Is It Possible to do Parkour in a JACK SPARROW Costume?

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The Eraser : You should be on american (or australian) ninja warrior, wearing a costume

Friggin Boom Toys : BONUS POINTS to anyone that can tell me how many times my hat fell off.

Geeky Menace : Dam I have been missing a lot of your vids

ProfessorPuppet : No eyepatch? Seems like THAT would be a real challenge. How do you grab a rope in mid air with no depth perception?

BrainfooTV : Got to be honest, stopped worrying about how a pirate would do it, and was just mirin some of your skilled. Well played.

Critter Crazed : I got so hype when I saw this, I love your parkour videos! I've been trying to get better at parkour so it's fun to watch you flip around and everything maybe you could try an assassin's creed costume? like if the hood and all the extra fabric get in the way at all

Redhoodie1306 Ngo : Can you make a weaponized Stan’s cane from gravity falls

vZylux : Back

Aarons Cosplay : I love these videos. Also does anyone else think he would be the best night wing in realife

Dylan Fox : Regular Dylan says "Hmm. Optimal parkour." But the Pirate Joker Coat whispers "He should've fallen off all the obstacles!"

Bambu Fan : Now try parkour with the same amount of cocaine in your system as Johnny Depp had during the filming of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

THE IMMIGRATING BRANCH TAGGERS : Friggin Boom Toys you should make a weapon out of ONLY school supplies.

Jim Holguín : MUCH HOTTER THAN THE MOVIE VERSION looks pretty good tho

elyodnaik : 0 dislikes

UGfreaddy : wow U get it exactly on national talk like a a pirate day

Nicolas Menhart : I hope I could meet you one day

JZY BrickFilms : You are Captain Jack Pigeon, greatest Pirate of all time.

NinjaBat109 : Can u make a ninja costume

enigmaticbleu : Dad jokes

Nicolas Menhart : You are amazing

Miguel Garcia : Can you do Parkour in a king costume

Nickthenightaco : Maaaaaate please keep doing these

0ran9e Juice : can you make a monkey sword

Rigged to loose : hi love your vids

ArrowFan : Love your videos!

Daniel Wiggins : Yes, continue this with more still! This is my fav series you do. I might test out my Thor cosplay I am making with some pk if I think it will hold up...

Bitch Titties : 7 cerain hat escapes.

Xavier Olon : Keep doing these videos!!!