TENACIOUS D - Kickapoo

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The radical Kickapoo video from THE PICK OF DESTINY...featuring MEAT LOAF!


Andrew Brown : The kid is literally jack black reincarnated

sharhoundy : It took him 15 years to get to Hollywood

America's Most Unwanted : I wish my dad sang to me after he beat me

Robin Jansen : This song always makes me laugh its so goddamn epic

Sirus Blank : I wish my Dio poster would talk to me. :/

Aurel Matthews : "You gotta praise the lord when you're in my home" Proceeds to pay for help from Dio. I never got that before, kinda clever.

IceTray : It would've been funnier if JB's father ripped a Meatloaf poster off the wall.

Connor Lipke : What's jablin jables?

Anthony Giovanni : As soon as Dio sang, I literally got butterfly's in my stomach, man his voice was legendary

Richard Grey : Meatloaf AND Dio?! All this needs is Rob Halford.

Hugo Austin-Murray : This is the most beautiful and relatable thing I've ever heard. The last time I heard this I was about ten. Memories, man...

13jasonvoorhees : You thought it was just a poster-- BUT IT WAS ME, DIO

XLB6060 : 0:39 love this part 🎵🎵🎵 Amazing and funny 😂😂

Luciano Garcia : I wonder if JB's father would be proud if he knew that his son fought and defeated Satan himself.

Goldfish :D : 3:27 How he jumps off the bed always gets me 😂😂😂 \m/

mega nut boi : Who is who watching this in 2019

kosmapogo : Damn, MeatLoaf singing father's part sound soo powerful!

GameGalazy : He went to the wrong Hollywood 4 times and it cost him half his life lmao

Daniel Quinlan : That kid really does look like a young Jack Black.

Goblin King : Happy Christmas Everybody!......

TheSoundOfTwang : That was one hell of a long bus ride O_O

Shadeau #GU : The dad sounds like that singer Meatloaf🤔

Mr Depressed : Jack Black "Upgrade" Jeblinski "Its perfect"

IloooooooveBeatles : Does anybody eles have chills when Dio start singing?

Till Mountain : Father: Rock comes from Hell * *sings rocksong* *

Noah Dill : 1. Young JB is Barry Goldberg 2. The Dad is Meatloaf

Spacebory : Who would’ve thought a young man from the town of Kickapoo would become Jablinski Games

Peter Cruise : The kid is Barry from the goldbergs 😀👍

Silly Goose : Lol the best! ♥️✌🏼

awesome time : This is my jam and I'm only 10

sirKnight69 : Can we just appreciate the irony of the role of the father real quick? Like, Meatloaf played Eddie in Rocky Horror. Eddie, a guy who was known as a troublemaker who loved rock and role and was lost to insanity (according to Columbia in "Eddie") Then there's the father who claims that RnR is the Devils work and is horrible

Brian Longshore : I know how the kid feels. I grew up with all that 70s rock. It truly offended my strait laced, South Carolinian parents. Those people from the 40s and 50s were completely uptight about everything. You don't think about it today, because kids these days have parents with tattoos, who listen to heavy metal.

RattlerX5150 : at least the Dio poster was saved

Azterrekt : That pain when he pulls down the Queen poster *it hurts*

mitch3996 II : The funny thing is JB's dad is supposed to be humble, religious and anti-rock, yet once Meat Loaf starts singing he becomes as badass as the kid.

Govind Menon : I cried when he tore off the Queen poster

Allison Miller : Jack Black, Dio and Meatloaf. Best song ever

NaxxoZL15 : 0:40 - 0:55 should be skyrim's main song

Reid medley : so he baild from fucing 'insert home town here'whith hunger in his heart.

Steven Romero : Based On A True Story! I love Tenacious D 4ever&Always!

thechino : Ironically, Meatloaf has the best part of the song!

Brian Lo Bianco : In my language Dio means God, and he said pray to God so I guess it all makes sense now... All hail Dio

Chubzdoomer : This is such an underrated song.  I know most people probably don't take it seriously since both the lyrics and movie are so over-the-top, but the song itself is outstanding!

Not Λpplicable : Jack Black is looking fresh af

Logan COllinz : 0:38 the best part

L33K3R : My mom was blasting metal when I was a baby in a car seat, I love her.

twins gang : Waching in 2019 or right now


CyberCheese : The father has a talent for not ripping posters!