Michelin-Star Restaurant Recycles Its Food Waste

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Ilsunny Lo : Isn't that what all farmers do?

Pastel Cobra : Such tiny portions I swear 😂

Hadi Mus : Only one piece fan would know who's doung like this

R. D. : Igor's suspenders make the video worth it

Manahil Mirza : How interesting

Juno : If ya’ll watch One Piece, At Naverone base Sanji used foods that the chefs at Naverone didn’t use since they used the juicy parts. Igor=Sanji

Alefiya Huzaifa : This is amazing!

MovieMomentsReplay : Why do they need zoom out from mr not mrs Igor boobs? #eh :D

TiffyIffy369 : Everybody, let's all learn from the legendary Igor

mama catto : *Thats the greatest way to save the earth*

Eyema Duhmass : Igor the legend isn’t only making mad bank, but he’s also helping the environment. +2 respect

s2Ruby : We need this in America!

Shemi Ibrahim : Well this was intentionally misleading

Viki VooDoo : I thought they served the leftovers lmao

Mar Wth : Honestly that’s just a bad excuse for being ridiculously SMART LOL 😂

Hai Everyone : We should do that instead of wasting food...

MyMagic LouLou : I thought he was gonna take all food recycle so he cook again, then i swear i wont go to his restaurant, turned out he uses them as farm soil, well ok that's totally acceptable

Gaurav Rasal : Hit like of you thought they cook the food that went waste

Ayla S. : You can also do this at home! There's a lot of resources on how to do this, look it up and it will actually save you money in the long run.

Hg Lim : Meaningful and interesting work.

Cow King : Thought this vid was about *How to reuse leftover food while customers are unaware*

ItzAudrey : ...

Berry Tania : I thought they fed the extra leftover in the trash to the customer. My bad.

Alis Prospero : So many dirty fingernails 🤮

오세륜 : This guy igor is great for recycle the food waste hehe 😉😬

Bader Alaraimi : little bits ,, food for tiny mouths 🤭🌚 little bits

오세륜 : They need to use gloves too before making those food..hygiene okay! hehee thats my opinion😉😬

Ken Emm : 0:18 Did the guy at just blew at the food? Saliva could travel by doing that. Nasty 😷

chloe ake : i thought it meant that i’m they would create tiny plates from the pieces of leftover foods😂

Gi Han : INSIDER..where all the women have messed up noses

Julianna Bello-Rojas28 : Did anyone else learn that garlic flowers exist 😰😰😰😂😂😂😂😂 im shook❤🌹👍😂

Faux Manchu : 👏👏👍👍

Twice Velvet : I thought that after he throws the left over onto the dirt, he and some other guys pick out what’s suitable to be reused. Lol

10RexTheWolf01 : This should be more of a normal thing to do

10RexTheWolf01 : Now that is how you recycle

Taikamuna : Perfectionism at its finest

Face In The Crowd : I am so glad there are people like him

Ms. Israel : I need more food than that

Muhammad Hassan : 1:07 i have the same onr

Mia Calovic : Gross

Allen Slucher : The entire Microsoft Headquarters does such an amazing job of food recycling. Literally every plate, silverware or cup given by them is compostable. They spent so much time money and research finding and funding the companies that keep them eco friendly. They sell it to a composting company here in Seattle and then Microsoft buys it all back to use for their entire in house micro green and lettuce growing program as well. Thousands and thousands of pounds are recycled DAILY, given the foot print of the company, it saves sooo much for our world! :)

Nuclear Cashew : My mum would kill to have a garden of veggies like his.

Esodeca ii : Anyone thought this was a Gordon Ramsay video?

Mo Hussein : 0:17 I wouldn't want to eat there. Is that even allowed?!? So unhygienic!

Life with Jackson : I’m so glad this restaurant does this

J R : Stop playing with food☹️

Chris Wippich : Should be cheap than

BunnyDogGymnast Lover : *Me when we’re cooking and we have the tiniest bit of dough left and I make an extra tiny cookie* Thanks for all the likes and comments!

Dizel Chan : 0:18 isn't this unhygienic though?

Otaku phan : We need more of these Igors in the world