How to start A BURGER SHOP

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l33pi3p3r : Instructions very clear. I now own a burger shop and I'm struggling to support my family both financially and physically. Please make a follow up video.

TheBaron97 : I'm dropping out of college to start a burger joint now

Siim Land : Tim Ferriss

WahLahLin : actually a very legit guide

Fabio Palvelli : This made me question everything about my life... I should probably open up a burger shop now!

JustLollyGagging : I've so much to learn oh wise one

king piece : Lolol

nightwing255 : omg dude i love you so much. I don't know why i didn't find your youtube sooner, just kept watching the videos on instagram.

technoSelf : You got a lot of hate in ya kid!

D R : Kentucky Burger Bar

Geian Agojeto Channel : thank you to teach to Burger shop business

DarkWolf80s : damn you! I'm hungry now!! I love it!

Sindujan Namashy : hay thanks man

Ramon Hernandez : Your the man

ocskope : Cypress Burger Collective, opening August 2018.

king piece : Your presentation funny but I love it bro

Rico G : Just the small detail of finding a shop. Try finding a burger location in central London that's affordable.

Dalia Guizar : i love your sense of humor and creativity! Great video

HIT029 : Who is this guy...why is he not famous?

durpinator : Smokey Burger Gang. I like it.

CJ Welsh : I... I want to go to your burger shop please...


TheMiffi1984 : All hail lord struthless, may you guide us in the rightish direction...


Setzer : I mean I'd probably go to that burger shop.

ScaryLemur : Here, before 1m+ views.

perf ect : Original and fun! Keep this up!

Adam Stormes : Encino Burger Lab is open for business!!!!!

Dalton Herse : amazing content. keep up the original ideas!

DirtiDodger : subbed, and im off to go open a burger shop! hahahaha XD

Tasos Zagos : Tim ferriss brought me here

Steven Dalloesingh : It's scary how good this idea is...😅👍🏼

aaron sullivan : The burger of the day on Sundays at the place I work at is called the Hangover Burger. It's a half pound patty with an avocado, applewood smoked bacon, american cheese, and an over medium egg, all on an onion bun. It pretty much was the burger you showed.

Jonathan Edward : Man, you should do a video on starting a Poké Bowl place, the next new fad. (-.-)


DarkWolf80s : But in all honesty, that is one beautiful skit! I love it! XD I am disappointed at YouTube silly policy and their algorithm because new content creators like you and me are pushing forward for quality in their work but we never get much engagement because no one knows we exists. This vid was fun and entertaining and is definitely refreshing from all the popular ones. Keep up the good work don’t give up. This vid is well deserved for a signal boost. I’m currently working on tutorial video as we speak and when I was working on my vid I’ve realized that there is one small issue with your video and I can defiantly help you out and that is the mic audio quality on making it better and you don’t even need to go out of your way in purchase major equipments. So don’t be shy in not asking for help! :)

The Burger Grill : I started my restaurant following this lol. Greetings from Colombia

Matthew Stacey : this guys a geenyus

ivan finesse : Thank you

Nelson Thimothiyose : That was quick but very informative.

Geian Agojeto Channel : thank you to teach to Burger shop business

Kasia Paiz : This is so awesome! I love it!

J Dawg : You deserve a lot more subs

gerard : I like you you on point

Katie DeWitt : why he don't blink tho

A Z : but how do you make a burger ?

sawamatsu : Sounds legit