Live PD: Detainment Interrupted (Season 2) | A&E

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Do Bo : Maybe he is someone special.....All that talk and then the police leave him becuase of some other situation..... that is incredibly rare.

High lonesome Bluegrass : Did anyone notice how accurate that first fellas statement was? He was right on the money wow

C G : That dude called it lol he said to watch that in a minute they will let him go and they did he was lucky asf

FadeZ : Joe Budden?

David W. : He was right about most of what he said , but he didn’t get the hug .....

KEE 115 : It’s disgusting how much live pd I watch 🤦🏽‍♂️

J Blob : Man this is like the third different god they have had in this show

Logan Cooley : First thing he said, "I shouldn't have did that but I had to, I had to meet you guys", then last thing he says, "take a deep breath and calm down before you do what you gotta do". And he predicted he would get out of cuffs

iampaatrick : lmao mr christ was lit af

Gabriel L. : The second coming of Christ.

Damon Humble : “In about 5 minutes y’all gonna take these cuffs off of me” *a few seconds later* “your free to go”. That guy probably really thinks he’s god now😂

Baconrevenge7894 : Crazy how his attitude changes as soon as they were gonna let him go 😂😂

John Phillip : Turns around real cool "shots fired??🤔"

I'm Beautiful : Clearly homeboy is mentally ill! Sad! 🤦‍♂️

Michael FOster : Like he said. They know who I am. Lol.

drippy drizzy : IMA hug em and IMA bless em

MrKratosYT : Plot twist, dude was actually is god

Meredith : I don’t think letting this man continue driving as he’s calling himself god is a good idea

Dylan Fieber : Just watched a guy get away with DUI.

Flexus : Lowkey his powers caused a false alarm... stop playin

Neil Golden : Laugh all ya want... Idk if he is Jesus or not, but that was some divine intervention, if I've ever seen it... He said they were gonna let him go in 5 minutes. Call goes out for shots fired, they let him go and then get there and no shots had been fired. Hmmmmmm....

Jacob Sleight : Hes telling them whats gonna happen 😂😂

PassinSourAround TV : “Shots fired ?”

Lo Sweet : This man proves that we do indeed create our own reality. The universe listens closely to what we vibrate.

Heather Laurenvil : He thought he was Jesus wtf


gaming bros : I whatched someone just get away with a DUI. Wow didn't expect to get this many likes

dee marie : when people ask why you have no friends: "my buddies already here, you just can't see 'em"

Michael Gomez : It said shots fired?? But no one talked about a gun after that??? I bet that guy was undercover or something. And they didn’t want to blow his cover. So once they ran his name, they knew to leave him alone?

Mr. Doughboy : Dude got real sober when he heard shots fired. He even told the officer to calm down, take a breathe and be safe

Robert Kidwell : Is that guy actually Christ? Lol how did he call it like that

Steve Dupree : Dude needs to lay off the monster energy drinks

Steve H : Surely one weirdo who should not be without supervision.

B-A-M F-A-N : This man called his release....... what a badass

Kobe : This dude had rope on him at a club lmao.

SuperEpicalex : “I wanna be THE VERY BEST... LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS!”

julian campa : Dude seemed like he was on one but he called it!!! Was the Jesus Christ?

Big Daddy : Joe Budden let himself go

Pablo Escobar : I love snorting cocaine while watching these shows

OK Patriot : Entitled, and a drug addict. The finest example of what's wrong with this country.

CoolMan Caravan : They should have came back for him. This man is a danger

SM : either that dude is a drug lord that had people in the area and they made a fake call, or he is god and he called it. plot twist he was hiding 10 pounds in the back

Landon Cazper : Honestly that's very caring for that guy to tell the officer to be careful and to take a deep breath and the way he threw his act in the trash once stuff got serious and he made sure the officer was safe and could get through with him and onto the serious case as fast as possible. Much respect

Living My Best Life : That’s crazy. Dude got so lucky with running a red and almost hitting a cop, plus the way he was acting towards police. Probably gives him even more confidence to act the way he does.

TrillaGhoSt : im into spirituality i think its crazy how he says that change is happening right when he gets out of the car then when handcuffed before shots fired he was going to explain whats really going on, its already come up to be transmuted... that he says....then he gets interrupted. spiritual beings can actually do this. and how there was shots fired and not. if it was just a knife that got called in i don't think that cop would of left him and stopped him from being on live tv for everyone to see and get info from.........

Saray Hickman : Doesn’t it seem weird ... forget the fact he said he was Christ or whatever , he probably distracted the cops in the same area to contribute into this whole shooting or whatever y’all have to think outside the box idk

FadeZ : Nothing better than watching Live PD while injecting heroin.

John Doey : Coffee, bagel, meth, live pd, ya my morning is looking pretty good

Nevada : Not anything racist but I’ve literally met and seen so many black men that think they’re Jesus. Like wtf

Tray Williams : you people may think he’s crazy but that happened exactly the way he said it would