Seinfeld Clip - He Took It Out

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Lenny Kabo Keboletse : I spend so much time trying to get their clothes off I've never thought of taking mine off

Hfsm33 : I love how Kramer instantly get it haha

bluestang302 : The absolute best part of this is that Kramer IMMEDIATELY gets what Elaine means

2274brian : How could this be? Oh, it be. lol

Helena Badenhorst : Four of the best comedians ever on television.

Shiggystardust : seinfeld will remain timeless because we are getting more n more politically correct.

Erdener Abi : he took "huh huh" it out.

John Dietrick : He pulled a Louis CK!!!

pjgumby : I've been on dates like this before, it's more common than you would think. Why guys think this is remotely seductive is beyond me.

Zach Haywood : Kramer's reaction is too priceless.

dill mann : Jerry can barely stop from laughing when Kramer does his little "jump"

guguigugu : love how kramer gets it right away :D

Heisenberg 992 : It does need some air!!

leafyutube : Who wouldn't take it out when with Elaine?

Paul D'Argent : How can anyone give a thumbs down on Elaine's scene? It's incredible.

AngstFisch : Life before chatroulette

mookie2637 : Brilliant, just brilliant writing and acting. Julia is fabulous in this scene.

Max Power : Not only does Kramer instantly get it, he tries to justify it with a reason, too funny

the artist formally known as craig lastname : Well, that's a big move. Because if you don't get that return, that's a pretty big matzo ball hanging out there.

Ghoopty : This is one of Julia's best moments.

Eduard Voicu : George's line at the end : priceless.

Mitch : seinfeld predicts Louis CK

A Bear with phone 408 : 0:11 Elaine's eyes were like da fuq

Berry Classic : One of the all-time Elaine classics.

DarkSoulsSauron : He took it out. he took what out? he took IT out. Why'd he take it out? ... for Harambe.

sarah beara : Her face is absolutely priceless!

Daniel Walker : Louis CK

Claude C : Brillant writing. :)

Augh Augh : Oh my god, Kramer's reaction was amazing.

John Mac : Elaine is great in this scene. The way she so casually tells the story of a guy whipping it out is classic.

Verity : I guess Matt Lauer got some tips from this episode!

Jonny Nelson : CLASSIC scene. I was laughing so hard, just for shits and giggles *I* took it out!

Michele Jolie : Hilarious "he took it out" "maybe it needed air?"

Eric van Bezooijen : Great performance by Julia here, one of her best and also one of my favorite things about Seinfeld, clever self-censorship concerning adult topics. "Are you master of your domain?" "Have you ever seen one that wasn't? ... I didn't like it, it had no face, no personality." "I was in the pool!"

steaksauce androb : Phil was based on Louie CK.

1234 bboy : an uncivilised version of 'stopping short'

61Benster : She dated Louis CK too

internetuser : In this day Elaine would have filed a lawsuit, smeared his reputation all over social media, boycotted his advertisers, publicly claimed to anybody who’ll listen that it was the worst trauma anyone could ever had experienced and her life will never be the same, for taking it out.

Jaci Bea : I wonder if I'll ever be tired of this show ... Probably not as it's almost 20 years since the finale and I'm still watching lol

Sara MacMillan : I have to wonder, how did he (the guy who "took it out"), think Elaine would react to him 'revealing himself'?! Also, what was he thinking?! Who does that?!

lewis40001 : I just wonder if this is secretly referring to Louis C.K.

M B : The subject of this sketch seems to have new implications amid all of the current allegations going on. Amazing how your perspective can change by way of comparison

Experiment Eight : Guessing it wasn't anything special

William Wilson : Never take it out.  Doesn't me.

Vasantha Perera : It's gonna come out anyway, so why not introduce it at the beginning,"Here it is, do you like it....if all goes well you'll be seeing a lot more of it. Anything you wanna say or do to it before I put it back? Yes, no....o.k".

Stan Schurman : Why isn't Seinfeld on Netflix. It's not fair!

Monir Mualla : man ... this is amazing scene !!!!

lil brat : First thing I thought of when I heard about the Louis ck thing hahaa

Bob Jones : Kramer gets it because he's also done it before lol

saeta : Back then you called it "took it out" Nowadays you would called it "pulling out a Weinstein"