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AnthonyPit1 : Sorry for being gone for so long once again, been going through some shit. I brought this up in my last upload but I'm still on and off with it, been pretty unmotivated to edit but I tried my best to get this video out before the new DLC came out. Hopefully you guys enjoy the video, trying to edit while feeling shitty is pretty difficult lol. I'm hoping to figure out a better upload schedule, but it will be more difficult while I'm away in College. I talk all about my situation at the end of the video so stick around for that, Thank you so much for all the continuous support and love. Thanks for watching <3

dot nick : 420k subs he's more alive than ever

MAZE : Lol he is again dead

Kempsys : Fitz Outro BOII

Timmy Mack 2006 : I’ve watched this 1 million times waiting for a new one

Marcus Schaefer : The editing of this video is actually insane, really impressed

Prodigy : "If this is this is the first time your hearing my voice then I guess this is my voice". God. I love you Anthony

Phames xd : Can anybody tell me where from is this laugh or how can i find it? 0:45 Please please :[[[[[[

Chaotic Geek : anime sound effect at 2:50 ? really need to know

Sports Highlight Central : I miss Papa Tony >:(

anej portir : 1:59 why dose it say nug'z kill count hmm Anthony

Nick Crumpet : Praise tachanka that his son has returned!

STCam : 1:59 Narcoleptic Nuggets kill counter lol I see what you did there 😂

Trust The Shooters : Oh shit Rainbow Six Siege and Aesop Rock

ää äää : Anthony has died 3 times now

Orin : I'm still waiting for "what 1000 hours of editing looks like"

MicrowaveGaming : "I am Adam Jenson." I thought I heard my voice.

zaahatchetman gaming : Re watching for aesop and Brittany mashup

Garrett Scott : He hasn't done a video on ela ying or lesion and white noise is already out for tts. #antonyisdedxddddddd

Nathenial : Sick editing dude

Benet1one : How is the sound FX in 2:56 called?

BikiniBodhi : DAD UPLOADED

BlackShadow IF15 : Please come back :’v

Dank Kwuake : Here from twomad and I'm not disappointed.

_That_One_Mexican _ : XO Tour Life has never sounded so depressing

Paige Polaris : 3:42 Aleleleleleleleh

twomad : tony da tiger is back !!!

Eltoons : Nice nugget reference

Seg thegamer : !If he uploads in 4 days, he's right on schedule

Mr AC1D : why is Britany spears playing in de back ground

Sad Guy : #BringbackAnthonypit


Clutch Clips : Plz, come back Mr. Pit!!!!!!!

Wolves : I miss my memes

Jombo : Did anyone else zone out his voice at the end?

Cup : I'm mad that this Aesop/Britney Spears mashup sounds good.

Thatcher Himself : IM DYING I NEED MEMES!!! HELP MEEEEE! oof

Blackligxt : the Aesop rock tuuuuuune is sick

りろーど先生 : I miss u

NoNames Left : I honestly love u u should just record unedited videos idk just scream alot and shout tho xd come back bby


Joshua Pierre : What are you studying in college bro?

Lit Af : Don't worry my atornys gonna file a case. You hear that were gonna find out if Anthony's really dead.

MrMattie : Guys, I need help, does anyone know the meme from 3:57? the tongue moving thing

Fernando Ponce : The Aesop rock song..... yessir

x_Builder : Dead again

GavinAcity : Yay you finally uploaded my life is complete!

FAXED HD : How much time do u spend editing 😂😂👌🏽

The Forever Man : Host @theforeverman1 on twitch. He streams on twitch full-time. He averages 2 views. Thanks

Fly School Legend : Aesop Rock!!!!!!