BEST F1 Sound exhaust V8 (PART 2)

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Vertiga : didn't know semen could come out of my ears.

NOSARK : Plot Twist: Its only one car.

G DK : I could watch this all day long , goodbye v8 :(


mrwideboy : I got an erection watching this

Borne Stellar : Is there any sound that beats F1? I don't think so? This sound is from God himself.

Skydrag.V60 : It frightens me how quickly they turn into Eau Rouge lol

Nostromos1 : The new V6 engine sound killed the soul of F1. V8 and V10 are the true F1 chants.

john hamlet : The grip is strong with this one

negao vado : 2014 sound = drone sound... boring oldest sounds = F22 raport... Exciting

camisole de farce : Doppler effect

gregory tyse : Heaven must sound like this?!?!

Juan Manuel Santoyo Urbina : I know, F1 v6 cars of today are quicker, but not more fun.

Rudy F : would've liked to see all 24 cars blast thru that corner...

TheChessboss : So fast....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MrRod : at 13 sec that sound...

fifie1 : Please, Can Liberty Media watch this video and remember what is TRUE Formula1 ?!?

ProfileOfALunatic : Goodbye  V8

Muffin_ Time_:D : *Is Beautiful*

Nikolayevic Muhamedoff : i'm crying.. :') this is sunset moment for me..

Rahul V : Those days will never come back. True sound of an F1 car

volkswagen mkIII : Una sinfónica para mis oídos...

Jagdish Dhaygude : My ringtone now

Saqib Sharieff : Stopped watching F1 races wen they launched V6 engines..

AK 46 : Imagine lots of college girl in the side and we are going this speed and sound 😘😘😘😘😏😏😏😏

Augustine Njoku : I replayed rhe first 2 seconds about a 100 times

Nineafly : *Starts the Video with headphones on maximum* -EEEEEEEEEEVWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- *instant ear rape but in a good way*

Cesar Carvalho : i can recognize each one of them by the sound

Qyra ID : sounds like stuka german plane

Brock Lesnar : It's my ringtone now 2018👍👍👍

xMaT-eO : It seems to be sped up, but it's not, awsome Oo

Cameron Colclough : now i kno what love truly is all about lol

juan G : Increible

Suppertimepuss2 : Screeeeeeeeeeowwwwwwwww!

John Crichton : Дааа, больше такого мы не услышим ;(. 2014 RIP F1.

Furkan Oruç : Asfalt ağladı bee

haha great : Awhh God.. I really miss the old F1 sound.

Gregory Tyse : Known as the "quintessential" portion of track in all of formula one racing. Absolutely Bad Ass!

Mr. Ben : Real F1

Miguel Hernandez : Que lindosonido

Shashank T : what a beauty.

Milind Mehrotra : Crisp

ThaOlBoy : My gawd!!!!

Billy Mays : 0:32 When my girlfriend is home allown

Zaheer Kader : Now you know why f1 is the pinnacle of motor sport

Ben Dover1 : we all know the v10's sounded the best.

Pugsley tattoos : eau rouge 😍 nothing beats this corner

MrRod : wow just beautiful

mama soy paquito : Que hermoso sonido espero q algún dia regrese

azmi sofa : perfection😎😎