Skyrim - The Dragonborn Comes - Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra / Sabina Zweiacker

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mrjonte2309 : New version: This time with a choir to back up Sabina. More video game music:

Yoda : Soothing and relaxing, her voice is. Like it, I do.

Sean Clark : Obviously she graduated from the Bard's College with full honors.

Bruno Castro : Skyrim❤✌🇧🇷

Артур Оганов : Шикарно

Yura Fedotov : Our hero, our hero Claims a warrior's heart I tell you, I tell you The Dragonborn comes With a Voice wielding power Of the ancient Nord art Believe, believe The Dragonborn comes It's an end to the evil Of all Skyrim's foes Beware, beware The Dragonborn comes For the darkness has passed And the legend yet grows You'll know, you'll know The Dragonborn's come

Gilpow : Why am I clapping hands alone in my room?

Mr Satan : I need to ask you to stop. That... shouting... is making people nervous.

LAV2CAPTURE PHOTOGRAPHY : I love the song so much!

T0XIN21 : i wonder if anyone in this room even tryed the game haha

Danny Liu : 5:33 No ring. I wonder if she'll accept the Amulet of Mara from me ;)

Zizu : Only true Nords request that one!!!

Windfolla : 5,400 Thalmor spies watched this vid

Haning Nugrahadi : There once was a maiden from S-s-s-s-sto-sto-stoneberry H-h-hollow She didn't t-talk much but boy did she s-s-s-s-swallow. I have a nice lance that she sa saa.... saaaaa.....sat upon The maiden from Stoneberry who was also your mom.


llamajoeteam : This is what set apart skyrim from other games...

Lord Giles : I want to buy a cd from this concert

Fortified Mentality : She's absolutely stunning.

The Dark Knight : Legendary.....

berijeux : That silence between the end and the applauses. Thank you director (and audience).

Wellington Smith : i'm so confused, I've a raging boner and I'm crying with happiness and good memories... i think there may be something wrong with me

The Golden One : Talos be praised!

Petr Jodl : Dragonporn cums.

Saša Bogdanović : 5 k dislikes are alduin supporters ( dragon priests )

shardul satrange : this is music

Pedro Felipe : THE HYPE IS REAL TES6

Claude Alpha : If this doesn't make you want to play Skyrim again even after 1000+ hours then I don't know what will.

shardul satrange : the second she started singing chill ran down my spine and as i wrote this comment , tear slipped down my eye

Sir Ryan of Glasgow : 100% of that audience had no idea where that song is from.

Fer Nie : Adding Sabina mod...

gunslinger89ful : i want to date the woman :)

Azor Ahai : i really need to try skyrim one of these days

Angelo Gonzalez : This is the Bard's College Recital. I'm wondering why Sven isn't in the lineup.

Jacob Peshlakai : Master speech Level "100" this will total 100% more exp than normal :)

Evangelos Killer mike : The best song from the best video game ever made,these are facts.

Abdullah Sabir : Gaming as a medium has came so far that i have never heard such empowering melody

ghalibkhan80 : i am sure most of these people never played skyrim, yet their focus and enthusiasm is mesmerizing...... jeremy soule would be proud.....

Louis Boutin : I would cut myself one of my precious balls to be there

Степан Арвеладзе : А она жива, или её тоже уже изнасиловали и отрезали голову, ваши замечательные "беженцы"?

ЯЩЕР_XY9IWER : 11.05.2018 ??????

Áron Sipos : Im crying. And im not the emotional type.

Orkun : I used to be a bard like you but than I got a arrow in my throat

Brandon Boydstun : She doesn't sing the Dovahkin part :(

Daniel Fuller : When I heard this song while changing my toddler's pull-up at the local health food store and he recognized it, I knew it had reached critical mass. He even tried to sing along. "Da-da! Dov-keen! Dov-keen! Dov-keen sooooong!"

Дмитрий Скороходов : If I will chance to put 1000 likes - I wiil do that

One Hour of Music : Hi from Rusia!

Sir Henry : I need to ask you to stop. That... shouting... is making people nervous.

GGShinobi77 : This. is. cool.

Forge : Very nice

Michel Grolet : be gone thot!