Awesome Scottish street music - Clanadonia
Scottish Street Musicians Tearing It Up Clanadonia

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aaphil : Came here for the comments and I wasn’t disappointed

PogoDarnexx : Some Countries can be very proud of their Music History, this sounds so freaking cool.

shadysheep : these guys are my last seven braincells during an exam

Sakanuian : This is why the Romans feared the Scotts.

iamjustsaying : I'd be shopping in a very dramatic fashion to the beat of the music in the stores behind them

Víctor Andrés Piña González : My beard has grabbed an axe and going to war...

Chuckles The Werewolf : *This is what happens when you have an adventuring part consisting entirely of Scottish Bards* *Disclaimer: Shirts are optional for this campaign.*

Wreck Wrack : I see these guys in Glasgow somewhat often, actually. Those drums are as loud as you think they are, for the record.

Sherbet T : I like to imagine the comment section with a thick Scottish accent

Raskolnikov : So this is what Scottish hippies look like

jo ha : Guy to the left regularly works at the Springfields' Elementary School from what I've heard. As a groundskeeper...


JayBaddAssCutler : Dude on the left for sure wielded a battle axe before joining this band

Hi how Are you : Muscular Shirtless Scottish men slowly walkin towards you bangin drums is damn right intimidating 😆

Abraxas Harpocrates the Curious : Please play at my wedding and at my funeral.

Lisa Fox : You guys are awesome I just wish that I could come see you but I'm old and I live in Oregon so I've just got to listen to you on my phone but keep on drumming

Daniel Lincoln : Sorry, gay here; DAMN THE GUY ON THE LEFT IS FINE


Satsu Jin : I dont understand why isnt the street filled with people dancing. I know I would be

Lee Dydo : "Mom." "Yes, son." "What do Scottish hippies look like?"

an 147 : And this is how sir William Wallace celebrated his victories over Longshanks.

Brick King : "They may take away our lives, but they'll never take our freedom!"

Nero Mastic : Now that's some Scottish spirit.

puaj : The old lady it's me during a group project

PichDextro : The dude on the left looks lowkey like Sirius Black

Erich Nordlind : Ladies and gentlemen the effects of Scottish CrossFit.

Slavic Pride : The old man probably even fought alongside Braveheart himself

Rachael Brinegar : It's like every crazy homeless man decided to get together to make a band

هزار مرد : When you are finally independent from England

*るりるぅ : 族長左端の人むっちゃ好きやん… こういうのほんと くそかっこいい大好き 生で見たーい( ˵>ㅿ<˵ )

Kimberly Guertin : Can we all just appreciate the fact that the old Scotsman probably has more energy and badassness then most people alive ?

Ugur Aslan : When u like this kind of music u must have had Scottish Ancestors , doesnt Matter where u from.

nbnery : 100 out of 100 would die fighting if this guys were playing alongside. Chills man!

TexMex : Sean wheres ur granddad? Idk he said something about sharing our culture

Земомысл Злосливый : Warm greetings from Poland. Keep It up brothers :)

Blue Cross : It sounds like Celtic Galician-Portuguese bagpipe and drums music. Great job!

Chancellor Martok : MacLeod!!!! All joking aside, love it. Scotland is the home I haven't been to yet. Someday.

Littlewing4201 : HOLY CROW!! this makes me soo HAPPY OOXOOX

Cecilia Flores : Respect to Scotland from Mexico. I would love to visit the beautiful Scottish landscape someday!

THE777RESISTANCE : There's a reasons why the Romans put a wall up.

John Patrick Fay : Heritage, what others want to take away from you. Respect from Ireland.

MTK khan : Heard these guys live and they are just AMAZING...

maggie Lou : I'm 100% Irish but this touches my soul😊🎼💞

Aspeda : DUMBELDORE ! What are you doing ?!?! XD my god that was sooooo cool ^_^

Panzer Von Lowbrow : Well they have those people standing behind them mesmerized...😉

Grumpy Goose : Oh. I've been looking for years to find what the hell I heard outside my window. I've finally found it! I live in Sweden, by the way.

Ian Betts : Romans: (Looking at Scotland): Those savages! --Scotts: (Playing this)

Teresa mendez : they are having a damn BLAST!!!!😻 love this!!!

Báleygr All-Father : Hm, so that's what Dumbledore does during the summer...