The hypocrisy of women not wanting to date short men | Aba on Heightism

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Q Speed Racer : have had girls 5'0" say i don't date guys under 5'10" . wtf.

TheTCOLL : Video is so true. The amount of hypocrisy with women really gets me down sometimes. I was 30 pounds heavier and even overweight women were turning me down. I got in better shape, the complete opposite. Most women's profiles say either 59 and 510 and above. Ive never had a problem as I am 6 on the nose but still quite often get "are you really 6? You seem a bit shorter." I then proceed to get them to measure my height and they have nothing to say. Imagine doing something similar with girls?

MaceJace : Thing is though men can't help how tall they are, yet they have to be over a certain height. Weight is something women are able to change yet we are labelled as shallow and as villains for wanting someone of a preferred weight. But when women say that about height it's perfectly fine? Double standards over here.

spbxl : Wonder how many feminazis had a catastrophic shit fit after watching this hahahaha

Sam : The point is both genders have their preferences. What sucks is guys are judged for having standards by the same ladies that refuse to go for anyone shorter than 6'0.

airman122469 : I personally have no problem with women having these preferences. I too have preferences, it's fine. What I absolutely hate is when women are hypocritical about it. I have a friend that I know she only dates skinny guys, and when I complained about a woman's weight she got offended on behalf of said woman. I eventually got her to admit her hypocrisy, but it blew my mind that she didn't see it herself immediately. By the way, I agree that judging someone based on their weight is better than judging based on height, as it is an indicator of choices. There are medical conditions that make weight more problematic for certain people, but those are fairly uncommon, and quite frankly are still genetic traits that you probably don't want propagating through your lineage.

Mr1sammyd21 : perfect example how dumb and shallow most western women are. If he were short, fat but rich all of the sudden he has a great personality and height, weight, or looks doesn't matter.

dudewiththename : Being 5'6'' sucks :/

David : the irony is that short men are the legends if history... Einstein (science), David vs Goliath (battle), Lionel Messi, Maradonna, Sachin Tendulkar (Sports).... even the villains in history aren't tall... Stalin etc... lmao so girls are superficial and can't learn a thing from history either...

AFC : If women say they don't date short guys it gives me a reason to say this, I don't date fat women.

Monstrodolagoness1 : I love that absence of women in the comment section

Merdiso The Renderer : The girl at 1:18 is just ... damn, that's some natural beauty combined with intelligence/reasoning right there.

Gangst3r4ever : As a guy with bad genes I wish the nazis won

Thor : i like short people

Mo Overall Fitness Hacks : you can change weight but not your height. women have no answer for this hypocrisy

Jonathan Tan : My man , this video is GOLD. There's nothing better than revealing hypocrisy


David Vic Tory : Not to mention, at a young age girls are taught about the TALL, DARK & Handsome guy that they should look for. TALL is the first criteria. Their is the beginning of the programming of women on this issue. I'm 5'5" "tall", not short & I have been single most of my life & still am, but I have a lot of other qualified attributes that women look for but get shot down before they find them out. THEIR LOSE. I MOVE ON.

NerdyIsFly : I feel like if you were to ask guys the question, "do you prefer your girl to be tall or short?", and they were to answer honestly, they would say they preferred a girl who was shorter than them. It may not be a top priority to them, but I know I prefer women who are shorter than me, cause my mom set the standard for me of what an ideal women is and she was short. Also, the thought of being with someone taller than me intimidates me. Anyway, just sharing my thoughts.

Denis Dalrin : Bro i laughed so hard

TudiPlays : "traditionally speaking, height is an indicator of status". Actually, in the past, the way to show wealth and power was with your body - that being how FAT you were. If a man was fat, it meant he could afford a lot of food, and that he was 'living well'. Though. Fun little fact she missed, and I don't see women hunting for fat men. Part of the reason that women want a taller men is (and this is just a popular theory) that this is how they are portrayed in media. When you see movies, read books or watch media in general, the man is nearly always taller - hence becomming the standard. And everyone wants to reach this standard.. so the taller the man, the more potential he has :)

imran khan : I'm 6ft and I've been told I'm short by women who are 5ft 4 lmao

Stern Fan : *SORRY, but....* Fat chicks can always lose weight. What can a manlet do? 😂 😂 😂

Zheeph : I wanna buy this dude a beer.

Mike P : Women are programmed to like bigger and taller guys. Why? So they can feel safe and protected. Literally no woman has ever said "Oooh, look at that stud! He's soooo short and has the narrowest shoulders....what a man!" It truly is similar for guys because neither me nor my friends have ever said "Oooh, look at how flat chested that chick is! She's got no ass either, I think I'm in love!" Big breasts and hips/ass indicate she'd be good at bearing children. All of you do realize that despite your feelings about love, the whole point of sex from an biological point of view is to procreate right??? Subconsciously we want to pass along certain genetic qualities. We may not even realize it, but that's all there is to it. I know for a fact certain girls have dated me simply because I'm 6'2" and I'm perfectly fine with that lol. And I've never (nor will I) date a flat chested girl. Sorry, not sorry.

Sancho : These are insecure women, actually. Some of them may pretend to be about feminism, but they are actually falling back into tradition female roles.

that one again : Today's women are taught it is ok to be completely selfish in relationships. It has gone too far. Men need to stick up for each other's self worth as much as women do.

yepyepIlove : I find it interesting how women can have a preference for height but if a man says he doesn’t want to date a fat girl all hell breaks loose and the new-age feminists come out.... saying this as a woman.

Mr. oldman : 2,628 women disliked the video lmao

matt1315s : This is an interesting video. I'm 6'4 there is no short people in my family at all. With that being said I actually prefer tall women. Its not that I dont like short women and I have dated short women in the past. For me its a preference, but ladies if your short its not a deal killer. It just helps if your 5'8 and above. Ladies date short men they need love too.

Kelly 1976 : My friend. 5'4 here, and been struggling my whole life to find a's caused severe issues, many suicide attempts, and long-term depression. I am told all the time that I am a "Likeable person". I recently did a similar task where I changed my OKCupid height from my realy one (5'4) to 6'1. Same picture etc up, nothing else changed...fuck, did my replies start pouring in by the bucketload!!!! When I admitted straight away that I was actually 5'4 and had done this as a social experiment, I was either blocked and deleted immediately, called a "fucking short cunt" in some instances, told to fuck off and die in other instances, or just plain shamed to hell and back and made to feel smaller than I actually am. Personally, I couldn't give two fucks about a girl's height, I would date a 6'9 woman if she was a beautiful soul and good person, it means absolutely fucking nothing to me, but why do women care so much about this?? Truth be told, the majority of the women I have spoken to about this and asked this question to have responded with the following: "Oh, I want a man taller than me so I can look up to him". "I like a man to BE A MAN". "I like a man to look and feel strong". Seriously, I need some fuckin help, someone needs to start a 5'6 and under only dating site up online, there's a dating site for every other fuckikng fetish you can imagine, so why hasn't this been done before? I loved this video you posted, and you've gained a sub in me, please give me some feedback on my thoughts though?

Chuy83 : If height is a thing of good genetics, then it would go both ways. Men would also only want tall women and would only praise tall women as beautiful, but that's not the case, men don't care about height. There are beautiful women of all heights. I have seen beauty in tall and short women. This is just an excuse women make up because they don't want to give up their ignorant, archaic, media brainwashed standards, and really, they just want something that men can not change to hold against men.

Andrew Caver : I'm in that awkward position of being a short dude at 5'2 and yet being attracted to women my height or shorter by default. But you know what? The last woman in this video had it right. It shouldn't be about the person's height. If I was hanging with a 6'4 amazon and she and I had a mutual attraction, I'm not gonna pass it up just because I feel "emasculated" or whatever by her height. Yeah, it might be awkward at first, but just like any other negative/unconventional aspects of a mature relationship, you find ways to make it work or you move on. That simple.

jony bob : Im not even short and this pisses me off. I would say the same thing about weight. I always said that a person's weight actually is a legitimate reason to judge a person. It reflects a person's state of mind (depress people tend to be overweight), their judgement, their future health risks, their decision habits, etc. Height is just height. You can, by your own will, lose weight but you can't make yourself taller. The hyposcrisy among women is honestly outstanding.

Jeffery Allrn : woman are always more shallow. alot of studies show most mean view most woman as 7s. however most woman view most men as 4s.

Mxrk Garcia : Some of the comments here shows why girls won't date y'all and it's not because of height.

Chris : One time I was at a concert and I overheard two drunk girls in front of me talking about me and one of them said “if only he was taller..” What do you take out of that? It’s half compliment, half kick in the balls.


Emil Fitness : I 5.5 and i'm dating a girl who is 5.9. Never had problems with my height, but I guess is just how you feel about yourself and if you are self confident or not. I also think that if a Girl judge you on your height or she want somebody taller then you, then the sea is plenty of fish and I dont want to date a shallow girl like that :)

Darshani Wilson : While I totally get what you're saying, I gotta be honest. You should take most things we say with a grain of salt. For instance, we'll tell you all day we don't want an a-hole for a boyfriend. Yet and still, there's no shortage of women getting their heads kicked off by jerks and they still with him 2 years in. Bottom line is, we know what we like when we see and hear and experience it. Not just women, but people in general. What we say we like is usually based off of social "norms" and "standards" or what is determined as safe but once we experience that thing and find it to be good, we renege on that opinion and can't really explain why. If you got it, you got it. I used to always say I had to man that was 6ft or more and knocking on 300 lbs door. As of this moment, I'm fiending something stupid over a dude that's maybe 5'7 and weighs a buck 65.

Roberto Giménez : I listened for 21 seconds and realized the dude thinks height is not a criteria for attractiveness in women. I'm short, but I use my brain.

Angie Michel : I've personally dated someone shorter than me , I was comfortable because he literally could care less about my height.( I was 6'1 he was 5''6 believe , it or not ) I think women cares more about height , than men.

Chuy83 : Height is a thing of good genetics and status? Says who, the media and ignorant gullible women who believe the media? How is that fact!? I don't care much for opinions, I like facts. If this foolish opinion was true, the best soccer player, boxer and powerlifter of all time wouldn't be short, like Lionel Messi, Mayweather Jr., Maradonna and Ed Coan. They wouldn't have good genetics according to these ignorant women. This is just bullshit from ignorant women, too naive, gullible and brainwashed by the media that portrays all great men as tall men, when reality is totally different.

zomski101 : Weight is something you have control over and women get offended. But they judge a man by height.

Zelda Davis-Gerard : I like short guys

Yannik : I'm 6"4'. But when you see family meetings of mine, then everyone is suddenly 6"6 or 6"7' buffed and taller than me, even my younger brother. It's all relative, I'm huge, but I look like a dwarf compared to my cousins and brothers. I'm not arrogant enough to seriously complain about that, especially when others are 5"5' and struggle a lot more with confidence issues because of that, but I want to say that these family parties gave me a little insight on how it is to be shorter than your surroundings. I used to take it for granted being tall and getting noticed in the subway, but when I am around even taller people than I feel like I suddenly have to compete for attention.

HazzMatt Sammeem : Hey you guys wanna hear a joke? Women's preferences. Have a nice day my short dudes 💪🏽


M. W : Remind me again why women are called the caring gender.

Lonnie Kennedy : Why are you all hating on people that just prefer what they prefer? Sucks for the short dudes. Find someone else. It's not that deep lmao.