RENO 911! - Lottery

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marc07112 : They need to put this back on Netflix man

EaST CoAsT MaCHete : Reno 911 was a funny show i forgot about it 😂😂

Andre Blanco : But... there is some coke in evidence and Jones is a pretty good sport.

Chris Stearns : It's funny how even though they won the lotto, they still dressed up in their uniforms to come tell off the others

Patricia Fernandez : Blisters on my taint!!! Brillant!!! Lmao!!!

Monet I. : Note to self: If I ever win the lotto, don't act a fool at work until the money is in my account. Lol!

Ngrd85 : "I won the lottery last night and you know why? Cause I willed it to happen" 😂😂

Domen Hirci : This show was so ahead of its time

allieSunl : This show is so underrated.

Jillian Brunelli : "you were all blisters on my taint" will be my epitaph. i like it so much i kinda wanna die right now.

Robert Machulla : Oh man, first all the classic Chappelle show clips finally were uploaded to the CC page, now Reno!!! Woooo

Chris Cyanide : I think I need to rewatch reno911 asap

Mike Goodwin : Got my dad the complete series for his birthday. fkn loved it

Harley Gerken : This is one of the best shows ever made. I want the uncensored takes.

Alexx S. : snort coke of a black man's behind :D

Anna K : #bringbackreno911

Rashad Ginn : We need to start petition for Netflix to bring back Reno 911😂😂

Chalky Von Kekian : Little known fact about this show. It was completely improvised.

nativewood : Admire their dedication. They came to quit, but they showed up in uniform.

BioYuGi : So the question is, did every other officer who was there when the scene began do the exact same thing?

Deidra Key : That’s exactly how I would walk into work if I won

DillAvery : I think CC needs a night where they air classic Comedy Central shows like Reno 911, Strangers with Candy, Dr. Katz, the first few seasons of South Park, etc. All of these new “edgy” shows like Broad City absolutely suck.

ANDERTHALRADIO : Make Comedy Central Funny Again!!!!! No more generic goofy news!!!!

MERCH : Blisters on my taint..😂😂

lil Gal : I miss Reno 911

David Blaze : The censorship absolutely ruins this for me. Edit: K I made it throuth the first 30 seconds and now I really enjoyed it

James S : Blisters on my taint....classic!,,

Karl Lieck : Suck!!...big!!...(Beep)

Ashley Mitchell : When I see the blonde woman in movies I keep saying dang what she played on. Now I remember I use to watch this all the time but memory is old.

PIZZA : This might have been the best CC show!

CallmeAffiliated : Still say they should have got those three chicks to play the ghostbusters

Ceej Wars : One of the funniest shows ever imo. A reunion episode would be amazing.

MovieHound17 : Is this not how we would all come into work and quit lol.? Perfect scene

Jennifer Webb : I hope this is me tomorrow:)

Rosalyn Mack : I would be one saying I willed it to happen!

EnriqueLovinLife : Bring back Reno 911!

headoverheels88 : YES. There is a Cabernet in this cup.

ExpertCody : Cops...Welp. There just people. 😂

BIG A MEMPHIS 10 : Lol, really shows how infatuated white women are with Black Men lmao......😂😂😂😂

Yoshi more : Makes me wonder what the first two said!! Lol

newthrash1221 : “...there is some coke in evidence....and jones is a pretty good sport”. Lol omg

hungrychance14 : 😂😂😂😩 jones iced out had me ROLLING literally.

Jacob Richardson : Ahh yes the good old lottery ticket

Pennylane is Almost famous : I had the craziest dream that I was driving

eyeseer1 : Lesson of the day: Quit work with dignity.

Lucky Luchiano : Always sunny in Philadelphia and reno 911....

joe bob 47 : I miss that show. it was great

Ramon Gomez : I know I'd do that same thing at work.

Austin Vannattan : "But there is some coke in evidence and Jones is a pretty good sport" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Steezy Fishing : I love how they all came in uniform lmao like they fully know they're quitting, why get dressed for the job you're about to quit lol. A mink coat and Dookie chain with a police uniform hahaha