In My Feelings Challenge - Josh from Walmart 🔥

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Zach Digital : This man will get some daytime television clout in his near future, dance with ayo and teo and eventually have two seasons on Wild N' Out.

MAF : We'll see him on Ellen soon! Congratulations!!!

Micah Yang : Just gonna leave this here for internet clout when this blows up

Matt Mason : Meanwhile, they got 3 out of 27 registers open.

Greek Ace : Fortnite

Miser Iocus : how is this not trending already

Joseph Bray : Now he's gonna get promoted to executive greeter

James Owen : When you finally quit Walmart and walk out.

PapiShampooTv : gonna blow up. watch

Maul : As a fellow Walmart employee i hope you blow up off this and dont have to work for Walmart any more lmao

TheAMaazing : Inb4 he gets a spot on Ellen 😂😂😂

Suyeb Shaikh : Amazing dance 😁 nice video👍

youtubasoarus : Awesome.

Dave Grantham : Walmart needs to capitalize on this (and give this guy a bonus). Good publicity if they (walmart) are smart about it.

hipnotyq : Man, what's with kids these days? This is unprofessional, immature, and embarrassing. I mean, seriously, it's 2018 and we still haven't figured out how to film landscape? What is this portrait bullshit?

Hobo Bobo : I'm here before this blows up, remember me .....

Alice Bonnet : I hate Drake and I hate Walmart.

Citizen Mike : killed it

Viennery : He’s not going to be working at Walmart for long with moves like that. Once the right people see this he’ll be on his way to fame. That takes real skill to move like that

Malagant : Heat

JTakZ : How much vbucks does this cost? I NEED THIS!

Fred Money : Working hard for that $8.50 an hour

Chad Ranard : inb4 ellen brings him on and tries one-upping this dance

LAWLZOWNAGE : Less dance and more work! Know your place in the Walmart ecosystem.

Ssniper Hunter : Great dancer right here quality finally reached YouTube

LockSteady : I feel like if I got into a fight with that dude, he would dance around me in a circle and punch me in the back of the head before I could blink

Tyler Brown : Josh from Walmart is about to be just Josh if he keeps leaving work to go dance

Honev : This man is a freaking legend

princeoftidds : Subtle callback to Drake's blackface.

Nate Snow : Drake is the Nickleback of Hiphop

potato master race : where were you when josh from walmart got internet clout?

Alain : This is how he greets every customer.

Infernous : Few weeks later hes on the Ellen show and she gives him a house.


theblindsniper : One of my life accomplishments is being here before the video becomes viral. I'm glad it was with you, Josh from Walmart.

Erik Amundson : Smh on the face mask and gloves

Luis Guerra : He gonna be at the Ellen Show in a few days like "Keke we made it!"

kennyshua daniels : He was getting it

Ethan Fong : Here at 8k views. Tell me when this becomes viral

Scott : Hell yeah kid, get it

SpacemanSam13 : inb4 viral

Reasonable Discourse : LIT AF FAM

X. Y. : That was litty, fam.

Ty Davidson : Ellen DeGeneres *rubs hands together greedily*

filipserb777 : Ayy wheres my reddit fam at

kyle magaro : Front page of Reddit, this'll be in the millions soon.

Redstar Renegades : Those are some Roy Purdy level moves.

ReaayZ : Inb4 100k plus views

Honev : Holy crap this vid blew tf up

O Fresh : so much fire.