Flat Earth VS Globe earth

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astroroadshow : This is wrong on every account. The earth doesn't spin at 1000mph for starters. Only the equator does. It spins once in 24hrs instead. The speed depends upon your latitude. At the North Pole and South Poles , the velocity is zero. We don't feel it regardless of latitude as the velocity is constant. On a Jumbo Jet, do you feel you are doing 500mph? If not, it must be fake then according to your stupidity. Get real berk!!!!

Alexander The Great : Everything is a lie in this world Satan is the father of Lies Therefore Satan is the father of this world However Jesus always wins at the end As the world is finite and Jesus is Infinite

Alexander The Great : No one knows the shape of Earth for sure except God God looks at it from above

Lynn Misenhimer : the HEAVENLY FATHER said where were you when I put the pillars of the 4 corners of the foundation of earth and earth cannot be moved a round earth has no corners flat earth has corners witch are north south east and west now fore the there of man COMMING from monkey that's a lie the so called cave men and dinosaur's now member sainton wanted to take God's place so what I understand is he tried to create man animals fish birds and all animals in witch he couldn't do it right in creating cave men dinosaur's and what ever else so god while them out then god said let's create man in our image our image who was he talking to himself the Trinity father son and holey spirit

Henri de Corbiac : GREAT JOB Bro' THANKS KEEP ON ;))

Marie Jones : 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

mindquest1 : WAKE UP and research Carl Baugh or your idiots