Idiot Biker VS Idiot Polo Driver EDITION [#10]

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Moto Madness : Hey mate, would it be ok to feature your clip in a stupid ppl edit soon? It would be credited in the description of course. Thanks, MM.

Moto Stars : Damnnn! Hey mate, can i use it?

RUGBYHARRIS : Why lane hog? You're going slower and the slow lane is empty so just move over. What a shit rider

CycLoneJay Moto : Jeeez bro, talk about a close call.. that dumb ass almost knocked you off your bike & even pulls the handbrake in-front of you ?!?!?!.. Better to report him straight for this shit!!!

Alexander Kotlyarov : this asshole should learn lesson, if not - he might kill another biker with such driving

Darkheart : I subbed and liked, saw the vid on Moto Stars channel. Is there any news about that idiot? Hope he gets arrested and someone throws away the key. Greetings from Denmark, and happy new year

Virtual Mage : I hope that driver gets executed.

Jason Alexander : As a fellow biker in SA, I get it, see some crazy BS. Just recently got a helmet cam myself. Just 3 days ago a lady almost rear ended me because she felt like running a red light and I didn't 🙄.

jorge santos : I believe cagers like that are called "doos" in Afrikaans :) .

GruntingStarfish 9559 : Hope that he got arrested

Der Beobachter : Nice polo anyway ;D

Antiprokontra : How is it in SA - is there a "fast/overtaking lane" or something like "slow traffic to the left" ?

Adhi Ashok : Your cheap show for that clip is so pathetic man😛

Thembinkosi Stephen Khosa : This is so saddening to see,our brothers aren't been killed by speed it's these inconsiderate people, they forget that these people are also fathers,brothers,uncles and grandfathers, it's good to see you guys got out safe

The Bike : Hey Bro! would it be fine, if I use your footage in my upcoming compilation videos? channel name will be in video and your channel will credit with link in description too.?

Cédric Dhaenens : Any update yet? I feel like we're all very eager to know how this ended...

Raised On Two Wheels : I guess threatening him with an imaginary gun didn't help the situation either. Best just ride away from these situations, they never end well.

KAMIKAZE_ ON_A_BIKE : fok ek sou dai bra met n vuis poes as ek in jou skoene was en as dit nie help nie glock pit ini been doos ek motovlog self moet net post die videos maak is awe maar die editing is kak XD bra smaak jou videos

Blekitnyhornet 112567 : Holy shit this was scary driving in South Africa must be scary if it was me if probably smash his mirror before I think of the consequences that could have happened. btw in UK I'm getting a 50cc licence in a year and I really hope the drivers are better and the UK has lots of thieves😒

GruntingStarfish 9559 : Dood thats south Africans now were els do you get people like that in other centres

maxxis : Fellow SA rider here. Just subbed. Hope everything turns out ok. My dad always used to say “SA is tough country. Nie vir sissies nie” Hang in there brother. Keep safe.

Jacob Richarson : hope this guys pays for his fuckup, very glad to know you are okay

Der Beobachter : Hey ive heard there are waterproblems in capetown. Good look bro

Shaylan Singh : I really hope the cops do something

Salti Cus : Let us know how it went mate

JIF : So did you press charges?

Wazza Edits : Damn 😂❤️

Parker Downs : Any follow up? Im super interested

QueenBee33 : Just gonna come right out and say it.... damn u got a sexy accent!!!!

Bjorn de Smet : First you dont let him pass, then you move to him, then you make him stop and in the end you chickenshit out. That guy owned you.

James Riley : Any news on the charges?

Coupcake : Any Updates?

TrafficDE : He did this because you told him to back off? No words.. I'm glad you didn't fell at 1:22, that scared the shit out of me. I'm corious about the update.

Jess TheStrawBerry : Nice bike!! 😜

YasH : He unfortunately has to deal with jail time and criminal records ? Unfortunately ? Fortunately for crying out loud ! I would’ve beat the shit out of him if it was me, but you sir did the right thing. I hope the authorities there will take action on this living devil on earth

fpshooterful : man.. thats some crazy shit.. i mean i understand road rage and all.. but come on you can't put someone life in danger just cause you mad. Where is the post update?

Cereal Killer : Well it’s been two weeks. What happened with the cops? I hate when people say they will update but never do!!!!

GameDude123 : He was an idiot, but so are you dude. YOU'RE not the cops either. What gives you the right to act the way you did? and you were not slowing down for a "speed trap" you liar. You were trying to pick a fight. Don't be stupid and play the victim.

wasuprobleemjoh : just go left and let the idiot pass next time

L C : You're a dumbfuck, hopefully someone takes you out next time.

ali Servan : Saw this on Moto Madness and subed, but where's the damned update!?

Terek Janczik : "I'm packing, I would step back if I was you" gold👌 what a doos. Hope he gets a few nights in jail to teach him a lesson

World Moto Stars : Hey mate, fine to use it?

Carl Du Plessis : Should have gotten off the bike bro... :)

ApemanMonkey : Update?


Haadi Mughal : Wow this guys an ass did u cut him off or something to make him angry or was he just jealous of u lol

BMW S1000RR : this could of gone real bad...

Moto Frantic : Hey mate, would it be OK with you to feature this video in my new compilation? I will link back to you in the description & comments with full credit.

Joey Haigh : If you were carrying a concealed carry why not stop and let him get out so its person to person instead bike to car?