Baby Squirrel grew up and Climbs all over me
A Chick Called Albert Baby Squirrel grew up and Climbs all over me

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Hello Everyone, finally… we’re back. With our sweet little squirrel friend getting his name at last. This video had to go first to finish what we started before we can go on with the smallest horse I’ve ever seen, new baby squirrels, a bat and a lot of new birds that needed help…. Thank you so much for staying with us! In my personal life – for those of you interested – a lot has happened… A divorce, moving twice (yep, also with all the animals) and much too soon, unexpectedly and suddenly having to say goodbye to the sweetest, wisest and most non judgmental friend I have… my father. Meanwhile I’ve been going on filming and taking care of a lot of animal friends that were in need of saving. Also some nice egg projects in the incubator as we speak, so it will be a nice new season coming up. Before you decide to acquire a Japanese squirrel too, please realize that they need a giant aviary, a lot of care and at least an hour playtime daily… also a year after you got them. Cameras used: Canon EOSD7 I-Phone 8 plus Sony HDR NX 30 Songs: Spring Morning by Peter Sandberg Finklestein's Walk In The Rain by Per-Anders Nilsson Rue De La Swing by John Åhlin REM Sleep by Sam Wedgwood Harmonic Thinking by Terry Devine-King Fair City Escapade by Andrew Skeet and Nathan Klein Morning good Morning by Lincoln Grounds and Pat Reyford Music through Epidemic Sound and Audio Network


Mattchu : Most squirrels: *sees a tree and jumps on it* This squirrel: *sees a human and jumps on it*

Don Valentino : I don’t know if you know this but... Your dog is a bit energetic

Honey Lemonz : I almost cried when I found out you were really back We all love your videos and I'm so happy to see you again! Well the most of us at least. By the way I'm so sorry about what has been going on lately I really hope things do get better for you.

It's Emilee : 10/10 video. You seem like a wonderful human!!!!

TastyTiger : Kind of a bit off topic, but you are a very talented cinematographer!!! Your shots are really consistent and effective! You should really look into filmography camera work, because you my friend are quite an artist :)

Fisuki29 : "Daddy, you don't love me anymore??" "No honey, I Love you." "But you took my bed?!" "I just want you to choose your own name."

Zacer Ray : How could people did watch this video without saying aww 😭💕🍼

Dulce Amor Gamez : So sorry to hear about what you've been going thru, but I as well as many others will be here for ya no matter what! We love you!😊😊❤❤❤

Radó Áron : Your uploads might be 9 months apart, but every video is a treasure.

メリオダス : Aka means red but also baby! Very nice name :)

Władca Wymiaru : Risu was very good name for JAPANESE squirrel XD (because it means squirrel )

Izuku Midoriya : Excuse me sir 🧐 I believe your kitten has had a little too much coffee

Saman salman : Sorry to hear about your divorce. But I'm so happy to see u back again. Aka is really adorable. Lots of love and respect from Pakistan

XxDark BuzzardxX : The return after 9 MONTHS I am literally so excited

Enderguin58 The youtuber : This man is the greatest person a soul could see

F a e l e i a : You're one of the kindest person I know to animals, always so caring and warm, with empathy to animals. Your bond to them is amazing to watch, and very inspiring. May you live long and healthy and continue to touch the animal's lives and then bring us beautiful videos. I appreciate that you care about the animal's health first before grabbing your camera too. Thank you for filming these precious moments and I wish you nothing but the best, I'm so sorry to hear about your divorce and dear father. May strength be with you, and that things will turn around for you. Please take care of yourself too, I just watched Elvis, and while I'm glad you fixed his beak but please don't take a saw so close to your fingers!!!!! Your babies can't survive if their human dad is injured!

Le Gacixx : I like the moment when AKA said "good night" and go to bed LOL 9:00

Emily _Gacha : Aww, I love the name Aka!! Here have a cookie! {\_/} ( ^_^) />🍪

Crimson Writer : Divorce!? Who would divorce this wonderful man!? Not me!

Mat Dv : Leave “lovebites” man he is doing his best to kill you watch out

Евгения Дзайнукова : Спасибо вам большое! Я получила очень много положительных эмоций! Вы очень добрый человек!

Bell Iron Fist : I’m so glad your back. What a cute little squirrel! Thank you for caring for it.

Wrath Oranos : Coffee in my hand. Squirrel on my shoulder. Life is good.

Tina : I’ve waited so long but it was totally worth it. His quality is so good and I’ll be patient as I wait for more. And I’m sorry for what you’ve been going through.

What Went Wrong? : I love this. This is like a short movie. The music is calming and it matching the atmosphere and from the introduction to the end made it feel like it was a movie. Well made and bravo. Also almost late for werk :/

Stacy The Husky : 1:37 this is exactly what I want my life to be like.

Shadow_Plays Gacha : 2:42 Shingeki no kyojin 3d manevuar gear - Wood edition.

Gemini Lion : Me 1 second into the video: IT’S SO ADORABLE!!!!!!! My heart is melting!

Sochy _ : Your content is so genuine and humble. 🙌


febrianto de java : U look so serious to pick aku name.. Btw i love the way u did and the way u treat u friend. It's so lovely

Marco Gardini : Thank you man, youre videos always manage to put a smile on my face and peace in my heart, keep it up and thank you!

ATOM gaming : Aka aka red Aka (also known as) red 😀😁

ซาลอต สายลิงค์ : No ki and BeeeLove Do you Nkow Aillen langngne Lpuaggg

Q Sentme : Omg ! So adorable how he loves you so!! Aka finally!! Great video too😋

juicebox : I was rooting he would choose nui. I like the way it sounds lol

Mad Cat Sphere : Why is the squirrel dangling his paws off the edge of the table tho?

CurvyAries : This was absolutely heart melting and adorable.  That little squirrel is the cutest thing and he obviously loves you.  You did such an amazing job with building his habitat enclosure for play and sleeping, great carpentry skills.  All of the music in the video was lovely too.  I was very sorry to read about all of the turmoil you've experienced.  Sometimes overcoming struggle makes us stronger.  I hope things get better and you find peace.  Your animal friends are very lucky to have you.  Thanks for sharing.

Wuff Art : The ants: LEAVE OUR WOOD! you: I need it for my squirrel

Lord Wungler Beckett : Man, pvt. Chucklenuts changed quite a bit since we last saw him

jcast1031 : I Neve seen a squirrel in my life so I was just in aww when I saw it!

The Truth : What I learned from this video: Where pants when handling a pet squirrel.

Ollie Pupper : This man is a benevolent forest spirit. No you cannot change my mind.

Winda Marthinus : I respect & adore you so much. Hero for poor animal❤️. Warm greatings from Indonesia ❤️❤️❤️

ADITYA MAURYA : what an outro ! (thundering claps)

jurek ignaczak : Though i liked all of them so far

Sophia plays roblox and Minecraft Chung : You know about risu? Welp MY MIDDLE NAMES JISU!

Super Pony 3 : When you raise a squirrel, you become his/her tree.

Anastasiia Oleinich : OMG! SO LOVELY! SO!!!!!! Thx u for it!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘