"Nobody Canna Cross It" Twanging (Refix Video) - DJ Powa
This is for all the flood victims out there

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ITUNES!!!: http://www.powamusic.com/mp3s.html WEBSITE: http://www.powamusic.com/ "Tek serious mek laugh", a term used by Jamaicans to lighten the spirits of a serious matter. This is what this video is about. Done by: Dj Powa **NOTE**: This video is NOT meant to make a mockery of the unfortunate destruction caused by the recent rains in Mavis Bank. I hope the best for them all, as well as a quick response to fix the bridge.



Big Failure : 416 people disliked the video because they canna cross it

Kajetan Dziebaj : Have they crossed it yet?

Biyson : Bro I remember when I was in Jamaica and this dropped. My older brother came in my room crying of laughter and was bumping to the beat. Damn time flys.

Gorte Gorte : The Bus Can Swim 😲😲

Richard Szeidermann : The bus can swim!

Nicolas Elie : The bus can swim! The bus can... Cross it! 😂😂👍

Cola BotelsOVA : ame ame ame

Claudiu Oroian : I'm very concerned...very concerned...

4d3h4s2 1416 : Why do I hear 'ame ame ame' in the background?

Fireslice04 : Anybody came for Kanna the loli dragon?

DerWurstfachverkäuferin : He has weed around to help them? My man.

orqn : "We lockaway in tha wildarnass"

Emiliano Costanzo : 5 years later I still watch this video to cheer me up

EJMtheGREAT : clifton brown > kanye west

Carlin Effler : I'm part Jamaican but I don't have the accent or language. I wish I did tho

Lyney : Nobody Kanna cross it

Ashik Rahman : This is silk. Nobody canna cross it.

Excel Dixon : My condolences to the replay button !

Childplay : Why do I keep hearing ame ame ame in the background?

Mazlum Kamu : Chuck Norris can cross it

Sapptac : who came here after "Nobody kanna cross it"?

かんなISongplay : who from Nobody Kanna Cross It ?

Love Arc : nobody kanna cross it

melon enthusiast * : ame ame ame

Logan Firstman : Only him can cross it, because he understand it.

Anthony De Castro : This is practically the anthem in Trinidad with our flooding issues. I share it to keep the spirits up sometimes. Gotta have laughter even in times of crisis.

TakingShapeCreations : When Hurricane Matthew come nobody Canna Cross it

Keshon Broadbelt : It's 2015, and me still canna' cross it.

Danjamin : when dragon maid memes uncover old gems

dona the dog : if i ever had to make a hard copy of top20 youtube videos in case of global disaster like in walking dead, this clip would be on it :)

Madilyn Monroe : Anyone here Jamaican?

NaidiF 。 : shit why i hear ame ame ame on this

Awesome Matthews : NOBODY CANNA CROSS IT

Lunch Time : All who watching this in 2017?

The Knotty Yachty : cannot swim.... truss meh, you're gonn de'de'de'dead-up, dead-up!

Dubstep : LOL, I still remember when the actual report came on TVJ XD

estester100 : Ame Ame Ame, Ame Ame Ame~

Tormord : 533 People died trying to cross it

C Money : Whoever did this remix = Mad Talent

Corina Andrian : who did this is a freakin genius and also has too much free time :))

MrBoner : Legend says that no one can cross it to this date.

Big S9_Official : Legend has it , that they still cannot cross it

Korawaki : ame ame ame

MAD Master : OMG how could i forgett about this piece of gold for so long xD

Amaya Genesis : "nobody a feh walk" funniest part😂

xHawkEyex : THE BUS CAN SWIM!!

Barbatos 95 : Ame Ame Ame

Xaser : Lyrics?... :D