Suggestion - One Man Enter (Two Men Leave)
Suggestion One Man Enter Two Men Leave

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Instagram It's been a while since we've posted anything so we figured we'd share with you, a music video that details some of controversial issues regarding the current state of the entertainment industry. If you like what you see and hear, buckle up because we have more of this coming for you! Thank you to Jon McCarthy for filming and editing this. Signed up Dotted line on the contract Soul grows cold on contact Blood pact On the wrong track But my name's in lights A trade off Mind, soul for the pay off Fame for my brain so I slave on Starry eyes transform into a blank stair Once I realize Epiphany Of motherfuckin negativity No chance that I'll get a remedy Shackled down now, a menacing agreement Consumes me Dark spirits will soon be Taking the reins now I do see Regret run through me Cause when one man enters, two leave (Chorus) One man enter One man enter One man enter Two Men Leave X3 Through the same set of eyes, a different world's percieved One man enter One man enter One man enter Two Men Leave Neither of which knows what the fuck to believe! I said! Tied up Electroshock in the rectum Eyes pried wide by a speclum Overwhelmed by trauma Just kill me now A goat head Stairs at me screaming redrum His eyes light bright as he gets close As he approaches Grows a mans body Shit! Its Baphomet! Im stuck Paralyzed in a pentagram Walls melt down like a lava lamp Reveals land of brimstone And magma Terrorized In the center of a sacrifice Lizard men gather wearing hood robes Whats my life become? Have I just lost it? No! Two men leave! Chorus Mind fucked Share psyche with a migrant Slave to the trade of a tyrant Enslaved by gestures of handlers Subliminal Commands given by a criminal Chained in a cage like an animal Tranced out, Man down But rising from the ashes now Alter Mind splits and Im not sure If my brain is the same or imposter Reflection veils identity Misleading Monster Now mentally conquered Nonrefundable offer On my knees Begging please Why must two men leave!? Im numb Loose screws in the dome NO! Times up Countdown to the meltdown My luck Runs dry from the backlash Im fucked Should have taken the right hand path Snakebait!


SynthCreep : This video is epic!

Weather Vane : This one kicks assssssssssssss

Pam Green : WOW! Great performance!

iSparks Records : Great production! Nice sounds

SPAZE PARANOIDS !!!! : Nice sound compared to the old shit..a little mudvayne-ish keep it going mr bongo

DatBassThough : Can’t believe you’ve still got this going man, we go wayyyy back

Spacewolf9017 : dank my man. shout out to king bong

saigonchick92 : Welcome back!