Watch your profanity
Watch your profanity

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Kenny doesn't like swearing. This is a clip from the show Storage Wars.


W W : 0:05 "Cum"

Korean Jesus : status: in current relationship with replay button

Nish Pish : "Oh my goodness!" *Christian Minecraft Servers:* WATCH YOUR PROFANITY

Bora Boyacı : You know d-don't say s-swears

Waful Ayurn : “Watch your profanity.” He says as he unintentionally glances at the TV-PG (L) rating.

Bby Nicki : Low voice: Dat right dere High voice: Watch cho profanity!

TheRubbaRazza : My favorite part is the sound of genuine remorse in his voice.

Morgan Lemons : FRICK

Dr. Who : Mother trucker dude that hurt like a buttmuncher on a stick

Pant Eater : Me: heck Kenny: *W A T C H Y O P R O F A N I T Y*

Its An alpaca : Roses are red, violet are blue If you watch yo profanity I will too

Matt Ashton : Excuse me sir the Title has a spelling error. It should read "Watch your Profamity"

Sarcast : when you say heck in *a kid friendly youtube channel™*

Triviano : Eminem Lose Yourself: Snap back to reality, Oh there goes gravity, "Watch your profanity".

water melanie : IT'S AMAZING AT 0.5 SPEED TRUST ME.

The Scout Siblings : I actually watched this episode unintentionally.

Jake M : I work at Walmart, a customer swears probably every word in the book to my coworker. She merely replies "watch your profanity" just like he does. Every employee laughed like hell.

Lil YaChTy bruh : Bruh I can't stop replaying it over and over HELP its addicting 😂

CringeyComedy : Ya this is a Christian server

Gabe Bishara : God I love the internet


Don’t Step On Snek : Snap back to reality, whop there goes gravity, watch your profanity.

surlydame13 : whY r ppl saying “i was my paint”??? ik where its from but why also i love all the comments quoting this with diff spellings

JadeStuff : The way he stares at the camera while saying "watch yo profanity" is so spot on 😂😂👌

Jack Alamdari : *Watchmojo profamity*

Lemon : Banned from Minecraft server. Reason: This is a Christian server so no swearing.

G r a n t : How could this happen to me?!?

Cherry Berry : *no swearing on my christian roblox server*

JooseMunkee : Right, I'm sorry.

Sans • ᗠᑌՏƬƬƛLЄ 『Jʊɖɢɛ ǟռɖ Ex͓̽ɛƈʊȶɨօռɛʀ』 : Anyone still watch this today?

Erotic Tomato : (0_(0_(0_(0_(0_0)_0)_0)_0)_0) *we will find you.* *and we will watch your profamity.*

MattZX8 : YouTube and its new rules right now.

Jackie Rompana : Just watched Storage Wars and I thought: where do I know this man from... This scene came on and I immediately knew it 😂

Abdullah Sam : Mom's Spaghetti

Miss Madness : If it weren't for this meme, me and my bf never would've met My bf saved my life thus, this meme saved my life

Brysen the girl Naria : 😂😂😂😂😂


Im GaLeTo4S : *That Like/Dislike Ratio though!!💯💯💯*

KEN why do i need a last name : Mother trucker, dude! That hurt like a buttcheek on a stick!

_ underscore_ : Snap back to reality

Arvind Srinivasan : MOTHERTRUCKER THAT HURT LIKE A BUTTCHEEK ON A STICK “watch yo profanity...”

Claudio Cozzi : Youtube new regulations be like

João Veludo : press 4 to watch yo pofamitee

Ben Starkey : Christian Minecraft servers be like: Da heck is this? Watch yo profanity

Annelise : Everytime u hear one of my friends cuss I say: WACHOWPWUHFAMIHTEE

SuuperFudge Animatiøns : Watch yo profanity on the important videos play list

Miguel : The legend says he is still watching his profamity

XXX : It sounds like he's saying "Watch your profamity".

Neppo : He said "watch your profamity"