Tenacious D - Tenacious D: Time Fixers (full episode) (Video)
Tenac ious D Time fixers

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Music video by Tenacious D performing Tenacious D: Time Fixers (full episode). (C) 2006 Sony Music Entertainment


sixstringpsycho : “It’s the Time Goblin!” “He gobbles time.”

Trevor Walls : I didn't know there was a Hollywood sign in the dinosaur times... 6:32 haha

Frankenfixit : Anyone else notice the goblin’s hat change? From 03:58 to 04:24 the clock on his hat went from 4 o’clock to nine-thirty. That fight scene must’ve lasted over five hours!

Alex Rees : I never knew this, but Justin Roiland is Abe Lincoln and Dan Harmon is the Heckler at the beginning and end. I wonder if Tenacious D will ever make a cameo on rick and morty (full circle Motherfucker!)?

Breezy Jeezy : You did it Jack!!! Oh...you got the ropes free too! LMAO!!!!

xAlexHDx1 : This should have turned into a full series it's brilliant aha

mayflyforyou : This is still the best thing ever.

dutchmountainsnake : I want a Micheal Keaton time traveling Oldsmobile Cutlass.

maggoli67 : time gobbo is pizza guy?

Exinz : Press 8 over and over again to bash the time stopper's brains out!

okrajoe : I love the TenaciousD-Mobile.  Rockin' car.

George Jensen : The big question. Was Kyle born wearing shorts?

CptRad93 : Dan Harmon cameo.

NocturnePlays : Tenacious D, Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland and Paul F. Tomkins in one video. 💖💖💖💖

Stats For Gamers : time a tenacious d 2 lol

Tom Cat : There's no D like Tenacious D!

Joshua Latham : Time goblin is the pizza delivery dude from the pick of destiny movie. The dude who says "electric dynamite" after classico.

GameWalkerGX : Lol I want to watch more of the show =3

It's Just Miggs : Dude it's the time goblin He gobbles time 😂😭😂😭😂😭

Fr. Pat Noise : Shirtless Jack roughing up Albert Einstein in the opening credits LMAO.

chojak takahashi : There's a Hollywood sign in the dinosaur times. .__.

Tom Biby : Is that Mick Fleetwood playing the Time Goblin?

Harry Satchel : Time Goblin is Lee!

Bruce Copperfield : Masterpiece

Christian Hubbs : Lincoln was assassinated in 1865 though. In the 1850s he wasn't even president yet.

JayFolipurba : Holy shit it's Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon!!!

Rory MacFadyen : Does anyone know the name of the song at the beginning?

Papa Billydeth : Rick and Morty ripped the time goblin off. Haha Abe was Justin Roiland

Olivier-Beachbody : 6:33 Well Hollywood was there!

Andy Carr : "We had a totally Excellent Adventure." "Now let's get Back to the Future."

candra ismail : look the goblin lolol

Optimus97 : "It's the Time Goblin, he goblins time" X'D

Jarvis Soladbar : Press 6 over and over 666 And then 1

Jordan A : Ahahah I loved this! When the D-Mobile went back in time, it reminded me of Back To The Future!

KCG : lol. Mr. Peanutbutter from Bojack Horseman and Rick & Morty in the same video. <3

KrossoverGod : The Hollywood sign is actually a natural rock formation that happens to look like letters. When they discovered it, they obviously named the land after it.

DaEpicPwn : I love you <3

anomonyous : :p, there's your like buddy, I hope your coffee tastes better now.

DaEpicPwn : FYI, I understood your comment but I actually SHALL rephrase it if I can. What he is saying is: Tenacious D went through going through time and delivered the letter to the 'you suck' guy to stop him from saying it. BUT if he never said 'you suck' they'd never have given him the letter (they gave it to shut him up but if he never said 'you suck' then they wouldn't have given it to him) so this is technically a paradox. depends on which theory you use. I hope people understand that.

anomonyous : Why the hell do people give so much shit about fucking likes, dude this is the reason I never use fucking Facebook, I don't care how many people read my comment, you read it and I like posting it. Also, I don't think I'm going to rephrase it, you go ahead if you want to, but I don't feel like it, anyway have a nice day or night, depends on your time zone I suppose.

Grattazzio Pallorum : ahahahahahahhahahahahahah

DaEpicPwn : Phrase that better and you may get a single like.

DaEpicPwn : The Hollywood sign is so ancient it was around in dinosaur times. The more you know.

-Deciduous Livingston- : How fucking rude its not available in the whole fucking America.

anomonyous : They created a paradox, because now the guy didn't say "you suck" and they'll never make the stop to plant the letter but yet they did and didn't until the end of time itself, welcome to the D zone.


QASANQWP : If i kill this butterfly in dinosaur times its gona fuck all the time :D

Dalajai : Dear god that's master evil!

poopman22321 : Not available in my country? Ya fuckin fucker, ya fuckin bitch.