Wing Chun training - wing chun how to destroy the boxer Q36

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Bruno Orozco : “How to destroy a boxer”...😂 Why don’t you go to a box gym and show us how to destroy a boxer with a real boxer? To dangerous? ...😂

KnifeLover ! : Fight someone and we see how your wing chun is

david Windchester : Master wong? More like master wrong 😂 a real boxer would destroy him.

Ninjuk : This guy live in fantasy world, real boxer destroys him😁

MetalizedButt : someone show this to Joe Rogan

Paul Seay : Unfortunately real boxers know feints, body punches, hooks, uppercuts, overhands, and throw in combinations....

Røme Herrera : Yeaaa, no Mr. Wong. Can't accept this. I'm a boxer, always will be. You have no idea what dangerous power and speed boxers possess. Very conditioned/disciplined individuals and I'm grateful for learning the techniques of boxing. I still do burpies till this day in my workouts as well as 10-4's. Only way to destroy a boxer is to step in that ring or street fight and hope you connect first

Charles Thompson : If he is so good , he should go to UFC, funny

サ イ ヤ 人mustasaiyajin : Try it on Mike Tyson haahahh! R.I.P. Elbows

Erik Kantor : I'm sorry to say this. But there is no chance that none of it will work.. good luck

Arctic Ruffner : 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 There are 4 types of boxing vs. wing chun videos: 1. Show how to “beat” a boxer with no real fighting (typically Wong). 2. Fight someone who can’t box (typically Phil). 3. Slow spar with a boxer (typically Fight Science). 4. Wing chun guy abandons it for boxing (hooks , head movement etc.). There’s a 5th that we’re seeing lately where wing chun gets creamed and 10 other videos are made, throwing their brother under the bus.

Elyas Pahlawan : I tryed this with my girlfriend she never ever boxed, she TKOed me lol

John Keith : Didn't Bruce Lee find weakness in wing Chun and created his own style with all martial arts

LUAR COBAL : what if you try with mma boxers.. you are only good in this video. show me a real fight. so that o will believe in you

Gecko Gremlin : Im like training and weed... you are like training and CRACKCOCAINE!!! XD

PR LADE : 1:43 what?

GringoHazzan : This would never work vs a real boxer or vs a mma fighter

J2 the Ordi : Hear me out! Im very knowledgeable and aware when it comes to boxing! 1- the guy with gloves is not a boxer 2- chun master, its easy demonstrating things in slow motion. You act like a boxer is just gonna stand there and not move.

MrKov1985 : Yeah the problem is your opponent isn’t so cooperative to your fancy hand dancing.

J-WAR : Never will an experienced boxer attack you on the street. We're sportsmen, not animals.

Tech Spec : After watching this i remembered a video on too useless martial arts in world. Masters are so strong untill someone in reality attacks them.

ramazan tanbi : Master Wong!! you couldn't destroy a boxer in your dream! that staged shit do not work on the street.

battleaxe Bill : Blocks punches with his elbows. Lol.

Phil Chill : The asian guy look like George Foreman😂

Mauricio rodriguez : Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face...


ladiesman0124 : I'm sure you could defend against Charlie Zelenof with Wing Chun.

Rodriguez Muhliyuh : Damn so many haters

Echo omni : No one fights like that, Chinese boxing vs western boxing, western boxing has destroyed it every time. .

Goul : Oh, this video is sick, I can't wait till the English version to come out

Le Troll : The world has changed dude... It's not 1975 anymore and this is not a movie...

Yea Ok : Funny when you watch these guys spar real boxers they get dropped lol

Roderico Romero : This would only work if you and the boxer are working hand in hand to fool people, and all he knows is a slow jab-straight combination that's aimed directly for your elbows

Doogie Carpit Burger Smooth Geryd Street : Try that with a good counter punching boxer... (Faint - make you miss...) 💥🤛 Out cold... 999..........

Malik Muhammad Al Khalifa : cocane is one hell of a drug mr wong

Ag 200704 : But what happens when the boxer is actually trying? You can’t catch fists😅

Lukasz Kolcun : This man is KRAZY I love it😁

Roley Chiu : My new hobby is listening for when Master Wong switches from his vietnamese accent to his UK accent.

Monkey D. Zoro : *This man raises Testosterone with just a walkthrough*

Stephen Holyoake : Rubbish. The boxer won’t throw full swings without an opening and he wouldn’t stop after the combo for the wing Chun guy to unleash a barrage of attacks.

babak khoram : fake fighters.if you could fight with the boxer,you were going to talk later in the real fight،you can never fight with boxer,you should see on youtube boxing vs wing chun

Milan S : Lol that kid's guard is lower than his sex drive. Edit: I meant the British kid not the wingchun master

Narek balasanyan : Once your throw your elbow out every boxer knows like I do to take real fast side step leading to a hook to your bald head

ArtinArt : Master Wong, I also have a question. If you try that with someone like Manny Pacquiao, how much time will you need to recover from the hospital? :-)

Antonio Santiago : Why are people so attached to fighting ideologys..go fight a real boxer with your wing chun..foh

Filip Petrovic : If you think you can react to a true boxers punch in a streetfight, you are delusional. Not to mention blocking with your elbow.

88blockNS : Lolwut? Boxers train their whole life on how to defend against punches. The “boxer” in this video kept his hands down. His target is nothing more than an average person. Plus, this weird crap they’re trying to show has zero force behind the strikes. People, please learn a real martial art like Muay Thai, bjj etc. this is fake crap

Amdrew Moore : Give him Mike Tyson and let's see how this turns out 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

User Name : A true boxer would've brought his right hand back to his jaw