TENACIOUS D - Kickapoo

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Sirus Blenke : I wish my Dio poster would talk to me. :/

InfestedChris : When DIO sings to you through a poster, you listen.

Luciano Garcia : I wonder if JB's father would be proud if he knew that his son fought and defeated Satan himself.

Adam ET : That kid plays Jack Black so good

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh : He survived the streets from a kid to adulthood. He should have been a guitar god like Kage at that point, no?

Daniel Quinlan : That kid really does look like a young Jack Black.

Julio Venegas : He ripped off the Queen poster?!?!That's a hate crime !!

Stukov Gaming : i find it hilarious that he has the same clothes on from when he left his house

Munkylaw : 5k people with feel the wrath of my shiny blade on their cockles.

Victor Carias : It's been 10 years and this movie is still absolutely phenomenal

Torbjorn 76 : "Dio can you hear me?" KONO DIO DA

shadowteer : If they just would have done the whole movie as a rock opera I think it would have gone over better. This scene is fantastic.

Ashleigh Brown : I worked at a comic/video game/book/nerd store until we closed last October. On our very last day, we played this as loud as we could. Pissed off so many nasty, rude customers. What where they gonna do, fire me? 😂

Henrique Leard : 2018?

Kahavave : Let's be honest; if you're gonna pray to someone, you can't go much better than Dio.

Wayne Blackwood : Awesome to see Meatloaf and Dio in the same movie XD

Sofia The Memelord : R.I.P Dio 1942-2010

yashamaruism : 'praise the lord when youre in my home' *DIO*

Herobrain-X : 1:19 - 2:07 His father thinks, rock'n roll is the devils work and tells his son that in a rock'n roll song. XD


HKfortyseven : You know, I've thought about it, and he would have to ask Dio for guidance, because the ozzman already wrote a song entitled "I don't know". In which he states; "don't ask me, I don't know."

Jiggly McSugertits : I just realized that's meatloaf

Juan Vargas : It sounds a little like Pinball Wizard???

Dabbing Unicorn : NOW GO MY SON AND ROCK!!!

Jeremey Manuelpillai : METAL WILL NEVER DIE!

Neimaj : 0:55 I like that the father, for a split second, was actually enjoying the song.

Anthony Guillot : Is Meatloaf the dad?!?

Elizabeth Figueroa : When he pulled down the Queen poster i had a mini heart attack

TheIceSamurai : Secret plot: JB's father (Meatloaf) and Dio were a band as well, like Tenacious D they had a rock off against the devil, but list, and Dio was taken to hell to be the Devils sex slave, Meatloaf become very religious and wanted to keep his family safe, when young Jables was rocking, he smiled, happy his son shared his passion, but, remembered that fateful night and didn't want his son to be safe, Dio wanted JB to avenge him so sent him off to find Kyle, make a band, and beat the devil

thelolmaster1997 : "now go. my. son. and. roooooock!" And then the first thing he does is throw his guitar out the window.. career finished

Всеобщее Социальное Единство г. Новокузнецк : Tenacious D - Kickapoo (In 'The Pick Of Destiny') [Verse 1: JB] A long-ass fucking time ago / Долгое "задниценапряжённое" время назад In a town called Kickapoo, / В городе, называемом Толкникаку, There lived a humble family, / Там жила скромная семья, Religious through and through. / Религиозная и так и этак. But yeah, there was a black sheep / Но да, была и "чёрная овца" And he knew just what to do. / И он просто знал что делать. His name was young J.B And he refused to step in line. / Его имя было молодой ДжейБи (JB) и он отказался стать в ряды. A vision he did see Of fucking rocking all the time. / Он действительно всё время видел образ "гитаробряцания". He wrote a tasty jam And all the planets did align. / Он написал "вкусный джем" и все планеты стали в ряд. [Verse 2: JB] Oh, the dragon's balls were blazing As I stepped into his cave, / О, причиндалы дракона блестели когда я вошёл в его пещеру, Then I sliced his fucking cockles With a long and shiny blade. / И я порезал его ненавистные панцири длинным блестящим лезвием. It was I who fucked the dragon, Fuck a lie sing, fuck a loo, / Это я кто послал дракона, послал песни с враньём, послал жертвоприношения, And if you try to fuck with me Then I shall fuck you too! / И если вы хотите послать меня, то я должен послать и вас! [Bridge: JB] Got to get it on in the party zone! / Просто должен продолжать на вечеринках! I gots to shoot a load in the party zone! / Я должен улучшить вечеринки! Got to lick a crown in the party zone! / Должен лизать корону на вечеринках! Got to suck a choke in the party zone! / Должен сосать медиатор на вечеринках! [Verse 3: Meat Loaf] You've disobeyed my orders, son, Why were you ever born? / Ты не послушался моих советов, сын, зачем ты был рождён? Your brother's ten times better than you, Jesus loves him more. / Твой брат в десять раз лучше тебя, Иисус любит его больше. This music that you play for us Comes from the depths of Hell, / Эта музыка что ты играешь для нас идёт из глубин ада, Rock and Roll's the Devil's work, He wants you to rebel. / Рок-н-ролл - это работа дьявола, он хочет чтобы ты восстал. You'll become a mindless puppet, Beelzebub will pull the strings. / Ты становишься безрассудной марионеткой, Вельзевул будет тянуть струны. Your heart will lose direction, And chaos it will bring! / Твоё сердце потеряет направление и он привнесёт хаос! [Bridge: Meat Loaf] You better shut your mouth, You better watch your tone. / Ты лучше бы замолчал, ты лучше бы следил за своим тоном. You're grounded for a week, With no telephone. / Ты неделю должен сидеть дома без телефона. Don't let me hear you cry, Don't let me hear you moan. / Не заставляй меня слышать твой плачь, не заставляй меня слышать твоё нытьё. You got to praise the Lord When you're in my home! / Ты должен славить Иисуса когда ты в моём доме! [Interlude: JB] Dio, can you hear me? / Дио, слышишь ли ты меня? I am lost and so alone, / Я потерялся и так одинок, I'm asking for your guidance, / Я прошу твоего совета, Won't you come down from your throne? / Не мог бы ты спуститься со своего трона? I need a tight compadre Who will teach me how to rock, / Мне нужен покровитель, который научит меня рок-н-роллу, My father thinks you're evil, But, man, he can suck a cock! / Мой папа думает что ты злой, но, чувак, идёт он нафиг! Rock is not the Devil's work, It's magical and rad! / Рок-н-ролл - это не работа дьявола, это волшебно и замечательно! I'll never rock as long as I am Stuck here with my Dad. / Я никогда не буду играть рок пока я застрял здесь со своим папой. [Verse 4: Dio] I hear you, brave young Jables, You are hungry for the rock, / Я слышу тебя, смелый молодой рок-н-рольщик, ты голоден до рок-н-ролла, But to learn the ancient method Sacred doors you must unlock. / Но чтобы узнать древние методы ты должен открыть секретные двери. Escape your father's clutches And this oppressive neighborhood, / Избегай тех своих отцовских связей, что распространены на твоё угнетающее соседство, On a journey you must go To find the land of Hollywood! / В путешествии ты должен идти и найти землю Г-о-л-л-и-в--у--д--а! [Verse 5: Dio] In the City of Fallen Angels Where the ocean meets the sand / В городе падших ангелов, где океан встречает песок, You will form a strong alliance And the world's most awesome band, / Ты сформируешься как крепкий союз и самая замечательная в мире группа, To find your fame and fortune Through the Valley you must walk, / Чтобы найти свою славу и удачу через аллею ты должен пройти, You will face your inner demons. Now go, my son, and Rock! / Ты познаешь своих внутренних демонов. Теперь иди мой сын и пытайся создавать рок-н-ролл! [Verse 6: JB] So he bailed from fucking Kickapoo With hunger in his heart, / Так что он собрался из надоевшего Толкникаку с голодом в своём сердце, And he journeyed far and wide To find the secrets of his art, / И он путешествовал далеко и широко чтобы найти секреты своего выбранного искусства, But in the end he knew That he would find his counterpart! / Но в конце он уже знал что он найдёт копию себя! Ro-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ck! / Р-о-о-о-о-о-о-о-к! Ro-o-o-ou-o-o-ck! / Ро-о-о-оу-о-о-к! Ro-o-o-o-ye-yeah-hhh, ye-yeah-hhh, ye-yeah-hhh, ye-yeah-hhh! / Ро-о-о-о-и-да-а-а-а-а-а, и-да-а-а-а-а-а, и-да-а-а-а-а-а, и-да-а-а-а-а-а! Ro-o-o-ck! / Ро-о-о-к!

Jake Schneider : 2018 squaddddddd

Hayden Miles : Is that meatloaf????

AZambri1 : They did a good job of finding a kid who captured the essence of Jack Black. Funny stuff! Ironic that Meat Loaf is getting upset about rock and roll and that it's the devil's music. Especially considering he is the original "Bat out of Hell." :)

Lyrunio : 2:09 Pucci in a nutshell.


Steven Romero : Based On A True Story! I love Tenacious D 4ever&Always!

RandomVideoCircus : Man, the good ol days!!!

NaxxoZL15 : 0:40 - 0:55 should be skyrim's main song

The comedy three : The dad looks like he’s actually enjoying Jables song at the start.

Leonardo : MISS YOU DIO!!!

pyro226 : Had this song stuck in my head for the past few days...

Wild Beast : Dio means god in italian

Mortodefame90 : Fun fact: in italian Dio=God

Collin Davis : When he ripped the posters off the wall it felt like a hole was in my heart

AnotherLostCause : It hurts watching those posters come down

Colby Martin : His dad beat into him like A Bat Out of Hell, 1, 2, and 3

Watson John : The beat child actor i've ever seen

hefty magic : Meanwhile you hear a distant WRYYYYY in the back

The Iron Pill : Is his father meatloaf?