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Marco290991 - Music Channel : Barbara doesn't look like a normal goat.

deathbastardable : It's a shame little Alex's non-cuntiness is overshadowed by Kevin.

If you can't meme, you can't dream : This is what YouTube was made for.

SelfAwarePedant : I like how the goats get people names, but the dog is named Cheese

Buk Lau : imagine the censored version

Joe Casci : First name's Richard. Dick Cheese.

Thedaniel121 : Australia in a nutshell lol


Jamie ack : If you watch this in Canada, will you be arrested?

skagerak1 : barbara looking more sexy than usuall

TheMoleski : "first names richard" hahaha thats gold

Pharaoh on LFS : God damnit I love aussies

BuddyGroove : Watching this video at my church youth group wasn't the best idea I had today.

Dave Fox : We've all learned something today.

Amelia Cherrell : When the dog barked at Kevin....DYING 😂😂😂


Iitathebomber : Great, now i'm gonna b using the word "CUNT" wayy more than before

Jonathan : I kind of feel bad for Kevin

Jasper Bennett : "Not a buncha c*nts just 1 c*nt in ya bunch" god i love bein an aussie 🇦🇺🇦🇺

matrixcode : can someone translate this I dont speak australian

Matthew Collins : this sums up our beautiful country

Accesserised : Kevin just assaulted Barbara!? No wonder Cheese snapped at him ^^

SapereAudio : For the first time, in all the videos I've watched of you, I've started to think maybe you're losing your mind.

AbbeyD8 : "Fuckin' nice work Cheese. First name's Richard." DEAD 😂

Gal Krisztian : Cuntception

Samir : cuntastic!

Atriedis : i like to imagine he is out there munching on the bag of goat treats while ranting at his posse of goats.

Nancy Thompson : Kevin's tight collar is pinching off the oxygen to his brain and contributing his meanness.

Brad James : I kinda wish you'd extend your stay there. I need my daily dose of 4 goats and a bloke.

EvilSuperGenius : This needs to be turned into an Australian children's book (I'll take only 10% of profits)

ICEMAN1994 : I want to hang out with this guy he is awesome

Connor McAvoy : "nice work cheese" " his first name is Richard" .. wait a minute....

Mia Ramon : This dude is friggin' hilarious

Slug Clutz : cuntology

Yunity awm : He used sooooo much Cunts i think he said 100000,00000 CUNTS

Iron Alpha : This is the best channel on Youtube.

Jordy Vanbosseghem : are these his goats or did he name random goats along his way human names?

greedy republican : lmao

Roel Wijker : Richard Cheese, loved that!

TOAST : cunt

Bodzilla1 : Trying a bit hard here Jimbo

zandorius : I've been having a really low day, this makes me smile :D Thank you :)

trimmin420 : this is the single GREATEST video on youtube! makes me laugh every time


KanaX : Australian overdose.

Frank Banos : Best video on YouTube 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Nick Taylor : Did Kevin miss out on getting a biscuit tho? That's not fair. Maybe he's all agro etc because he's worried about missing out. I'm on Team Kevin.

BaSkA : TimTheTatman brought me here.

Mike : You need to start a patreon for Gary (And yourself Jimbo!)

lowliferider88 : how did I get here, I googled shakespeare in the park.