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AnthonyPit1 : Sorry for being gone for so long once again, been going through some shit. I brought this up in my last upload but I'm still on and off with it, been pretty unmotivated to edit but I tried my best to get this video out before the new DLC came out. Hopefully you guys enjoy the video, trying to edit while feeling shitty is pretty difficult lol. I'm hoping to figure out a better upload schedule, but it will be more difficult while I'm away in College. I talk all about my situation at the end of the video so stick around for that, Thank you so much for all the continuous support and love. Thanks for watching <3

NarcolepticNugget : I don't believe you have 1000 Hours.........show us proof!

MAZE : Lol he is again dead

Woah He Stole That Guys Pizza : I’ve watched this 1 million times waiting for a new one

Marcus Schaefer : The editing of this video is actually insane, really impressed

SeanSizzle : 1:59 Narcoleptic Nuggets kill counter lol I see what you did there 😂

Prodigy : "If this is this is the first time your hearing my voice then I guess this is my voice". God. I love you Anthony

Orin : I'm still waiting for "what 1000 hours of editing looks like"

Kempsys : Fitz Outro BOII

anej portir : 1:59 why dose it say nug'z kill count hmm Anthony

Trust The Shooters : Oh shit Rainbow Six Siege and Aesop Rock

twomad : tony da tiger is back !!!

Nomad : *Attacker:* All who gain power are afraid to lose it. Even the defenders. *Defender:* The defenders use power for good. *Attacker:* Good is a point of view. The attackers and the defenders are similar in almost every way...including their quest for greater power. *Defender:* The attackers rely on their passion for their strength. They think inwards only about themselves. *Attacker:* And the defenders don't? *Defender:* The defenders are selfless. They only care about others. *Attacker:* Did you ever hear the tragedy of Blackbeard the wise? *Defender:* No *Attacker:* I thought not. It's not a story the defenders would tell you. It's an attacker legend. Blackbeard was an attacker operator...so powerful and so wise he could use his shield to influence the game...to create...cover. He had such a knowledge of the attacker side...he could even keep the ones he cared about...from dying. *Defender:* He could actually...save teammates from death? *Attacker:* The attacker side of the game is a pathway to many abilities...some consider to be unnatural. *Defender*: Wh-what happened to him? *Attacker:* He became so powerful...the only thing he was afraid of was...losing his power. Which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught Ubisoft everything he knew. Then Ubisoft nerfed him in his sleep. Ironic. He could save others from death...but not himself. *Defender:* Is it possible to learn this power? *Attacker:* Not from a defender.

zaahatchetman gaming : Re watching for aesop and Brittany mashup

Fortnite Trash clips : Toxic coffee is actually the perfect montage song

SD : -Black- *White* Beard ,wait that's racist…well…we need sum ToxBeard

Nick Crumpet : Praise tachanka that his son has returned!

CAHM Xd : 1:58 your kill counter the changes to nugget?

Aroused Salami : I personally recommend the DMR on Blackbeard

Devo_324 G. : @2:44 what is that sound from

_That_One_Mexican _ : XO Tour Life has never sounded so depressing

BikiniBodhi : DAD UPLOADED

Chaotic Geek : anime sound effect at 2:50 ? really need to know

Lukas Rautio : Anthony has died 3 times now

JORGE gd : Where dos you find that blackbeard dancing? 3:50

R6S_Addict : Where is knuckles?


Blackligxt : the Aesop rock tuuuuuune is sick

Foolish Magician : I’m all about some Aesop rock

Sergey Hakobyan : List of songs please

IZERWAS : Just hire an editor that’s it !!

Nick Mcdaniel : 420k subs he's more alive than ever

Fly School Legend : Aesop Rock!!!!!!

Dr.12 : Anthony dosen’t give a *S H I 🅱️* about nerfs

Marvin Minaya : Bandit put some weight behind the punch 😂😂😂😂

pos436 : Good video, i see you because your videos are funny. I wish you good luck. Incidentally, I am from Russia))

GavinAcity : Yay you finally uploaded my life is complete!

BIGJR 361 : *XO TOUR LIF3* *intensifies* (IN SLO MO)

DeadPool : 1:59 u made an editing mistake haha if you look at “Pit’s kill counter” you are going to see it sad “nug’s kill counter”

Luckz1y : 1:59 Nugs kill Count

Spuperman2 Videos : at 3:42 and 3:56, what is the link to the lelelelelelelele video or effect, please. i need it. badly.

MicrowaveGaming : "I am Adam Jenson." I thought I heard my voice.


Nathenial : Sick editing dude

Benet1one : How is the sound FX in 2:56 called?

ya boi pablo : What is that dancing 3d model of blackbeard in the bottom left.

thatcher himself : IM DYING I NEED MEMES!!! HELP MEEEEE! oof

Paige Polaris : 3:42 Aleleleleleleleh


Dawn Loki : Damn this was a year ago