Another day at the beach in Florida...Not what it used to be. Daniel Uhlfelder stands up.

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People for the beach. It's our right. Repeal HB 631 immediately. Links: CONTACT INFORMATION:

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Wigwam : stardust traveled a billion miles through the cosmos and transformed over millions of years to become that cop telling someone theyre sitting on the wrong side of a made up line in the sand

YT4Me57 : One of the most ridiculously insulting laws on the books in 2018. Reeks of the old beach racial segregation laws that were abolished in the 60s. They've just morphed it into one that divides along the lines of economic class.

Novusod : Technically the law is "Mean high water mark." This is a federal law that would trump any local or state laws. Private property ends at the point the highest waves reach during high tide.

MavianMK : I LOVE RENO 911!

Cold417 : I live in a landlocked state (MO) but we're fighting a similar battle where property owners adjacent to rivers/streams are lobbying to remove public access from the high water mark to the low water mark so that people cannot stop on gravel bars/river banks and get out/camp/etc. Keep fighting the good fight.

EnterSailor : 6:20 this is just perfect

John Smith : Cops work for the rich now. : The police officers are wrong. Next interaction, you should ask for a DFW officer be dispatched to explain to all parties that the mean high water (MHW) line is a measurement based upon a 19 year average... not where the current wet sand is located. You are correct, the onus is on the HOA to post no trespass signs and correctly mark the National Tidal Datum Epoch, brainiac term for Mean High Water.

Clobber Snoggin : only on wet sand huh? when it rains the entire beach is mine !!!! What a ridiculous law....HB631 needs to be repealed

911s73targa : If the cops don't know, they should go away and make sure they know first before coming back.

Matt Jeffs : Land grab by Rick Scott and the FL legislature for the Real Estate Lobby

Super 64 : Hey Beachlawyer, any followup on this video?

Crystal Watkins : This was put into effect by Florida's Governor Rick Scott. The police are enforcing the (ridiculous) law.

Andrew Krotowski : wet sand is not an accurate location anyway there are things called tides. In additional this is just straight up ridiculous and a fantastic use of police time.

siskavard : I would have poured water under my chair "there... wet sand"

Investing With Wesley : i feel like this is an Onion article in the making

capeheartriz : Nobody seems to be able to actually locate the "mean high tide line".....which according to what I have read must be a historical determination over ( so many link I read said 19 years)… the government not by your local real estate guy or your local property we go....who is right???...….This guy is saying that....the officers do not understand that....This mess was the parting gift to the people of Florida and the tourists from around the world....from governor Scott to appease a few extremely wealthy beach front owners...which he ( just so happens) is one of them.....The previous law that was in effect still protected land owners but the owners had to make the case to the government that their real estate survey was correct and they owned the land to the high tide mark and that the land was not considered in common few owners went to that trouble....This law needs to repealed …..

Dark Side : land of the free...

Joshua Graham : Next hurricane that high water mark is going to be alot closer than the property owner wants

Roger Sullivan : Cop: Would you agree that there's a distinct line right here? waves wash the line away Beach Goer: Not anymore. Cop: Ok, forget about the line. Bah!

b5carter : Seems I've heard Mike Huckabee was involved in getting laws changed that allowed beachfront property owners to start claiming ownership of land all the way to the high water mark. This includes property that did not originally have title to that point. Please let me know where I can find more information on this issue and what if any influence Mike Huckabee has had on this situation. As a non beachfront property owner in the 30a area this is a very important issue to me. Thank you for your efforts.

evelyn quick : First off our beaches look like shit so much that we have multiple groups of volunteers that are out there cleaning them up on a regular bases. Then there's the issue of them pumping the sand from the ocean up on the beaches to keep them from eroding away. Also we have to remember the events, (boat races for one,) that are held there, that cause further damage and bring in revenue that just makes it's way back to the same people that are keeping us off our beaches. So we are using public resources and tax dollars to improve our beaches and we have to sit in the wet sand? I propose that we are given our beaches back, or the funds that have been made and used to improve them. Why as a property owner do I have to pay, for my road to be paved but the owners on beach front property are not paying for their improvements. There's a double standard here and we will find out some shady business is going on. Not to mention these properties that propose the beach belongs to them are not even on the beach, but on the backside of the protected dunes and turtle hatch grounds. Are they paying for that since they claim to own the property? Governor Rick Scott have you considered the revenue that will be lost from our losing tourist because of this? Which ultimately will result in State Tax becoming a necessity. Our Sunshine State has a huge cloud hanging over it!

Graham Ginsberg : This is being played out all over Florida: The beachfront owners consistently use local police to enforce what they consider 'trespassing laws', but the police are not lawyers and you cannot enforce an invisible boundary that is in constant flux. When beaches are made private, Florida can kiss tourism away, because there are no other significant attractions in Florida other than beaches. What is happening in this instance is local government have not created a local ordinance protecting the rights of people to use the beach, as they have for decades. The City of Naples has a local ordinance and its states this: Sec. 42-118. Prohibition of interference. "It shall be unlawful and prohibited for any person to confront, threaten, harass, intimidate, or interfere with, any person who is lawfully exercising the right of the public for the customary use of the beach". You need to replace your local officials to protect the rights of the public to use the beach from the water to the dune line.

MrGivememyoldaccount : This is like an Abbott and Costello routine.

Adam Hensley : Where exactly did this take place? I want to go out and dig in that same spot until the sand becomes "wet"

a2zme : These cops are ridiculous .. when the tide comes in, the 'imaginary' line will move .. lol

Debbie Rice : Did he stay, leave on his own or did they arrest him? Just curious and thankful this is nt happening on Panama City Beach!

Shaun Atkinson : This seems like a comedy routine.

Mahone : Whats this? Boston Legal's spin off show Beach Legals?

John Jadkowski : protect and serve

David Pedder : whats next ????The air over the beach houses

Justin Deppe : This guy is trolling them so hard. Literally making them draw lines on the beach as it's getting washed away.

Cabo Diablo : Rick Scott is a p.o.s criminal and should have never been Governor, he should be in prison for the biggest medicare fraud ever.

Kamikaze Gorilla : Get off my beach, peasants!

Donut Operator : What agency are they with?

Graham Ginsberg : This is the Collier County beach ordinance created a few weeks back for a specific part of the coastline which has had similar issues to that shown in the video: "Except for buffer zones, it shall be unlawful for any person to display or cause to be displayed anywhere along Vanderbilt Beach any sign, marker or warning stating that any part of Vanderbilt Beach is private, that the public does not have the right to access or recreate upon any part of Vanderbilt Beach, or to in any way interfere with any person who is lawfully using Vanderbilt Beach." Police have been called over the years to kick people off the beach in front, as an example, in front of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, myself included.

Graham Ginsberg : This is a: What if? What if the beachfront owner came out with a gun? Its happened before. What if the person enjoying the beach had a gun too? Based on Florida's Stand Your Ground laws, who wins or is this a lose/lose? I know its crazy thinking to take a gun to the beach, but its becoming more and more of a conflict zone and its not likely to improve as property values sky rocket and realtors continue to advertise these beachfront properties as PRIVATE BEACHES, which is not true at all, because the water is not private. Its becoming a battle ground and Scott is largely to blame for it. Where does Gov Rick Scott live - Naples Florida

Copper Fronts : amazing use of tax money

Lorie Comley : THIS COP IS HOT!!!!!!!

ElGringo : More reasons why HOAs are the worst. Plus, if you own part f a beach, you should have it marked because this is a major waste of time.

Richard Bloemker : Went beach only? Like dogs claiming their own territory Piss on it!

Cam Jones : There is a repeal of this law being discussed by State Senators now! Newly elected State Senator Rauson of Tampa is considering introducing it as SB54. Call him and express your support then call your State Senator and demand that they co-sponsor this repeal bill. Then call your state house rep and demand they introduce a companion bill and fight to pass it in the State House.

Pato M : in Guam, the public beaches start from 25ft in from the high tide water line is public property.

Northernmost Point : We will be retiring Rick Scott in November.

DANIKVAR : I never really had an issue like this while I lived in the area.

Tom Walter : Appreciate the heads up. We used to love traveling to Florida for beach time but looks like we will change plans for this year. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Tater : @8:37

bsdragster : That water looks amazingly clear. Im from Miami and its crap compared to that.

Ed G : Lol Free country