Firefighter catches child tossed from burning building

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DreamingTata VeganMama : Situations like this is so scary. My heart goes out to all who are suffering.

Uncle Traveling Matt : Good job. A+. 1:41

Barrett Patout : Question: Jump out a 3rd story window or burn to death? Next question, drop your child into a crew of firefighters, or burn and/or fall from the ladder anyway? Fear causes people to do seemingly crazy things, but it was the right thing to do.

My Moms Lover : Thats why fire fighters and paramedics are awesome and deserve all the respect in the world real heros .

DarkEnergy : 💙 Heroes 💙

T Mc : Two female firefighters saving lives. In times of diversity this is a story of hope for unity.

APPLE & HAPPY x-files : Firefighters are HEROES 24/7 👏🏼🙂

the discusser : I understand the parents are probably desperate to get their children to safety but throwing them and just hoping the fireman catch them seems a bit risky I mean thank goodness they did get caught no one was hurt but I don't know if that was the best decision but then again desperate times calls for Desperate measures it's a scary situation and you don't know really what to do

Z : The second they found out it was a male firefighter in the video the chances of CNN ever playing this video again fell to zero.

Hot News Today : I don't know if that was the best decision but then again desperate times calls for Desperate measures it's a scary situation and you don't know really what to do

Brian Griffin : CNN is very REAL NEWS.

xpertdavid 360 : True hero

themaster408 : I'm not crying, I'm not crying, I'm not crying...I might be crying. So awesome.

THĪÉF ÕF HÉÅRTS : She didn't even catch the kid! It was a guy who caught the kid, just more fake news from CNN.

Enlightor Rocker : Wow ... that's heroic

MISTER SWEET : A réal héros .....Thanks from France 🇫🇷......................

Maddie Neville : Why did they have to do describe that the firefighter was a woman , do they think that woman couldn’t do it ps you were amazing

wEskER IS teLePOrtINg : For everyone asking why throw the kid they straight up told you the rescue latter wasn’t in place during the video.

tiffany hirst : She is a hero! 💚

Arion Smith : Who in the hell disliked this video?

Martin Craig : Amazing amazing work. Emergency workers are absolute heros.

Cao Ang : TOUCHDOWN! 👏👏👏

D Mur : #realhero

Sydney Wood : the FEMALE firefighter

Roman Daugherty : God bless her

Crystal Ball : CNN IS FAKE NEWS!!


blackbvrry : Some ppl in the comments are acting like she randomly threw the kid out the building. She clearly told them to catch the child and waited til they were in place to catch it before she threw them

Pickles Tickles : she didn't do anything!!! did cnn just try to make us believe we saw a woman caught that kid?? wow fake news busted again!!

fuze killer : She yelled out female firefighter I wonder why

Liam Mcarthur : Why does everybody say Firefighters are heroes ? No they are not because they get paid for it , it`s their job . If they risked their lives for free I would say yes they are heroes . The real heroes are the good Samaritans who risk their lives to save others and do not get paid for it not the firefighters .

1994CPK : Fake news

LLI GUY : Stupid, she could have killed her child. She was already out of the fire. 10 steps down and both would have been saved. This was unnecessary.

Shay T : Absolutely heroic!!!

Helgamond Ratbone : It’s only when things are at their worse..we can do our best.

PerCise Gaming : Correction: FDNY is the best...... *cough* just saying....

maggie 10103 : Perfect catch

BIG A : CNN lying, tried to make this gender related, initially reporting a female firefighter catched a baby, when in fact a male firefighter had also made a recuse in the same manor. Leaving CNN reporter no other option but to mention that very same fact.

bctopper : Awesome

docbar : The cowards at CNN wouldve let the kids fall to their death. Can you imagine what Anderson Pooper wouldve done?

Jeff C : CNN is still fake news. Just because they repeat a story that's already been told on other news organizations doesn't give them the title of "real news" idiot sheeple

Madison Burgess : Omg my heart is broken💔😭

Daryl Leckt : its being reported from sources that the fire fighters are the only liberal democrats in the state of georgia. psychiatrists believe liberalism and patriotism compelled these first responders to be the heros they are. county health officials said after the fire was extingished some local conservatives came out of hiding and praised the bravery of the first responders. many of those conservatives were then hospitalized for anxiety and stress related issues. all those were released from psychiatric hospitals, after their perscriptions for opiods were renewed, they were given new hypodermic needles, and life saving narco pens.

Top News 101 : OMG I got SCARED half TO DEATH 💀


BurakCZ : what caused the fire?

Alexa Sanchez : A+++++++++ good job I was praying

Xandr017 : wow these guys in the comments complaining that there was a male firefighter catching kids as well have some serious issues

Mark Jacob : Cnn lies, i can t trust cnn..i need to go to another news network to confirm this.

Rose Johnson-Tsosie : Bravo!!!!!