TENACIOUS D - Kickapoo

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Sirus Blenke : I wish my Dio poster would talk to me. :/

Robin Jansen : This song always makes me laugh its so goddamn epic

Andrew Brown : The kid is literally jack black reincarnated

Elizabeth Figueroa : When he pulled down the Queen poster i had a mini heart attack

Renato Silva : These guys make rock n' roll based on comedy and still the most pure rock I've ever seen last years...

Luciano Garcia : I wonder if JB's father would be proud if he knew that his son fought and defeated Satan himself.

Jonathan Gallup : Dad: says rock n roll is evil **sings a rock n roll song**

Giulia Guarienti : 1. \m/ DIO \m/ 2. That kid's great at imitating Jack Black's facial expressions 3. The father tearing the posters always breaks my heart a little

IceTray : It would've been funnier if JB's father ripped a Meatloaf poster off the wall.

Cyber12 : 0:40 Skyrim theme song

Fakhrul Anwar : "In The City of Fallen Angels Where the ocean meets the sand, you will form a strong alliance and the world's most awesome band. To find your fame and fortune, through the valley you must walk. You will face your inner demons. Now go, my son, and rock!" It's so MAJESTIC

Mortodefame90 : Fun fact: in italian Dio=God

Richard Grey : Meatloaf AND Dio?! All this needs is Rob Halford.

Goblin King : Happy Christmas Everybody!......

Adam ET : That kid plays Jack Black so good

yashamaruism : 'praise the lord when youre in my home' *DIO*

free the nation free : Waching in 2018 or right now

Dallin Morse : Almost 2019 anyone?

Eric G : his family regretted driving their son away from home because their son defeated the devil and they learn the lesson that rock music is not evil

InfestedChris : When DIO sings to you through a poster, you listen.

Tap Last : 3:28 That sounds so much like the solo from Nirvana - Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle

Goldfish :D : 3:27 How he jumps off the bed always gets me 😂😂😂 \m/

Shmick ! : If you don’t get chills when the Dio poster starts singing, you have no soul.

Peter Cruise : The kid is Barry from the goldbergs 😀👍

TheIceSamurai : Secret plot: JB's father (Meatloaf) and Dio were a band as well, like Tenacious D they had a rock off against the devil, but list, and Dio was taken to hell to be the Devils sex slave, Meatloaf become very religious and wanted to keep his family safe, when young Jables was rocking, he smiled, happy his son shared his passion, but, remembered that fateful night and didn't want his son to be safe, Dio wanted JB to avenge him so sent him off to find Kyle, make a band, and beat the devil

Halo Movie Music : Jack Black is an idiot but I like his music and movies

John Beavers : That dad doesn’t know how to rock.... It’s meatloaf 😏

Anthony Guillot : Is Meatloaf the dad?!?

TheSoundOfTwang : That was one hell of a long bus ride O_O

Daniel Quinlan : That kid really does look like a young Jack Black.

LibertyCtyKilla : *Rips off a Poster about Jesus* The Dad: OOOOOOOOOOOF

Hayden Miles : Is that meatloaf????

bobo1million : (published 11 years ago) god damn it D! you reminded me that time passes and I age!

forZe_ sunsh1n9 : HERE FROM 2018

IloooooooveBeatles : Does anybody eles have chills when Dio start singing?

1LonelyEskmo : Deep down the dad being meatloaf is very proud of his youngest!

L33K3R : My mom was blasting metal when I was a baby in a car seat, I love her.

Eazy Killz : There’s probably actually a town called kickapoo I wouldn’t be surprised

Dilly Mackey : FACT: There's two towns named "Kickapoo". One in Kansas and one in Wisconsin.

Not Λpplicable : Jack Black is looking fresh af

Steven Romero : Based On A True Story! I love Tenacious D 4ever&Always!

Govind Menon : I cried when he tore off the Queen poster

Unique Xtha : am i the only one watching this in 2018?

Kahavave : Let's be honest; if you're gonna pray to someone, you can't go much better than Dio.

essence of art : 3:05 that chord progression

Jake Schneider : 2018 squaddddddd

mansilla94 : dio's part give me goosbumps!

Misca Kauppila : Dio everybody miss you

NaxxoZL15 : 0:40 - 0:55 should be skyrim's main song

AssGoblin : "rock is not the devils work" proceeds to summon the guy who said rock n roll is of the devil.