Watch your profanity

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10_of _spades : Dare righ dare Wtf is dis Watch ur profamity Right I'm sorry

W W : 0:05 "Cum"

Bora Boyacı : You know d-don't say s-swears

Morgan Lemons : FRICK

Pointless Pelican : He watched my profanity when no one else would.

Waful Ayurn : “Watch your profanity.” He says as he unintentionally glances at the TV-PG (L) rating.

Paydayheister2002 : status: in current relationship with replay button

Nish Pish : "Oh my goodness!" *Christian Minecraft Servers:* WATCH YOUR PROFANITY

Jacques-Yves C : I love so much that high pitch voice, granny style warning, and the look toward the shooting crew to take them aside. As if it was his own grand mother speaking through his mouth : « it was my first and last warning, if you continue to curse, the lawd will punish you through my hand ».

Dr. Who : Mother trucker dude that hurt like a buttmuncher on a stick

Triviano02_ : Eminem Lose Yourself: Snap back to reality, Oh there goes gravity, "Watch your profanity".

surlydame13 : whY r ppl saying “i was my paint”??? ik where its from but why also i love all the comments quoting this with diff spellings

Draegast : I want to rub this guys belly

CringyComedy : Ya this is a Christian server

Derpy Mcherpsun : I like how the "PG" logo came up

JJsgameplay : (high pitched voice) watch yo profanity

TΛBBY : *Derruduh*

Its An alpaca : Roses are red, violet are blue If you watch yo profanity I will too

Charmquark : Profamity he says.

Dylan The Scout : I actually watched this episode unintentionally.

Matt Ashton : Excuse me sir the Title has a spelling error. It should read "Watch your Profamity"

Miguel : The legend says he is still watching his profamity

Phantom Gamer : Someone help me the replay is broken!

Gabe Bishara : God I love the internet

Lil YaChTy bruh : Bruh I can't stop replaying it over and over HELP its addicting 😂

Terrible Tanner : Wash yo profammerty.

JadeStuff : The way he stares at the camera while saying "watch yo profanity" is so spot on 😂😂👌

Angel Castillo [the undead ghoul] : Best 6 seconds of my life



Conor Gillespie : LOL sounds like he's doing an impression of his mother

Don’t Step On Snek : Snap back to reality, whop there goes gravity, watch your profanity.

Bby Nicki : Low voice: Dat right dere High voice: Watch cho profanity!

ThePoptartCrpr : okay I need a doughnut now

Jack Alamdari : *Watchmojo profamity*

Claudio Cozzi : Youtube new regulations be like

I am Pineapple : My mom curses a lot so anytime she curses imma it that...0:02

RAINBOW TITANIUM : why did I just watch this on TV I just ran into this episode

Visca Gex : mother trucker dude...

TheRubbaRazza : My favorite part is the sound of genuine remorse in his voice.

justa relaxa : This never gets old

OG Loc : Wat's name of this guy who said "watch yo profanity"?

Jake M : I work at Walmart, a customer swears probably every word in the book to my coworker. She merely replies "watch your profanity" just like he does. Every employee laughed like hell.

G r a n t : How could this happen to me?!?

y tho : Me: heck Kenny: *W A T C H Y O P R O F A N I T Y*

MattZX8 : YouTube and its new rules right now.

SarcastTM : when you say heck in *a kid friendly youtube channel™*

JooseMunkee : Right, I'm sorry.

Lemon : Banned from Minecraft server. Reason: This is a Christian server so no swearing.

Abdullah Sam : Mom's Spaghetti