The New reddit Design Is Terrible

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sparkie1j : I still dont understand making it more mobile friendly when most websites have a mobile version thats different. Why not have both?

Nincadalop : >how to script a youtube video

Shrek Is Love Shrek is Life : At least they made it optional COUGH YOUTUBE COUGH

Mystic Song : That's not even the worst. The new design disabled all CSS functions (which they claim will come back.. SOMEDAY) so now all subreddits look exactly the same. Why even make the goddamn redesign for mobile users, if mobile users have the app (And other 3rd party apps like Reddit Is Fun that are way better)!?

Dust902 : It looks like Facebook.

Jude Aberdeen : Brendaddy betrayed 4chin.

Aesquidic : why does it look like a scuffed instagram

Uncle Squiddz : At least we can use old.reddit

DisneyBlackJet : (*Has a moment of silence for all the websites that weren't broken and got "fixed" anyway.*)

Waldeo : I really do wish that when websites are made "mobile friendly" that they'd just make it a default mode only when a mobile device tries to access it. Also, if you're going to make your website mobile friendly, don't just replicate Twitter's system to near plagiarism. Infinite scrolling is annoying, and you could've just made it a smaller and cleaner version of the web version.

Gone Craizy : I think the problem comes from actually using reddit

Carlo : it is worse than when my dad beat me

Strel0k : It's actually pretty easy to force YouTube to use the old design by utilizing per-site user agent customization. Here's an example for FireFox: 1. Go to about:config 2. Create a new string variable with name: and value: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:41.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/41.0 3. Save it and bam! Old YouTube.

MacAndPleaseNo : Everyone I know thinks the new design is good. Thank god someone has a functioning brain.

Gyaku : we did it reddit

Austin Wright : >Reddit >Those Tabs You have to go back.

Lukeskydocker : The new design is annoying .

Thomas Wright : R.I.P Pretty Clean forum style being the default 20**-2018

iquityoutube : It looks the same for me

O W E N : Okay I'll agree that compact and default look awful but tbh, I actually kind if like the classic version of the new style

Hamster Man : >Reddit >good Choose one

Squid : I think making a video about Reddit when a good chunk of your subscribers came from 4chan videos wasn't the best idea considering some of these comments.

Covrig Luca : >Unironically using Leddit.

Trusty Knave : There's a glory hole in the toilet stall

Knockrotter : My cat was attacked by another cat This is so sad can we get five like

Veloci raptor : Zoinks I'm shaggi

The very Last korok : Still not as bad as YouTube’s layout changes.

Unilythe : This seems like complaining for the sake of it. That classic layout is functionally the same as the old layout. Why don't you actually say _why_ the classic layout is awful? I'm not a fan of quite some things of the new reddit too, but my complaints are not about the classic layout at all. A lot of shit just doesn't work properly or counterintuitively compared to what we're used to.

Cruzi : Yep. Dont care.

PhaserArray : It looks like it was designed to be mobile friendly, but that shit doesn't even work on mobile or other low width displays!

Magos Errant Malleator : Both designs are cancer.

RoboTom : *Oh no* The voices were so similar that at first I thought, "omg he totally sounds like Knuckles," but no he just has a deep voice as smooth as butter

Ponko : le gib me le leddit upboat pls

Doctormaniac Butts : I do not suffer from this issue at all, reddit's default view is the same as it has always been, and it doesn't even give me the option to switch to any other view.

Erick Lujan : I hate it too, Bren-chan.

Translation Hell : That ReadsYourComments guy is pretty gay

T_Peg : The new design is way better you don't even need to click anything to see the post

Shabbymannen : Ok, so I visit reddit occasionally as a lurker, I don't have an account. Today as I tried to visit reddit, the layout was even crappier than the update this video discusses, the cards were in categories like "Sports", "News", "Gaming" etc. When I tried to click for "old reddit", I was redirected to sign up. What's going on? The design is to messed up for me to find r/outoftheloop or browse reddit at all. This seems like a deal breaker for me as a lurker, and I will not sign up.

Schmuggums McGee : Wasn't the reason behind Digg's downfall and Reddit's original success due to a terrible design update on Digg's part?

1ppo : That's what you deserve for using leddit.

Szymat : People always fight those kind of changes, but A/B testing usually shows that new designs are better (not always) see ebay new design issues - and how they did it. Stop moaning, and adjust, fresh look can be good.

Hieillua : Boohoo. Cry me a river. *Plays a violin* It's the end of the world everyone. A website had a redesign. So terrible how they gave you all the options to revert to the old style and giving you the option to go classic. Boohoo. O my god an ad in my face. If only I could scroll once with a scroll wheel and not look at it. Life is hard. Boohoo. The old design is so clean..... NONSENSE.... It's also a mess. You are just used to it. There's nothing intuitive about it at all and it looks dated. Change happens. Time to grow and live with it. This happens also every time YouTube gets a redesign. I bet all of you crybabies don't even remember how the old YouTube style looks like. :) have a nice day though :)

melloyello : Dude you're 24? You sound like Bruce Wayne.

fapple : the new look looks like 9gag and that's why I hate it.

Joey Nelson : >using leddit

Angry Yogbuscus : Reddit no Reddit stahp

Owen Shaffer : Can I eat your voice

eerereps : except the comments because... *it's not a good place to be...*

Frances Helton : Brendaddy its 2:00am please go to sleep your vids are keeping me up and I have finals in 6 hours

Doctor Claw : This is a SJW safe-space, why go there?