DISSONANCE ♬ Relaxing Emotive Song (Directed By DJ Jacobs)

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DISSONANCE ♬ Relaxing Rain Emotive Song - danielhcomposer (Copyright and Royalty Free) - The clips in this video even if they seem random, manages to connect with a part of me that I can hardly find...melancholy, relief ... Thanks to Jacobs for making me part of this project. - Daniel H. ------------------------------------ You can use this music for anything BUT the only thing I ask is for credit me "danielhcomposer" and share the link of my channel youtube.com/danielhcomposer is mandatory Subscribe if you want, this will be much appreciate You can dowload the song here: https://goo.gl/1Go4YY (mp3) https://goo.gl/XmJvFP (Wav) Made this tracks have a lot of work and I'm working a lot in getting better and upload music here for free, if you are interested in donate you can do it here www.paypal.me/IrregularPolygon (it would be inmensely appreciate) or contact me via email danielhcomposer@gmail.com If you are interested in me to compose the music your project contact me danielhcomposer@gmail.com This song is under this license https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/