Wing Chun training - wing chun how to destroy the boxer Q36

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ObamaBinLaden : 0:20 When he said "cant grab no more titty" I knew this man was a man of great wisdom.. saving a mans hand for titty grabbing, he knows his shit.. you can clearly tell

Bruno Orozco : “How to destroy a boxer”...😂 Why don’t you go to a box gym and show us how to destroy a boxer with a real boxer? To dangerous? ...😂

I’m TOM!!!!!!!!!!!! : 50%This video is useless 49%Keyboard Warrior 1% how horny Master Wong is!

User Name : A true boxer would've brought his right hand back to his jaw

Trtko Prdic : Come to Mma and prove your skills!!!

muhammad amin sarabi : Imagine you do this to mike tyson! RIP suscriber😂

KnifeLover ! : Fight someone and we see how your wing chun is

D.S Different shades : Put some Tiege Hanley on your knuckles... fight is already over

Troll Face : The people who listen u are done in a street fight.. I am an amateur boxer and believe me if I punch you.. U won't even move your hands

Arctic Ruffner : 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 There are 4 types of boxing vs. wing chun videos: 1. Show how to “beat” a boxer with no real fighting (typically Wong). 2. Fight someone who can’t box (typically Phil). 3. Slow spar with a boxer (typically Fight Science). 4. Wing chun guy abandons it for boxing (hooks , head movement etc.). There’s a 5th that we’re seeing lately where wing chun gets creamed and 10 other videos are made, throwing their brother under the bus.

Erik Kantor : I'm sorry to say this. But there is no chance that none of it will work.. good luck

MetalizedButt : someone show this to Joe Rogan

Adrian R : Is this supposed to be some sort of joke ? lul a real boxer would walk all over him

Charles Thompson : If he is so good , he should go to UFC, funny

thewildchimp : The problem with sportsmen is that most don't really understand street-fighting. It's not that they don't practice eye-gouging, kicking in the groin, finger hooks on the nose, mouth, eyes, small joint manipulation - those things are actually irrelevant - it's the fact that they are facing opposition in a completely different setting, timing and pace. That's why there are so many stupid comments here, how this "would never work" (while, in fact, it would work brilliantly). Master Wong has shown *a principle* which is: damage a boxer's hands and he has no weapons left. Actually, it is so easy to dislocate fingers or break ankles with elbows that one does not even need to strike - simply accurately place the sharp end in the punch/kick trajectory and the sheer impact will be devastating to the small bones. Olecranon is one of the hardest parts of the human body. It can still be damaged, though, and that is another reason why precision is needed. It's not an instant win, not by far, but it is a very good method. A trick, if you want. And for those who say "I would never attack like that", well, then M.W. would simply pull it off in a different way. It's dangerous to think people are simple-minded if they don't practice combat sports. Because before you can blink they'll pull out a gun or a knife and end your 30 years of martial arts practice without any glory attached.

Gecko Gremlin : Im like training and weed... you are like training and CRACKCOCAINE!!! XD

Elyas Pahlawan : I tryed this with my girlfriend she never ever boxed, she TKOed me lol

DontClickMeTouchMeInstead sri : Fake master wong.. wing chun doesnt work.

박은영 : 응 아저씨 실제론 안돼 It's not possible in reality

サ イ ヤ 人mustasaiyajin : Try it on Mike Tyson haahahh! R.I.P. Elbows

Mauricio rodriguez : Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face...

Phil Chill : The asian guy look like George Foreman😂

Nirmal Raj : How to destroy a bicycle knee strike.?????

Tech Spec : After watching this i remembered a video on too useless martial arts in world. Masters are so strong untill someone in reality attacks them.

GringoHazzan : This would never work vs a real boxer or vs a mma fighter

Goul : Oh, this video is sick, I can't wait till the English version to come out

Ag 200704 : But what happens when the boxer is actually trying? You can’t catch fists😅

Monkey D. Zoro : *This man raises Testosterone with just a walkthrough*

Ronan Shiroshi : Brilliant! You're videos are indeed very great help for those who are learning and want to learn Wing Chun and self-defense!

Jay Mark Fuse : Hahaha kungfu is only for demonstration,use it in actual fight,and yeah....say goodbye to world,it aint fckingwork hahaha

J-WAR : Never will an experienced boxer attack you on the street. We're sportsmen, not animals.

Willie Bradley : Amazing sound effects! Perfect 10

abu Thanos : BOOM LIKE THIS

akaJRob : Holy shit wong is so aggressive I’d be to scared to be trained by him but whoever is trained by him must be tough

Roley Chiu : My new hobby is listening for when Master Wong switches from his vietnamese accent to his UK accent.

Mike R : It's easy with a boxer who moves in slow motion and pauses in position after every shot he throws.

Daniel Mendoza : this looks all fun and all but in a real fight punches are never going to be set up that perfectly and slowly for you. it's clear the instructor is already moving pretty quickly I can't imagine he would be capable of moving at boxer level street fight speed. not to mention boxers are specialists in being unpredictable with their hits, now if this had advice for hooks and uppercuts and cross counters I might be fooled but this is a counter for an extremely basic one-two punch. Honestly best case scenario would be one fist getting caught then getting stunned by the pain and force before the next elbow misses for a clean hit to the ribs/liver.

Ali Barış Demir : Zeytinburnuna gel vs

Lukasz Kolcun : This man is KRAZY I love it😁

Dynamite Tuber : Sensei, i need help. Pls do a video of my question. Two guys threathened me at school for no reason. The kids are new. I have never seen them. The like to fight and I only came to the school like two weeks beforw they came. Im also knew. My dad had thaught me stuff too about literally every thing. From boxing to taekwondo. But sometimes everything happens so fast, that I lose concentration and can be beaten up. Can you tell me how to concentrate on a fight and beat this bullies. Like "How to be ready for anything at any time?" Please help me.

screwball psyche : Go fight in a cage or a ring, see how that works for you.

Here Mate : All the salty boxers😂

Dexter : Ahahah ahah :)))

Doogie Carpit Burger Smooth Geryd Street : Try that with a good counter punching boxer... (Faint - make you miss...) 💥🤛 Out cold... 999..........

CUHO CUHO : And he never real fight

Ali Barış Demir : Beni dövemez aq

dodi : Can it used in street fighing . or in MMA arena . .?

ENRIQUE CRUZ : You were right master wong i defended my self in a real fight and knocked out the kid.

Maalik Khalifa : cocane is one hell of a drug mr wong

LUAR COBAL : what if you try with mma boxers.. you are only good in this video. show me a real fight. so that o will believe in you