Improvisational Comedy

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Plumbus Smith : "Tring" "We're closed" 😂

Edmund Herrera : "I don't take notes"! 😂🔫

Chris Reid : "I'm riddled with it" LMAO

James Fielding : "As I said before, I've got full-blown AIDS" Just ignoring that they're starting over.

dUsTjUnKy2000 : This is the funniest shit on earth. Neesom and Gervais play off each other brilliantly. neeson should do more comedy.

Ron Alansalon : I think he should be a dark comedic actor and do more dark comedys

robert f : "I wasn't here, I was at the doctor. I've got AIDS."

shawn brown : One of the most underrated shows on TV. Liam had me crying laughing in this sketch.

Michael Hyre : My subwoofer is struggling to deal with Liam's voice

mrbump28 : "Can we go again cos' you ruined that"

Maximillian Osaben : The outtakes are great too, cause they just could not keep it together.

max and. : If you are looking for ransom I can tell you I don't have money, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. That particular skill is IMPROV!!!!

Rich Henry : "Well, we shouldn't have a doctor in the sketch if we can't talk about AIDS."

Prospecting And Closing Sales Training Videos : My God, Neesom is terrific here. These guys are masters of angst comedy.

Dan Knight : Why does it work for him? We don’t know. Omfg lol 🤣😂

PrayerfulToe6 : "I have full blown AIDS"

grimTales1 : "I wasn't here, I was at the doctors, I've got AIDS"

Julius Thompson : Lol full blown aids

Jesusswe91 : Hahaha ”never been here before”, ”i got aids”, ”we are closed”. Brilliant

crazynico101 : Is that Willow?

Christer Mortensson : Warrick is just wonderful.

Geoffrey Zoref : "Your gonna storm it boy." :)

Peter Zachos : Let's do some... improvisational comedy.  Now.

sublime90 : i was at the dr, i have aids

Dubordinate UK : The passive aggression in his 'hey' at 0:57 kills me every time 😂😂😂 this is an unbelievably funny sketch

Mox_au : that was one of the funniest sketches i've ever seen

Eggs is eggs : Wow, this is basically a rewrite of the scene in The Office when David Brent is role-playing with the trainer.

Matty Neko : Thanks Brett from game or bust, this is hilarious!

Missy Ginn : 😂 😂 Years later and this is still hilarious!

Eric Viola : lmao 1:02

eastendthug : You're off as well aren't you Warwick?

Elijah Kelley : Liam Neeson's so unfunny but hilarious at the same time. How does he do that?

HuffleRuff : AIDs isn't for Comedy? Bollocks. Oh, and be careful with the phone sex, you might get hearing aids. ;)

Nico The Rabbit : Why did the sheep get booed at the comedy club? ------------ Because he told a baaaad joke

Sukara24 : "Zeus, for God's sake." That got me somehow. Lol

drewdonahue123 : I've got aids thought you might have

Derek Fischer : #mood

LexAnd Seventh : 2 things - can NOT stop hitting rewind, can NOT stop laughing!

James VanBolt : If you want to see this is real life watch the Learn English video with Karl.

Lovie TM : Here from our chemical hearts

Punisher690 : Definitely going to have to check out Life's Too Short on HBO!

Simon Firnkes : Liebe Grüße vom #flynachtsmann #flynachten

michael edmonson : Omg this is unreal funny.

Mauro Candiago : is it Adrian Brody the homosexual actor???

C M : the "Hi!" he does at the beginning each time hahaha

Anthony Stovel : fucking pissing myself