Are electric cars really green? An investigation of Bjorn Lomborg's claims.
potholer54 An investigation of Bjorn Lomborgs PragerU claims

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CORRECTIONS: 11:30 -- Estonia's electricity is not mostly coal-powered, it is mostly oil-shale powered. They both produce large amounts of CO2, so the point is the same. The result is that electric cars powered by the Estonian grid are much less green than in France. The photo of the 'lithium mine' is a diamond mine, according to National Geographic. A real lithium mine in Western Australia looks almost identical:,-Increased-Spodumene-Production/46120 SOURCES ARE BELOW If you would like to support this channel financially, I don't need the money. I make these videos if people donate to a charity I strongly endorse called Health in Harmony. It’s building clinics in Borneo that provide affordable health care to villages in return for a pledge not to cut down trees. The pledges are monitored, and the result is a dramatic decrease in deforestation rates and an increase in the health of the local population. You can make a donation here… See for an explanation of their work for details. SOURCES: 0:00 -- 1:17 -- 2:29 -- 3:44 – “Cleaner cars from cradle to grave” – Union of Concerned Scientists, Nov 2015 3:49 – 4:45 – “Comparative environmental life cycle assessment of conventional and electric vehicles” – Hawkins et al., Journal of Industrial Ecology, 2013. 7:20 -- “Cleaner cars from cradle to grave” – Union of Concerned Scientists, Nov 2015 7:50 -- “Comparative environmental life cycle assessment of conventional and electric vehicles” – Hawkins et al., Journal of Industrial Ecology, 2013. 7:59 – “America's Diesel Car Market Gets Even Smaller” 8:02 -- 8:06 – Fuel economy figures come from the Hawkins study: “68.5 milliliter/kilometer (mL/km) for the gasoline ICEV, and 53.5 mL/km for the diesel ICEV.” This translates to 6.85 and 5.35 liters per kilometer respectively. According to this is equivalent to 42 mpg for the gasoline car and 53 mpg for the diesel. 8:20 -- 8:59 -- 9:08 -- 9:17 – “Cleaner Cars from Cradle to Grave” -- Union of Concerned Scientists, Nov 2015 9:47 – Ibid. 10:29 – Ibid. 10:44 -- 10:53 -- : ecologique-enfrance 10:55 -- 11:19 -- 12:46 – “Life cycle air quality impacts of conventional and alternative light-duty transportation in the United States” Tessum et al 2014 14:57 -- text 14:58 -- “Cleaner cars from cradle to grave” – Union of Concerned Scientists, Nov 2015 15:04 – Ibid. 15:54 -- Annual Energy Outlook 2015 – EIA 16:12 -- 16:16 -- 16:29 -- Annual Energy Outlook 2015 – EIA 17:23 -- Annual Energy Outlook 2018 – EIA 19:17 -- 19:24 --


A. Attasyr : New potholer video arrives, attention span increases 500%

Wade Spencer : Stephan Crowder is right about one thing. I may not drive an electric car, but I do think I'm better than him.

Crocoshark : But . . . are electric cars really green? I did a google image search and found that most electric cars are silver, a handful are blue, and they also come in red and orange.

MoJournal : Interestingly, the PragerU video unintentionally makes a case for decreasing coal usage.

NastyLittleBagginses : PragerU is a university in the same way that candy corn is a vegetable.

Taudlitz : "YT channel just like mine" well that might be bit too high praise for PragerU

Bertrand Le Roy : Prager is not "just a YouTube channel". It's heavily sponsored and led by magnates of the fracking industry: Wikipedia says "Two of PragerU's largest donors are the hydraulic fracturing billionaires Dan and Farris Wilks. Two members of the Wilks family are on PragerU's board." That's why.

Horny Fruit Flies : You know what's really sad? PragerU and Crowder videos get millions of views, their propaganda spreading among Republican and other right-wing drones. I think that EVERYONE at ONE point encountered a Republican talking point, copy-pasted straight from one of their videos. Potholer's fact-checker videos barely get a hundred thousand views, unfortunately. It takes a lot less energy to mass-produce bullshit, than what it takes to debunk it.

Declan Lyons : Looks like Crowder's gas-guzzling car just hit a Pothole.

Franco Fernando : It absolutely kills me when conspiracy theorists bring up the conspiracy of scientists accepting bribes to further the green agenda, when there is an actual conspiracy being perpetrated by the fossil fuel industry right in front of their noses

Douglas Kalberg : "We would have gotten away with it, if it wasn't for that pesky Potholer54!"

gr8 b8 m8 : 21:00 Why? I don’t know about Bjorn Lomborg, but look at PragerU’s largest donors. It’s the Wilks brothers, who made their fortune with a hydraulic fracking company. It’s almost like this “university” is just a propaganda machine used to push a private agenda.

Seph : Thank you for tackling Lomborg. He's an embarrassment to all Danes, and hasn't received much crticism from the international sceptic community despite having had quite a big impact on northern european energy policy..

george green : Prageru lies again, let me die of shock🤡

ZarlanTheGreen : "Then why?" Because he gets paid for it.

HVallejo B. : Just checked Prager's video. I'm pretty sure labeling it under "Education" is illegal.

Snorlax : Bjorn Lomborg's parents were killed by an electric car. That is what drove him to become -Batman- sceptical of electric cars.

Robbie Johannson : Lomborg's institute is funded by Paul Singer, American billionaire and 'vulture' capitalist who has investments in Hess, Energy Future Holdings, both of which deal heavily in fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. What an odd coincidence that all of these pundits against clean energy are funded through oil companies and their associates.

Enthused Norseman : I'm a simple man, I see Potholer, I wait to click like until I've watched the entire video and exercised my own critical judgment.

Sean Porcelli : Changed my mind. Thanks. Love the research.

Todd Heath : They've actually made a better argument for replacing coal with better sources of producing electricity than discrediting building electric cars in this video. It's obviously an unintended consequence of their argument.

Communist Pootis Birb : PragerU destroyed with FACTS and LOGIC

Hotlog : Maybe you can change your Youtube channel to Potholer54U or Potholer54 University and get more credibility.🤔

Phos9 : It’s almost like PragerU is bankrolled by oil magnates.

Christian Hoffmann : i want to strap Crowder into a chair and force him to watch these videos.

Alex : Wow. Me and the 8 other Estonians always perk up and immediately look around for natural predators whenever our country is suddenly mentioned.

algi : Let's say for the sake of argument that electric cars are just as polluting as fossil fuel cars. I still don't understand why it's better to stick to fossil fuel cars. The power plants might be changed at some point to less polluting, thus making the same electric car less polluting, but a fossil fuel powered car only gets worse and worse with time.

Crowe : Potholer uploaded, today is a good day.

Hank Kill : I wonder, is Crowder violating child labor laws? Because after reading that article, I could've sworn it was written by a 12-year-old.

nodvick : "Are electric cars really green?" no. that one in the thumbnail is silver.

May Sparkle : "Pompous people with a sense of entitlement" is also a good description of Crowder and Lomborg.

Hyric89 : You are a positive force in this world, a light in this dark mire of misinformation.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot : Another excellent video. I purchased my Tesla Model 3 after learning that over half of all power generated in my region of the US comes from renewable energy. Even so I still opted to install a home solar system to power both my home and charge my car.

Amunium : Lomborg was pretty famous in Denmark for being a complete moron who made up figures to suit whatever agenda he was trying to push at the time, which was typically set by who paid him to have it. Eventually Danes started ignoring him completely, because he's never uttered a true word in his life, and he packed his bags and went international instead. So sorry for that, rest of the world. So to answer your "why": Most likely because he's being paid by oil companies.

kestrel archer : I'll await crowder response to this... yeah right

onpoc : Best channel on YouTube?

Lord Lolland : 5:12 >Last scientist is named Anders Hammer Strømman >Strøm means electricity in Danish >Hammer Electricityman Thor thinking he is slick, researching electric vehicles under the most obvious pseudonym ever.

Alexander E. Minge : Funny how PragerU chose the worst case scenarios for EVs and the best case scenario for ICEs, and still came out with EVs on top

Ellyn Thomas : It's almost as if pragerU is trying to get more people to buy gasoline-powered cars. It's not like their biggest donors own a fracking business or anything

Mike518Mike : Because most likely oil-companys pay him for "lobbying" against electric cars. Thats why.

Blocco Spirale : It's also important to take into account the CO2 produced during the production and transportation of fossil fuels.

Jesus Christ : Keep up the "good work"!

ScepticalCynic : Crowder is posting lies and misinformation on his blog? Well imagine my shock!

muttsbutts : potholer54, thank you for this video, I found it very informative.

ToyKnives : PragerU is so god damn sneaky. If you don’t know they’re full of shit, it’s very easy to think their arguments are super logical and fact-based.

jaxon trimble : shock of all shocks, Crowder is wrong

Serge Fournier : Again well done sir , like your logic thanks

Horny Fruit Flies : >Obama. >Left-wing politician. Choose one. Good vid, btw.

eveve05 : Prager University likely uses America's Finest News Source The Onion :D