Can you Cure Diabetes? | Does Fat cause Type 2 Diabetes?

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antigonepc : My mother is a diabetic, and was forced to go to a class for Medicare. The woman running the class basically told them they could eat anything, but in 'moderation' . And that they could always inject more insulin if they wanted to have something with more carbs. My mom brought up low carb/keto diet (what I want her to eat, but doesn't) and keeping blood sugar low and the woman told her that wasn't healthy and not recommended for diabetics. They handed out pamphlets with meal suggestions for restaurants. I shit you not, their recommendation for Bob Evans was pancakes and syrup! This was a mandatory governmental class! Oh, another fun fact, the class was funded by the manufactureres of insulin!

Patricia S : I reversed my type 2 diabetes through diet and exercise.

Gabriel Christian Leal : What I've learned? Diabetes is a billion dollar business

Batman : Here's what I learned after losing 160 pounds. Sugar is the worst drug you can feed yourself.

happosai27 : 40% of americans have diabetes??! holy fug man. that's like a national crisis

Menina Milenia : Your videos are just golden. Never stop making them.

Profetu Rulz : This video cleared up so things but there are still of lot to be explained. Like countries with high carb intakes as Vietman having some of the lowest incidence of diabetes. I have a few cases of diabetes in my family and I can't figure out how did they get it. They live in the country and they grow and make their own food. The only culprit I can think of is high amounts of corn and grains as stables basically for every meal. This doesn't seem to happen with rice as a staple though.

vwr32jeep : There is no attempt to reverse it. The hospital intentionally loads ppl up with carbs called a “carb steady” diet so they don’t have to change the diabetes medicine. It’s nothing more than a handshake between doctors and pharmaceutical companies to keep the $$ coming in.

Hal San : What I've learned? The pharmacy-food industry makes profit spreading misinformation.

Gilbert Cheng : As a type 2 diabetic taking metformin, I was put on insulin after a chest infection that apparently had spread quickly because of my high blood glucose levels. After I got better, I was still on insulin and it made me gain 14Kg and I was visibly overweight despite regular exercise. I came across one of Dr. Jason Fung's lectures and the whole bit about insulin causing insulin resistance made a lot of sense to me, knowing that drug tolerances build up in the body. Intermittent fasting has made a huge change in my life. I'm now off all diabetes meds, with about 30-45 minutes total of brisk walking daily, my insulin response is now quite normal. It helps to watch what I eat, though.

TheTiminator : Was trying to study. This is more important.

Finkel - Funk : There's a german physician and professor at the university of Mainz called Prof. Dr. Christian Mang who, in one of his lectures on diabetes, said that physicians actually make themselves the "patient's drug dealer" by putting people with type 2 diabetes (he called it the "angefressene" diabetes which is a colloquial way of saying "acquired through uncontrolled eating behavior") on medication. He furthermore said that instead of doing that his med students should ALWAYS tell the patients to exercise since type 2 diabetes is 100% manageable just by doing regular exercise alone, draining your muscles glycogen storage.

SouthpawJab : The quality of these videos 🔥🔥🔥🔥

4G12 : Sugar. The most dangerous white crystal drug known to man. In fact, one Malaysian tychoon was well known as the "Sugar King" due to his practical monopoly of the Malaysian sugar market until the government forced the transfer of the monopoly into an oligopoly of cronies.

DeathSlayer Magic : I reversed my type 2 by switching to geico.

Sun Set : Dr's say : "you will be on diabetes medicine for the rest of your life" - and eating alot of carbs is recommended. Equivalent to a BERNIE MADOFF SCAM If there ever was one.

Randomstuffs261 : Please do an episode on Autism

ZeppKFw : Never clicked on a video so fast

Dis IS CRAP : Next video on coffee please!!!! P.S love the vids

Citizen Se7en : Unbelievable that someone talking to a group of diabetics would recommend a high-carb diet. She must be working for big-pharma.

Israel de Oliveira Machado : You should make a video on psychedelics

Eclipse KCB : Trying to OMAD fast and watch this video was hard. Curse all of these food pics, especially the bread lol.

hoosier- veganguy : I gave up all animal products and processed foods and easily reversed my diabetes. HCLF is the way to go!

Jyoti Pethe : 7:21 'Meat causes diabetes' theory falls flat on it's face in India.

eZ_Raid : I'd like to hear your thoughts on a vegan diet. Also have you read Dr.Michael Greger's "How not to die"?

silvermoonshineX3 : my teacher told us about his friend whom he did a 3 week long trip through mountains with. He took enough insulin with him but at the end of the tour he didn't need ANY. They barely ate and hiked like 20 km a day or so. Its crazy. Finally a channel who tells the truth. Brilliant video, as always.

Elisabet Roa : Omg. America is screwed by greed. I'm from Chile and even if keto diet is not mainstream, they do recomend cutting down or eliminating sugar and cuting down carbs to diabetics (my mom's a nutritionist). I'm really disgusted that in America they don't.

Stranger Things : Then how Japanese still fit and healthy and they eat rice every day ??!!!

paul P : I gotta stop watching these on an empty stomach. These meat and butter visuals are killing me.

Jolien van Helvoort : Cattle that has the opportunity to consume grass wil stand outside and move around, that's why their muscle has less fat. Soy and corn fed cattle won't have a lot of exercize.

Joyce Tan : Could you please do a video about the explanation on how people lost weight during puberty? Because there are many teenagers selling skinny teas, claiming that it worked for them, but in reality they were just going through puberty. Need to stop the marketing madness in this topics of weightloss pills and teas.

TheBulgarianWolf : It's so obvious, that it's kind of ridiculous at the same time for people not seeing it. Money and greed, got us on a long trip further away from the truth and actual knowledge. Common sense seems so bizzare and surreal to the modern man. I bet you had the constant "facepalm" face during your research, and this "doctor" at 7:00, is just mindblowingly bias. "What i've Learned", your efforts are much appriciated, thank you!

Terrance Cox : In two months I was able to go from 300 units of insulin to 20 and truly that I believe is just a little more strategy needed to hit zero insulin. And keep under a 140 while I work towards reversing. To get to 300 units a day was a decade at least of doing as I was told.

MeMory : Call me a conspiracy theorist but I only tell the truth! I experienced all these myself! All these industries need people to be fat and sick and diabetes is the gateway to all other chronic diseases! you will always be sick and depended on them after that! it's multi billion dollar industry! more insulin = more hungry people! = more food consumption it all make sense! it's all about human greed! they need to sell processed foods , they need you to always be hungry! Just go check who fund all these anti keto doctors! they need you sick to sell you drugs, it's a huge business all around the world, it's designed in a loop to milk humanity for their ignorance! but guess what! it's all going to end soon after people wake up to these! ps: I lost most of my weight with keto, were pre-diabetic and it was gone after 3 weeks of diet! few months after I got rid of the meat in my diet ( yea I don't like to eat dead animals anymore!), it's way harder to stick to keto so had to consume more carbs and guess what, I gained 6 KG just in 50 days! it's all about insulin! so I need to find another way to be vegetarian being on keto diet! :|

Aditya Gupta : Vitamin k2 is being claimed to be the new miracle drug the same thing that happened to vitamin d3 in the last decade & vitamin c a decade before I think this topic deserves a video

Anna M. : Dr Berg already discussed in his videos many times years ago. Nothing new about how can be diabetic reversed.

Colleen MK : Dear Vegans: Don't blame the juicy burger for what the sesame bun and fries did.

Aditya Gupta : Next cover placebo effect it's an interesting one

veridian roots : Did you mention that protein also causes an insulin response?

Thicc Vegan : - Plant based is life.

Jaded Cynic : No sugar, no diabetes. Lean meats and non starchy veggies...almost all you want. Ketogenic all the way. In my 50's with low blood sugar and feel much better than in my 20's. Humanity took the easy route to feed the masses and boy are we paying for it.

Charles Vo : Tough to debate the facts. The body doesn't need carbs. It can make glucose from amino acids. It sounds like the human body is well suited to eating fatty meat along with low carb greens which is what Dr. Berg says too.

Joe Doe : just go carnivore, it's keto on steroids.

Pablo : Thanks you so much for this kind of content, is really hard to keep track of all sources of information and you always find a way to summarize some key aspects of a subject. love your work

Berserker Bard : I don’t know why this video was in my recommended list, but I regret clicking on it. The facts are spurious and only apply to type 2 diabetes, and insulin resistance with injected insulin is questionable, because I’ve been injecting insulin since I got type 1 when I was 5 and I’m not an unhealthy weight, nor do I respond badly to insulin; I’ve been on the same type for years and my sensitivity to it has only gone up with regular exercise, but I still have a natural, rounded, healthy diet including carbohydrates. Insulin is vital for type 1 diabetics to live a normal, healthy life as is with regular people, the difference is we have to inject, that’s it. Smh.

Aditya Gupta : Please cover vitamin k2 and how it may be a fad or very beneficial

Moomoi : The video kept confusing me and made me look at my nintendo switch. Because some of the sounds used when giving a countdown or click effect are from the nintendo switch menu x'D

Andy P : Dr Bernard is a total simpleton. he has no idea how the body works. what a chump 9:40 , a ketogenic diet can't start to work until your insulin levels fall. 3 days is never ever enough for that .

Barrington Bishop : Dr Berg

. : dr jason fung is the guy to reverse diabetes.