzig airport! Sadly, as the encounter was only about ten to fifteen seconds long I was not able to take pictures. I did report the incident to German UFO groups though.

Thomas Jager : Saw around juli 2011 one of these just few meters away. It was the first year the ufo's show them to me big time in many forms. Was siting at me roofterras watching if i could spot them by daylight. Than a black sphere as big as a soccer ball silent rise above the fence. It had a black piece of 'glass' in the middle wich was starring at me. I go out of chair and did a few steps toward it till it was 2 meters away. When start thinking what to do run or grab it flew away after first fly a full cirkel around me house. Seen also a bigger version that was about 1.5 / 2 meters in diameter wich flew bouncy on straight course jus over the rooftops.

Charles Lamoureux : Did you rule out ball that was thrown at in the water for the dog..THe dog went after something in the water after the snapshot of the happens just want you to rule this out or was the dog after a stick?..thanks

Porfle Popnecker : I've seen one of these.

rez man : I have captured the same kind. these move faster than the eye can see. catching them is accidental. I have filmed them at least 8 times.

henry albagli : On Friday July 29th 2016 between 1900 and 1915 hours I witnessed a black floating dot or a perfect sphere high in the sky above israel. It floated around slowly, I watched it for an entire 15 minutes until it went behind a cloud!

Mikel Newcombe : I saw one of these out a plane window once just below/behind the wing. Was super trippy. Snap chatted it, saved it but the video disappeared from my saves snaps.

STARDUST- ONE : they been seen in Australia too

Dana Rae : My husband is questioning his sanity after seeing one of these just minutes ago. He said it was enormous and shot straight up into the sky faster than anything he has ever seen.

M. Anthony Navarro : Ha ha ha's the good year blimp. In 2016 they kept the blimp near the beaches by woodbine station. I saw it take off. I took pictures too cuz I haven't seen the good year blimp in Toronto before. I believe a NBA playoff game for the Raptors was this day and it was televised in the U.S hence why the blimp was here and why you didn't recognize it since it unusual to see one flying in Toronto..It went over the Blue Jays game another time as well.

Anonymous ¿? : He visto una de esas bolas, me quedé totalmente perplejo, dudando de lo que en realidad estaba viendo... Que puede ser?

dreamz303 : Saw one today in Edmonton .

Rufus Slothkowski : I just came across this vid for the first time. Really intriguing. I'd like to a deep analysis of the vid...are you able to supply via Dropbox or some other repository the original, uncompressed video directly from the device? I understand this is from a few years ago now so probably not but figured I'd ask!

Ray Estrada : Spring of 1974. Just got home from school and stopped at the front door to look down the street for my sister. Looked up and saw a sphere like this one. It was a dull gray color and appeared to be about 500 ft above the treeline. I kept staring at it for awhile. My sister arrived and we both kept looking for awhile. I thought it was strange for it to sit motionless since there was a good breeze. We went inside and changed. I went out about 15 minutes later and it was gone. My sister was outside and I asked her what happened. She said nothing to me and walked away. 45 years later she walks away and will not talk about it when I bring up the subject. Not the same sister since that day. Know it might sound weird but it's true and has bothered me all these years.

Phillip McGrath : I have been looking quite a while for a picture of EXACTLY what I saw! That's it! Around that time last summer, late July or early August maybe, just northeast of Toronto in the town of Stouffville, I was hanging around outside the building where I work just killing a few minutes before clocking out at 3:20 pm. (yeah yeah, I'm a Dogger, ) Lol! It was mostly sunny, with tons of huge billowy clouds scatterd here and there; the kind that give you a good perspective on how big the sky really is. Where I was standing was shaded by an elevated aggregate belt enclosure about 30 feet up running east to west connecting two buildings together, when something made me look up and to the east over the corner of the building, (it's weird because the whole thing blew my mind in such a way you almost think whatever it was did it on purpose. But I doubt it, think it was just a really crazy thing to see and a lot to consider all at once). Anyway, I think there was a sound, however it's hard to say FOR SURE. Where I work is pretty loud most of the time. This sound was brief, and unusual enough to grab my attention. After twenty four years in that S___hole, I'm as close to an expert as you're going to get regarding every tiny sound the place makes. This wasn't one of them. After a year or so thinking it over, the best way I can describe the sound was like when a bed sheet or a piece of clothing on a clothes-line catches air in just the right way to make that "POP" sound. Looking up, and east-ish, I saw a white solid sphere (no lights) at approximately half the altitude jets cruise at and. I seriously got the feeling it surprised itself, like it or whomever was in control of it wasn't expecting to run out of cloud coverage so suddenly. Of course I have no way to confirm this, just a passing thought really. It made no erratic course changes that would indicate surprise. But you know how when you come to a four-way stop or something and you're talking to the guy in the other car either out loud to yourself or in your head? and sometimes you respond to things you THINK they may be thinking? hard to explain, but I'm sure it's somehow at the root of most road rage incidents heh. The object was heading perfectly straight, coming from east to west (into the sun) moving slightly faster than a passenger jet at the same altitude. Well for example; I've seen fighter jets moving faster at that approximate height, so the only odd things were the shape and seemingly non-existent propulsion system. I would estimate it to be about the size of a car, based on how big jets look at approximately the same distance. I saw it for 3 or 4 seconds at first, just long enough to ask a co-worker if he saw it and he looked at me, and it was clear he had no clue. I still kick myself for looking away to ask him, even for that second or two; I mean it may have meant a few more seconds I could've spent observing the object! By the time I looked back it was back in the clouds, it popped back out again still heading west-ish for a few more seconds and it was gone, back into the clouds. After the noise that made me look up (if this noise even had anything to do with this object) it really did nothing spectacular, nothing to make you say "We can't do that"! (I mean as far as I know "WE" can't. Who knows what "THEY" can do) But there were no Jets, no wings , no propellers, it was by no means "drifting" like a balloon. It was flying; or at least moving through the sky... somehow. Now, I have always believed in this stuff, But knowing, knowing is hard to deal with. Now, my once vast and diverse interest in this topic is limited to this particular type. a plain white sphere. or any color for that matter. as long as it is not a "Light orb". Man, my neck is killing me. I HAVE to see it again!! But doubt I ever will. Either way, regardless of spaceships and aliens, Gods and Demons, whatever floats, whoever's boat, something IS up there hiding in our clouds. Should we hope it's our's? or someone else's? Not sure it matters...

Jenni Talbot : We have it on video. It doesn't look smooth tho, looks like it is made of gas or surrounded by it, makes it look hairy, it is so black it looks like a hole in the footage, round, kinda hovered right around my husbands drone, so it is close, but looks like there are white noise particles on it, like when your tv used to not pick up channels back in the day. orange ring surrounding it making it look firey to me. We havent posted anywhere yet or anything. This was above talladega on the day of the race. He did not see it when he was flying the drone, it got picked up by the drone's camera. At first we thought the camera recorded the sun like that or something, but it darts away makes it seem like it is a cartoon, like you expect it to make a jetsons noise for their cars or something. I figured they knew nascar was a good place to make an appearance because noone would believe a ufo siting from a redneck , he wasn't drinking, he had his daughter with him.

Jeff Rickstrew : I also I have photographed these on accident. I didn't even realize they were there until I looked at the pictures 2 weeks after I cook them. They seem to be more easily seen during sunrise in the clouds ordering sunset in the clouds. it's like they're hiding in the clouds that's how they disguise themselves. I like to take pictures and then zoom in or with a decent camera zoom in and then when you're viewing the photos zoom and even further and they're there

Ray Estrada : Just want to add that I posted just a short time after starting to watch your video....watched the rest of ot and at 7:28 is a much clearer picture of it.....that is exactly what we saw that afternoon back in 1974....want to add that this was in San Antonio, Texas. Thank's for your post. Have only mentioned it a couple of times due to the skeptical reaction I always get..

Catherine Walker : Hi there, great you got one on camera..amazing ..and I've see one too. I 've one sit over my head in my own backyard it wasn't even all that high up.. and it stopped when I called out..all I could do was say "hello" to it, later on I thought what on earth was that I've seen a few very unusual things in the sky around here, one orange orb/light was so amazing with 7 witnesses here that I reported it to a number of sites I didn't report the dark silver ball that I saw because I thought no one would care and lots of people are seeing them in the skies now ..maybe they are wanting us to know more..? anyway ..I'm sure you'll see more, and have more experiences with this sort of thing... I've found that once you see one you tend to see more...thanks anyway..great photos!

Nadia E : These are the Angels of god at work

Fred Barrera : I just witnessed the black sphere in puerto Vallarta beach

Adrian S : I've been seeing these over Toronto and Mississauga for the last few years. Most recently I've seen 2 in the last 3 weeks. These sightings were not witnessed by me alone. The ones I've seen have been travelling ESE from Mississauga over the lake then turning to East and proceeding out of view. I'm near the airport and see planes daily under the clouds. The sightings I've had have been just under the clouds as well and my best guess on the size is about the size of a Boeing or Airbus nosecone section in front of the wings.

opm mdp : i just looked up black ball sightings because i just seen one that was also bigger then a normal size house for sure. it was broad daylight and i so happened to see it while my mother was driving...she caughta glimps of it too and i told her to speed up as a tree libe got in the way....10 seconds later we could still vaguely see it it the was traveling really fast. plus it wasny was a dark dull black shade. weird huh....

Sqashy : I have seen this. I am from Canada as well. I sat in class and saw this about 60 meters away from the window, and it slowly lowered itself down out of view in the trees, where a bunch of houses are. I thought i was seeing things but other kids in my class said they also saw this... Maybe this thing is from Canada?

Orion Silverstar 191 : Very interesting photo`s, thanks for sharing them. Have you seen the new footage from last week, of a silver sphere over LA getting circled by a L.A.P.D helicopter? The sphere in the new filming looks the same as your photo`s here, a few people have photo`s and filming of this latest event.

Jenna Gaither : Omg this was at my house i was only six years old and my dad only got a glimpse of it, it was moving really fast

Sim in the sky : are you sure it was a bird? the french nay used fake birds who are robotics who have cameras and do surveillance. If you close up the seagull and the sphere, they have the smae angle..they might be one thing...sometimes they use living birds or fake shields to make it look like it is a bird.. you should also check the reflection in the water, i don't see any..

TROJAN 1969 : I've seen one a couple of times and around the same time of day 16:50 to 17:10 iv taken a photo of it on my phone but when I stooom in its a blur shame cos I know what I've seen :-)

Mr Scary : I did an analysis on it using photoshop and I can tell you, that it is definitely a solid metallic round ball, and the strange thing is that the light reflection "square" on top is not just a light reflection but a solid square shaped device or attachment on the upper corner of it. plus it radiates an energy from all sides.

dough eyed : well I was hoping this would be the thing I saw. it was a black sphere floating to the ground over houses and trees at a very steady pace,faster than a balloon and slower than like a drone. but the funny thing is it was pitch black no reflection. I was busy at the time I saw it or I would have hopped the fences to see it.

Strafe420 : its real 100% i have seen 1 in day time

KRYPTIX : Bruv everyone seen there balls before

Tite Psy : Excellent ufo footage! Theres no doubt that its clearly a metallic sphere. Crazy stuff.

Liberty 4 All : I captured an object like that before. It's a metallic one. Normally, I see orbs which is a ball of light but the same size as the metallic ones. The ball of light or orbs can fly very fast.

sesamoproducciones : So nice that is more people who saw this shit, I saw them 4 times now in my life and no one near to me never did., so no one believe me when I say that I saw a flying ball. I don't say they are from another planet, but 100% the are balls who fly on their own.

Ronaldo Ramirez : i just saw one here less than an hour ago and black...oblong shaped and here in michigan close to the lakes...i could be lights just all black saucer shaped..unfortunatly my camera has no night vision ...moonlight clear sky...

Randy aka xXClusterOneXx : I saw one of these yesterday in Alabama. I didn't know what it was. It was above the tree line about the size of a yoga ball. A powerful thunderstorm occurred right afterwards. I thought it was a drone flying around. I've never seen a spherical drone before though.

death note : I saw something almost the exact same in 2017 wasnt moving just hovering i was at weston road and recorderd it put on youtube and now i somehow cant find it anymore.....