In My Feelings Challenge - Josh from Walmart 🔥 (I DONT OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THE MUSIC)

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Comments from Youtube

Zach Digital : This man will get some daytime television clout in his near future, dance with ayo and teo and eventually have two seasons on Wild N' Out.

Joseph Bray : Now he's gonna get promoted to executive greeter

James Owen : When you finally quit Walmart and walk out.

Maul : As a fellow Walmart employee i hope you blow up off this and dont have to work for Walmart any more lmao

Micah Yang : Just gonna leave this here for internet clout when this blows up

MAF : We'll see him on Ellen soon! Congratulations!!!

Tyler Brown : Josh from Walmart is about to be just Josh if he keeps leaving work to go dance

Viennery : He’s not going to be working at Walmart for long with moves like that. Once the right people see this he’ll be on his way to fame. That takes real skill to move like that

Fįlтħy Ŗคт : how is this not trending already

avi AVI : 🌟Super talented guy🌟 Hollywood bound bro!

Chad Ranard : inb4 ellen brings him on and tries one-upping this dance

xy yxx : so sick of seeing these same moves in literally every dance video from 2017-2018 not original at all inb4 "lets see you do better" sorry i'm not a clout chasing dickrider

thє dєαd pσtαtσ : Who knew Walmart employees were *THAT* talented


YA BOY O : Taking advantage of your 15 minutes of fame as you should🔥🔥🔥

Dustin Cory : This had 8k views 4 hours ago... it's up to 250k now. Get it son!

TheAMaazing : Inb4 he gets a spot on Ellen 😂😂😂

OrangeCrusader : In before this blows up all over the internet, 3500 views.

yRegge : Damn, 35 secs of SUPAHOT FIRE

Edward Weaver : What blows my mind is he still works for Walmart xD he has an actual marketable talent in the entertainment industry xD

Lenmonade : Woah, I'm impressed with this one lol

The FBI : This dude is so lit Damn

ProElectroPlays : I was here before this went viral!

kitteekittee : You are such a great dancer! Very talented

[ TheIrontango ] : Great dancing my man. I can tell that dancing is your talent!

Harleyy : Here before 1 mil 19k boys

Felix Gutierrez : Reasons why Walmart better then Target!

Fan Made Videos : Is he celebrating his promotion from clean up crew to shelf stocker?

j s : fantastic dancing you killed it!!

Austin Turner : This about to blow up I see it already

Benjamin Hall : I'm here before this goes viral

Shante Bae : Me when my crush tells me he likes me💀💀

rihanna rihanns : Where was CSM ? Lol 😂 Love it !

Johey Christian : He's actually nailed this.

Samuel Theodros : Brought to you by Walmart.

CreeperBandito : I wonder if I'll get famous when this video blows up

Nancy Tigress : Wow thats awesome!! Love it🌞

Kartabya Aryal : Will probably be on trending in few hours 😄

Joe Canales : Josh you dope

Mike P : Josh from Walmart plays Fortnite!

Kitty Mayhall : I can't even walk without falling all over myself...

LikeYoung : God damn, give that man a raise!

Vince V : When it’s your payday

Deerek Deer : Cant wait for him to show up on Ellen next week

Daniel Victor : he's got skills

Rana : Do you really work at walmart.

George Azide : The mask is what wins it for him.

Dave Grantham : Walmart needs to capitalize on this (and give this guy a bonus). Good publicity if they (walmart) are smart about it.

Around Once : Just going to leave this here for proof I was here before viral