Firefighter catches child tossed from burning building

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DreamingTata VeganMama : Situations like this is so scary. My heart goes out to all who are suffering.

Uncle Traveling Matt : Good job. A+. 1:41

DarkEnergy : 💙 Heroes 💙

Barrett Patout : Question: Jump out a 3rd story window or burn to death? Next question, drop your child into a crew of firefighters, or burn and/or fall from the ladder anyway? Fear causes people to do seemingly crazy things, but it was the right thing to do.

Zartan : The second they found out it was a male firefighter in the video the chances of CNN ever playing this video again fell to zero.

APPLE & HAPPY x-files : Firefighters are HEROES 24/7 👏🏼🙂

MISTER SWEET : A réal héros .....Thanks from France 🇫🇷......................

xpertdavid 360 : True hero

T Mc : Two female firefighters saving lives. In times of diversity this is a story of hope for unity.

the discusser : I understand the parents are probably desperate to get their children to safety but throwing them and just hoping the fireman catch them seems a bit risky I mean thank goodness they did get caught no one was hurt but I don't know if that was the best decision but then again desperate times calls for Desperate measures it's a scary situation and you don't know really what to do

D Mur : #realhero

Hot News Today : I don't know if that was the best decision but then again desperate times calls for Desperate measures it's a scary situation and you don't know really what to do

tiffany hirst : She is a hero! 💚

themaster408 : I'm not crying, I'm not crying, I'm not crying...I might be crying. So awesome.

Maddie Neville : Why did they have to do describe that the firefighter was a woman , do they think that woman couldn’t do it ps you were amazing

Martin Craig : Amazing amazing work. Emergency workers are absolute heros.

RAJPAL SINGH : Wow ... that's heroic

Sean Lewis : What catch. She's hot too

1994CPK : Fake news

Shay T : Absolutely heroic!!!

Pickles Tickles : she didn't do anything!!! did cnn just try to make us believe we saw a woman caught that kid?? wow fake news busted again!!

Roman Daugherty : God bless her

Navy Seal the Governor : For everyone asking why throw the kid they straight up told you the rescue latter wasn’t in place during the video.

LLI GUY : Stupid, she could have killed her child. She was already out of the fire. 10 steps down and both would have been saved. This was unnecessary.

PerCise Gaming : Correction: FDNY is the best...... *cough* just saying....


Sydney Wood : the FEMALE firefighter

Arion Smith : Who in the hell disliked this video?


All Abored : Hero

Dr. Rizz : a women firefighter, catching a child without a helmet...doubly my hero

Jordan Armour : 🙏

Arron Johnson : Are hero ❤❤

Helgamond Ratbone : It’s only when things are at their worse..we can do our best.

Explosive509er : Trump would have gone in the blazing fires(without a fire suit) and would not have taken chances on dropping the kids.

bctopper : Awesome

Project Over : wow sad

JodyJ : What if he said "we da best"?

GreenslushBoxx / : Yeah I don't think so.

BurakCZ : what caused the fire?

Liam Mcarthur : Why does everybody say Firefighters are heroes ? No they are not because they get paid for it , it`s their job . If they risked their lives for free I would say yes they are heroes . The real heroes are the good Samaritans who risk their lives to save others and do not get paid for it not the firefighters .

MJC919 : That’s a big time catch. The video is a lie. A man made that catch. Because only men a good firefighters

ÕLD SÇHØØL WÃRRÎØR : She didn't even catch the kid! It was a guy who caught the kid, just more fake news from CNN.

Christopher Fairfield : A white parent wouldn't have thrown there child like that....

4R NS : Should have let that little ape-pig go SPLAT!

Mutants and Inhumans Fanboy : Reminds me of Spider-Man 2.

John Hshs : she shouldve just died tbh

ÕLD SÇHØØL WÃRRÎØR : That was real stupid to throw that child like that. The kid could have been killed if not caught. Why not just carry the child down the ladder????? This looks fake to me, like a doll being thrown.

fuze killer : She yelled out female firefighter I wonder why

Brian Griffin : CNN is very REAL NEWS.