The hypocrisy of women not wanting to date short men | Aba on Heightism

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Aba & Preach : FYI Im 6 feet tall so im not a manlet. Im only stating my height because folks seem to believe I made this video because im "butthurt". Far from it, I honestly dont feel strongly about this issue im just curious dude who likes to poke fun at shit. Also me and my friends constantly roast each other so words like manlet and manmore aint mean shit to us. If yall are hurt by it cant say I care tbh. I do not think you're inferior because youre short and thats all that matters to me.

Mo A : you can change weight but not your height. women have no answer for this hypocrisy

Jeff Li : As a guy who's 5'6", it really sucks that a lot of girls completely eliminate you as dating material due to your height

Traxxattaxx : Lmao women contradicting themselves 😂

Lapse : 5’5 standing strong and low

Alexander Grace : Dope video. The edits were great. Gonna check out your other stuff.

Victoria K. : I’m a 5’9” woman dating a 5’4” man. Couldn’t be happier! <3

Tony Schaaf : I have a cut off for girls who are too short. People think it's weird sometimes, but I'm doing it for my dudes who get curved for being short...

JDM4LYF : Guy: "Well, uh, I've spent half my life in jail, have a couple baby mamas, never graduated from school, have been unemployed all my life, love to drink and do drugs, and I'm 6'5." Girl: "OMG, did you say you're 6'5?!?! PUT A BABY INSIDE OF ME RIGHT NOW!!!”

ilanouh : I'm okay with a woman wanting taller men. I'm sad but okay with it, it's understandable. But the girl says weight "shouldn't matter", I'm like "Wutttttt ?". Like, bro. I want a fit person, not underweight, not obese (I'm okay with Chubby. Kinda like it even). Of course it matters. It matters way more than height, cause height doesn't play a role in healthiness, and also, you can't change your height, trust me, I've tried

Billy Goat : If I had a dollar for every woman that found me unattractive, they'd find me attractive.

C. Balderas : Today in rome airport I saw a short guy pass by holding hands with his tall women... It's something that turns heads... I noticed some other people staring at them while they were passing... A family of 4 laughed at them in their backs... It's not only woman who discriminate but the whole society

Blue : I'm 5'8". I'm taller than most women. But when women say they want a guy taller than them, they mean taller than them while wearing the tallest heals they can find. So like, if a 5"5" girl says she wants a guy taller than her, she probably means 5'10".

SALTY SALLY : "Or how much ur tiddy meat weights"😂

Morse Code : Tall guys walking around with girls a foot shorter look like pedophiles IMO.

Compiler Revolt : Women want taller men because they inconsciently want to be dominated

Lil J : Height issues? Just be a ped-

Chasing Enigma : As a 5'5 ft that means im a short guy and on behalf of us short guys, Thank you for this video! The hypocrisy is amazing! Practice what you are preaching ladies. Do not preach us not to be shallow when it comes to weight while at the same time you have all this height requirement for guys in order to date you.

naejimba : Most women say they want a man that is 6 ft or taller. In the US, that is about 20% of the adult male population. Some of that 20% are guys who are married, guys who are already dating someone, guys who are players, guys who are gay, guys who are in prison, etc. so the actual number is smaller. With one single shallow requirement, a woman has eliminated over 80% of all men! Then when you realize this is only one thing on a list of "must haves" you understand the average woman has a better chance of winning the lottery. It's not that you can't find "a good man" the problem is most women have insanely unrealistic expectations.

Baptiste : hey I'm a 20 yo guy, I'm 1.68 meters (5.51 feet) not going to grow more and probably not getting a gf in the next few years, but this video make me laugh

Denis Dalrin : Bro i laughed so hard

Path to Math : Myself, being someone who was short but hit a growthspurt in their early 20's. I can say this. It sucks to be short. it really does. back then I understood why girls didnt like short guys. not only is it not attractive. It is just bad genetics. The opposite sex for more than just humans are mainly attracted to stronger looking individuals. Tall men can be portrayed as being stronger looking. I was 5'5 when I was 18 years old. by the time I hit 21 I was 6'2. I went through all of highschool at that height and didnt get to date anyone. Now that im in grad school and I have spent some time at the gym, it is extremely easy to find a date (not into hookups really.) So im not really butthurt about being short before. even when i was short it didnt get to me. Now for the weight thing. Yeah it is should be fine to ask. Height cant be changed, weight can.

Alex C : Short men are some of the hardest people, because they got to fight for what they want

Mary Liz : The claim that most men are 100% ok with dating women who are taller than them is delusional.

Coolboy 99 : "Guys just care about the look" For woman the height also counts to your look.

miniyodadude : why would you wear heels if you dont want to be taller than a dude who's already taller than you?

Exodus : Interesting.. there are very low number of comments on this video by women. So the silence can be thought as an agreement to the above said fact.

anadraps - : there’s no problem with ruling men out because of height, after all height is a part of looks as well and if we’re not talking about falling in love completely and being with someone forever, you’d want your temporary date to look good, but the same goes with weight, and whoever says weight doesn’t matter while height does is a dumbass.

Nicolas S. : Its not just one thing, its about everything. The problem is that when we look around, we dont see real people. We see shadows without real feelings, emotions or thoughts. We are the only ones who have it. We dont realize that there's a person, just like us. And maybe he/she is even better person than us but all we see is a shadow and we judge by the way it looks... its shape. I think it starts with the prhase "Im one of a kind". Every single person felt that way atleast once. Maybe they're right... but then, we're all differents and no one would be unique... cause, what defines you? Your look? Your money? Your music? Your Facebook/Twitter profile where you share all your selfish bullshit? Its nothing of a real value. The problem is that no one realize that. And they start to believe they're better and deserve better. I could go forever and ever on this topic but I'll finish saying this cause if I dont, I would completely miss my own point. All of this its ironic for me... I hate so much how society works and the way people interact each other... that now I'm seeing the shadows... except that all look the same.

Keeewl : Tyler1

ThatGuyDarron : I'm 6'5 and have had women constantly ask me about my height as if there aren't any other attractive features. what about the award winning personality lol? But if I approach a woman solely on the fact she has a nice bum or nice breasts she'll find it offensive? Double standards and hypocrisy are now the norm unfortunately :(

Mark Galera : short people just have big hearts im 5'4

dannii : I don't think there's a problem. I don't want to date a girl who is higher than me either.

Justin : I may get a lot of hate for this, but here it goes anyways... I think people should pick a "significant other" based off looks and personality, I really don't think it will work if you are not attracted to a persons physical appearance at all. I know we grow older and our looks go away (for most of us anyways) but by then your "in love" with the person and cant see your life without them, and if your not in love with them, then you never were. People can't change their height any more than they can changing what they feel is attractive and ultimately that is what we are looking for in someone to date. I don't think anyone should ever get mad because someone doesn't find them attractive, and if they are being mean about it then do you really want to be with them, or even be their friend? I wouldn't.

Beats by Clover : This is why shorter men are usually more aggressive. It's to compensate.

Ryukujin93 : Its like nature protecting short guys from dating a hoe.

FrelsarenIS : Saltiest comment section ever.

Bosavi : I'm a woman and even i could give less of a shit about height, honestly. I guess that might be because im a little taller than average, or it might be that there are both pros and cons about taller and shorter people. I also think its jacked up how women can have all these standards that men have to deal with, but once a guy has standards, he's in the wrong.

Carium : So to clarify its Daddy Issues

Martín Zoldyck : 5' 8'' and killin it

EDD : 'Height' is even more discriminatory than 'weight' as you cannot change your height by eating less.

Darux : So its okay for girls to ask and judge you over height, a factor you can't control, but as soon as you mention weight, a factor which you are mostly in control of, and that makes you a monster? Makes sense to me

9BeastKing : 5.1k dislikes from women who realized how hypocritical they are.

zaky bara : Where the feminist at fighting for equality? 😂😂😂

Adam Do : Im not sure I agree, as a man I wouldnt date a midget or short girl either so its a 2 way thing

sbkpilot11 : I like women who have big breasts, however if I express that preference I am immediately labelled a horrible man who objectifies women, yet women can dictate any physical preference in a man and somehow it's ok. Double standards.

Aaron Unknown : Its funny because the shorter the girl the better for me! 👌🏻

urnakedcellmate : Shiiit! I feel like I was just watching scripture being written. This video needs to be shown in high schools dammit!

Bangtan Ftw : These comments though... Each woman here telling she's dating a shorter guy gets asked if he is rich. Like, dude, no... Can't women be not judgemental/not care about things like that?

MOLOTOV : I'm short, but i don't have to worry about that. cus i'm gay :)